Seventh LBA-ECO 
Science Team Business Meeting

November 5 – 8, 2003
Fortaleza – Ceará – Brasil

Tuesday, November 5

16:00 – 20:00 Pre-registration (Foyer)

18:00 – 20:00 Welcome Social (Aventino Room)

Wednesday, November 5

9:00 Opening Plenary (Caelius/Aventino rooms)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Plenary (Caelius/Aventino)

12:00 Lunch (Blue Night Room – hotel restaurant)

13:30 Poster Session 1

Session 7: Aquatic Systems and Biogeochemistry



Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2 and CH4) from Balbina Hydroelectric Dam, Central Amazon, Brazil.


Presenter: Alexandre Kemenes



A Simulation Model of Carbon Cycling and Methane Emissions in Amazon Wetlands


Presenter: Christopher Potter



Remote sensing application to monitor seasonal white water input into floodplain (várzea lakes) in Central Amazon: Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve (1)


Presenter: Dayson Jardim-Lima



Location of telemetric monitoring sites in Amazon floodplain lakes with Landsat-TM


Presenter: Ivan Lima



Controls on stream DOC flux and composition in the Amazon region, Tapajos national forest


Presenter: Marc Kramer



Improving the HYDRA Freshwater Systems Model of Amazonia


Presenter: Michael Coe



Effects of land use change on stream water chemistry in Eastern Amazonian watersheds

    Presenter: Ricardo Figueiredo

Session 8: Carbon Cycling and Meteorology



Rainfall Variability in Rio Branco-AC, Brazilian Amazonia: Is it a Consequence of Deforestation?


Presenter: Alejandro Fonseca Duarte



Calibrating the carbon and energy-water exchange processes represented in the SiB2 model for the natural forest ecosystem in the Amazon


Presenter: Eleanor Burke



Energy balance and CO2 fluxes in a cerrado area after fire


Presenter: Jair Maia



Horizontal Advection of CO2 in the Old Growth Forest: LBA preliminarily results


Presenter: Julio Tota



Case study of a gravity wave event above Amazonian Forest at Jaru Biological Reserve, Rondonia, during dry-to-wet season


Presenter: Luis Marcelo de Mattos Zeri



Impact of soil moisture on tropical dryline storm formation and development


Presenter: Rodrigo Gevaerd

Session 9: Carbon Cycling and Physiology



Differences in decomposition rate of leaves at the Tapajós National Forest.


Presenter: Cleilim Sousa



Evaluating MODIS Land Products at a Tropical Moist Forest Site


Presenter: David Turner



Scaling up woody-tissue respiration at the Tapajos National Forest


Presenter: Evilene Lopes



A Contribuição da Queda e Decomposição de Liteira na Respiração de uma Floresta Tropical de Transição em Sinop/MT


Presenter: Luciana Sanches



The effects of partial throughfall exclusion on phenological patterns of Coussarea racemosa (Rubiaceae)


Presenter: Paulo Brando


Isotopic signature of litter in primary tropical forest


Presenter: Plinio Camargo



Methods to define the individual growth patterns of the principals tree species in the Manaus region, Amazonas, Brasil


Presenter: Roseana P. da Silva



Relationships among photosynthesis, foliar nitrogen and stomatal conductance in tropical rain forest vegetation


Presenter: Tomas Domingues

Session 10: Land Use and Land Cover Change



A Progress Report on the Basin-scale Econometric Model


Presenter: Alexander Pfaff



Hyperion data for ecosystem and land cover change studies in the Brazilian Amazon


Presenter: Bobby Braswell



Software for Multi-Temporal Radiometric Correction, SMA and Image Classification: towards a generalized classification approach for monitoring the Amazon Forests


Presenter: Carlos, Jr. de Souza



Mapping changes in forest canopy cover in Amazonia between 2000-2003 using MODIS VCF


Presenter: Douglas Morton



O LBA e comunidades rurais da região de Santarém: Experiência piloto de apresentação e discussao de resultados oriundos pesquisas efetuadas com agricultores da região


Presenter: Eduardo S. Brondizio



The Spatial Evolution of Road Systems: A poster reporting on a simulation for the project A Basin Scale Econometric Model for Projecting Future Amazonian Landscapes


Presenter: Eugenio Arima



Energy and transport scenarios for southwestern Amazonia, including Acre, Brazil, and their implications for regional land cover and land use change


Presenter: Foster Brown



An Object-Oriented Approach to Integrate Remote Sensing, GIS and Statistics in the Amazon Rainforest Study


Presenter: Genong Yu


Multitemporal fraction images derived from ETM+ and MODIS daily data to detect deforestation in the Amazon Region


Presenter: Liana Anderson



Carbon and nutrient transfer due to selective logging in the Amazon using remote sensing data.


Presenter: Lydia Olander



Human and Physical Dimensions of Land Use/Land Cover in Amazonian landscapes: a comparative approach


Presenter: Mateus Batistella



Forest biomass reduction by logging and fire in the Eastern Amazon


Presenter: Oswaldo Carvalho Jr



Assessing the Utility of a Landsat ETM+ Images for Identifying Areas of Traditional Logging in West Para, Brasil


Presenter: Sanae Hayashi



Digital Library of Control Points


Presenter: Sueli Castellari

Session 11: Terrestrial Systems and Biogeochemistry



Effect of soil physical characteristics on carbon stocks and dynamics in Southwestern Amazonia, Acre, Brazil


Presenter: Antonio Melo



Nitrogen dynamics during till and no-till pasture reformation sequences in Rondônia, Brazil


Presenter: Janaina Carmo



Land-use changes and wet deposition in Amazon Basin


Presenter: Luciene Lara



Effects of cover plants on the soil P fractions in tillage and no-tillage systems in the Cerrado Region


Presenter: Mercedes Bustamante



The Role of Sorption in Retention of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Soils Typical of the Lowland Amazon Basin


Presenter: Sonya Remington

Session 12: Trace Gases and Aerosols



Climate Data Records of aerosols and surface flux at distributed sites in the Amazon Basin


Presenter: Brent Holben



Title: Experimental effects of drought on soil emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and nitric oxide in a moist tropical forest in Santarém–Pará–Brazil.


Presenter: Francoise Yoko Ishida



Soil-Atmosphere Flux of Nitrous Oxide and Methane Measured Over Two Years on Sand and Clay Soils in Undisturbed Forest at the FLONA Tapajos, Brazil


Presenter: Jadson Dezincourt Dias



Seasonal variations of isoprene concentrations at the Tapajós National Forest - Para and Biological Reserve of Jarú - Rondônia in Amazonia


Presenter: Luciana Gatti



Long term measurements of aerosol composition for Santarem, Manaus, Alta Floresta and Rondonia


Presenter: Maria Antunes



Quantification and chemical characterization of the rainwater and throughfall in the Tapajós National Forest, Belterra-Pará


Presenter: Raimundo Cosme Oliveira Junior



Chemistry and Production of Smoke in Brazil: CAPOS-2004-BRASIL


Presenter: Robert Yokelson

Session 13: Vegetation Structure and Function



Coarse root biomass of a Cerrado sensu stricto in central Brazil


Presenter: Patricia Rodin



Recruitment and mortality rates, and biomass changes in the primary forest in Manaus-am region


Presenter: Rosana Rocha



Carbon dynamics and Landscape-scale vegetation patterns in an old-growth Amazonian rainforest


Presenter: Scott Saleska



Pre-harvest Tree and Vine Biomass in a Forest in NW Mato Grosso, Brazil


Presenter: Ted Feldpausch

15:30 Coffee Break (Foyer)

16:00 Business Workshops – Logistics

LBA-ECO Transition Planning (Senatus Room)

LBA-Air-ECO Recovery Planning (Argentea Room)

Data Archival and Documentation (Magna Room)

Education and Training (Aurea Room)

18:00 Adjourn

Thursday, November 6

9:00 Reports from Business Workshops (Caelius/Aventino)

10:00 Coffee Break (Foyer)

10:30 Oral Sessions

Session 1: Carbon and Nutrients in Terrestrial Ecosystems (Senatus)
Chairs: Martinelli and Crill



Carbon and nutrient accumulation in secondary forests regenerating from degraded pastures in central Amazonia, Brazil


Presenter: Ted Feldpausch



The GEF-SOC Project Assessment of Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Change at National Scale: Project Overview and Preliminary Modeling Results within the Brazilian Amazon


Presenter: Eleanor Milne and Carlos Eduardo Cerri



CO2 flux from soil in pastures and forests in southwestern Amazonia


Presenter: Cleber Salimon



Soil-Atmosphere Flux of Carbon Dioxide at km67, FLONA, Tapajos, Brazil


Presenter: Patrick Crill



Radon-222 determination of respiration rates in a Tropical Rain Forest Canopy, Brazilian Amazonia


Presenter: Christopher Martens



Diurnal Changes in Nitric Oxide Emissions from Conventional Tillage and Pasture sites in the Amazon Basin: Influence of Soil Temperature.


Presenter: Paul Steudler

Session 2: Forest Degradation and Logging: Detection and Effects (Argentea)
Chairs: Silva and Miller



Micrometeorology, CO2 and H2O Exchange of a Tropical Rainforest Before and After Selective Logging


Presenter: Scott Miller



Effect of Selective Logging on the Soil-Atmosphere Exchange of Trace Gases at the Tapajos National Forest


Presenter: Michael Keller



Characterization of Forest Fragments in Rondônia through Remote Sensing and Forest Transects


Presenter: Carlos M. de Souza Jr.



Remote Sensing of Selective Logging: Early Results of a Basin-wide Analysis


Presenter: Gregory Asner

  11:50 Quantifying spatial and temporal patterns of land use transitions from pasture to cropland in Mato Grosso
    Presenter: Ruth DeFries

Session 3: Biogeochemistry and Aquatic Systems (Magna)
Chairs: Figueiredo and Melack



Using multi-temporal JERS-1 SAR and SRTM Imagery to derive an absolute ground level DEM for the Central Amazon Floodplain


Presenter: Bruce Forsberg



Dissolved CO2 in Rivers of Amazônia: A Preliminary basin-Scale Model of Sources and Fate


Presenter: Jeffrey Richey



Regionalization of Methane Emissions in the Amazon Basin with Microwave Remote Sensing


Presenter: John Melack



Soil Nitrogen Transformations and Soil Solution Fluxes Following Clearing of Amazonian Tropical Forest for Pasture


Presenter: Christopher Neill



Key Connections in Amazon Stream Corridors: Using 15N to Trace N Transformations and Transport


Presenter: Linda Deegan



Loss of Nutrients from Terrestrial Ecosystems to Streams and the Atmosphere following Land Use Change in Amazonia -- An Integrated Review


Presenter: Eric Davidson

13:00 Lunch (Blue Night Room)

14:30 Poster Session 2

Session 7: Aquatic Systems and Biogeochemistry



Amazon Floodplain lake shape assessment using remote sensing data


Presenter: Andreia Maria França



Geostatistic application to spatial modelling of water quality variables as support for understanding the linkages between vegetative cover and inundation


Presenter: Claudio Barbosa



MODIS performance for assessing seasonal changes in floodplain lake size and shape


Presenter: Evlyn Novo



Isotopic composition of CH4 from river sediments in eastern Amazonia


Presenter: José Mauro Moura



Low-flow headwater stream nutrient concentrations controlled by weathering in four forested Amazonian watersheds


Presenter: Mark Johnson



TM, ETM and MODIS Data for Multitemporal Wetland Analysis in Large-Scale Studies

    Presenter: Ramon Morais de Freitas
  7.14 Dissolved CO2 in the Bacia Ji-Parana: A Preliminary Nested Model of Sources and Fate

Presenter: Simone Alin

Session 8: Carbon Cycling and Meteorology



Estimating site level differences in ecosystem process parameters using eddy flux data and a toy model


Presenter: Bobby Braswell



Variation photosynthetic radiation in a primary forest in western Pará, Amazonia


Presenter: Irene Sampaio



Surface CO2 Spatial variability over logging and primary Old Growth Forest: topography effects


Presenter: Julio Tota



The Influences of fresh water co2 effluxes and mesoscale circulations on regional carbon balance in the Tapajos Region, Para, Brazil


Presenter: Lixin Lu



Determination of air parcel trajectories associated with an Amazonian storm


Presenter: Marcos Longo



Atmospheric CO2 Budget over Amazon Basin: The Role of the Convective Systems


Presenter: Valdir Herrmann

Session 9: Carbon Cycling and Physiology



Coarse woody debris in the Tropical Forest of the Bananal Island Region, Tocantins State


Presenter: Dariusz Kurzatkowski



Physiological responses of tree species growing under different site conditions in the Central Amazon


Presenter: Edgard Tribuzy



Coarse woody debris-atmosphere flux of CO2 at the FLONA Tapajos, Brazil


Presenter: Hudson Silva



Throughfall reduction on the seasonal canopy physiology of an Amazon forest


Presenter: Moacyr Dias-Filho



Effects of throughfall exclusion on herbivory in the National Forest of Tapajós, Amazônia, Brazil


Presenter: Paulo Moutinho



Soil Water Contents in Caxiuanã Forest LBA Site; PARÁ, BRAZIL.


Presenter: Rafael Ferreira da Costa



Global changes and tree growth rate in the Amazon Forest


Presenter: Simone Vieira

Session 10: Land Use and Land Cover Change



The Impact of Understory Fires in the Amazon Transitional Forest: A Remote Sensing Perspective


Presenter: Ane Alencar



An index of anthropic pressure to estimate the deforestation potential in the Brazilian Amazon municipalities


Presenter: Britaldo Soares Filho



Deforestation and Malaria Incidence in Jacundá (Pará) Municipality Between 1973 and 1996


Presenter: Cintia Vasconcelos



Variabilidade inter- e intra-regional nas trajetorias de uso da terra entre differentes regioes Amazônicas


Presenter: Eduardo S. Brondizio


Evolution of timber management in southwestern Amazonia (MAP region – Brazil, Bolivia and Peru)


Presenter: Elsa Mendoza



Carbon and nutrients cycling in soil associated of selective logging in eastern Amazonia


Presenter: Everaldo Telles



Performance of an Object-Based Neural Network Classifier on Land Cover Characterization in Amazon, Brazil


Presenter: Genong Yu



Topography of the Amazon Floodplain: Fusion of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Digital Elevation Model with Synthetic Aperture Radar, Optical, and Laser Altimetry Data


Presenter: Laura Hess



Effects of Interannual Climate Variability in Secondary Forests and Crops Under Traditional and Alternative Shifting Cultivation


Presenter: Liane Guild



CD-17: Validating, Scaling, and Parameterizing a Forest Regrowth Model for the Amazon Region - Field and Remote Sensing Results


Presenter: Mark Ducey



Litterfall and Leaf Area Index Before and After Selective Logging in the Tapajos National Forest – Santarém -Pará -Brazil


Presenter: Michela Figueira



Roads: Cause or Consequence of Land Use Change? A poster reporting on fieldwork for the project "A Basin Scale Econometric Model for Projecting Future Amazonian Landscapes"


Presenter: Robert Walker



Characterizing land cover change in Amazonia by synthesis of data at multiple spatial scales


Presenter: Stephen Hagen



Multitemporal analysis of Soybean expansion in Santarém Region


Presenter: Wanja Lameira

Session 11: Terrestrial Systems and Biogeochemistry



Impact assessment of land-cover change on soil nutrient levels at multiple scales


Presenter: Dar Roberts



Two-dimensional resistivity profiling: a potential tool to monitor the below-ground environment in ecosystem studies.


Presenter: Joice Ferreira



Regional patterns in inorganic nutrient losses across the central Amazon Basin: preliminary results


Presenter: Megan McGroddy



Deposition fluxes of trace elements in Western Amazon Basin during 20th century inferred from aerosol deposits in Illimani ice core, Bolivian Andes


Presenter: Paulo Artaxo



The age of carbon respired from tropical forest soils


Presenter: Susan Trumbore

Session 12: Trace Gases and Aerosols



Impact of green manuring and nitrogen fertilization on trace gas fluxes (NO, N2O, CO2) in a cornfield in the Cerrado Region of Brazil


Presenter: Flávia Alcântara



Long-term Measurements of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Concentrations to Help Constrain Regional Carbon Budgets.


Presenter: J. William Munger



Vertical Profiles of Trace Gases Above Santarem and Fortaleza


Presenter: John Miller



Concentrations Variability of Trace Gases during Dry and Wet Seasons in Amazon Basin


Presenter: Luciana Gatti



Trace gas emissions (NO, N2O and CO2) in managed pasture soils of Brazilian Savanna


Presenter: Mercedes Bustamante



Monitoring soil radon-222 flux at selectively logged and primary forest sites in the Tapajós National Forest and in an agricultural field at km77 Santarém-Cuiabá highway.


Presenter: Risonaldo Lima



High near surface CO concentrations at the Santarem km 67 site


Presenter: Volker Kirchhoff

Session 13: Vegetation Structure and Function


A phytosociological analysis of trees in a “Terra Firme” forest in northern Mato Grosso


Presenter: Ralf Gielow



A spatial analysis of tree pattern distribution using a geographical information system in an Amazonian “Terra Firme” forest in northern Mato Grosso


Presenter: Samuel Jorge Leite



Light and Water Resource Capture by Post-Pasture Abandonment Vegetation North of Manaus, Amazonas: Effects of Time, Management, and Nutrients


Presenter: Steven Welch

16:00 Coffee Break (Foyer)

16:30 Science Workshops A – Planning Discussions

Fire: Ecosystems and the Atmosphere (Senatus)

Rivers, Wetlands, and Carbon Cycling (Argentea)

Secondary Forests (Magna)

18:30 Adjourn

Friday, November 7

8:30 Science Workshops A (continued in rooms from yesterday)

10:00 Coffee Break (Foyer)

10:30 Reports on Science Workshops A (Caelius/Aventino)

11:30 Lunch (Blue Night Room) and informal poster viewing

14:00 Oral Sessions – Research Results

Session 4: Forest Dynamics (Senatus)
Chairs: Garcia-Montiel and Saleska



Coarse Woody Debris Fallen and Standing in Logged and Undisturbed Forests from two Amazonian Forests


Presenter: Michael Palace


Spatial Variation of Forest Structure and Aboveground Biomass from long transect data in Brazilian Amazon


Presenter: Sassan Saatchi



Biomass Dynamics in Amazonian Forest Fragments


Presenter: William Laurance



Variation of forest biomass, dynamics and structure across the Amazonian forest: results from the RAINFOR project


Presenter: Yadvinder Malhi



Carbon balance in seasonally-dry Amazon forest: unexpected seasonal fluxes and disturbance-induced net loss


Presenter: Scott Saleska



Uncertainty in Ecosystem Production and Biomass of Amazonia Attributable to Remotely Sensed Vegetation Characteristics


Presenter: Christopher Potter

Session 5: Physiology of Drought and Atmospheric Implications (Argentea)
Chairs: Cardinot and Denning



High drought-tolerance of an eastern Amazon forest: results from a large scale rainfall exclusion experiment.


Presenter: Gina Cardinot



Micrometeorological and Canopy Structure Controls on Rainforest Fire Susceptibility of Mature and Disturbed Forests in an East-Central Amazon Landscape


Presenter: David Ray



Use of a Soil-Plant-Atmosphere model to infer reductions in GPP from decreased water use in a throughfall exclusion experiment


Presenter: Rosie Fisher



Effects of experimental drought on carbon cycling in an Eastern Amazon rain forest


Presenter: Patrick Meir



Plants physiological responses to precipitation in the Amazon forest, an isotopic approach


Presenter: Jean Ometto


Simulated Interactions of Soil Moisture, Drought Stress, and Regional Climate in the Amazon Basin


Presenter: Scott Denning

Session 6: Land Use Changes and the Future of the Amazon (Magna)
Chairs: Batistella and Morisette



Aerosol spatial distribution, composition and effects on the Amazonian ecosystem


Presenter: Paulo Artaxo



Using experimental fires to quantify the accuracy of the MODIS fire product and distinguish between conversion and maintenance land cover dynamics


Presenter: Jeffrey Morisette



Agribusiness expansion into the Brazilian Amazon


Presenter: Maria del Carmen Diaz



System architecture of a spatially explicit model to simulate deforestation in the Amazon basin


Presenter: Britaldo Soares Filho



Science and public participation in regional Amazonian development: The case of the MAP process in the frontier region of Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.


Presenter: Foster Brown

16:30 Coffee Break (Foyer)

17:00 Science Workshops B

BARCA (Regional Carbon Balance Study) (Senatus)

Intensive Agriculture (Argentea)

Logging and Forest Degradation (Magna)

18:30 Adjourn

Saturday, November 8

9:00 Science Workshops B (continued in rooms from yesterday)

10:30 Coffee Break (Foyer)

11:00 Reports on Science Workshops B (Caelius/Aventino)

12:00 Closing Remarks (Caelius/Aventino)

12:30 Adjourn