NOTICE -- The LBA-ECO Project website is no longer being supported.  This archive is a snapshot, as it existed in 2013, of the LBA-ECO website, maintained by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and now archived at the ORNL DAAC.  Links to external websites may be inactive. Final data products from the LBA project can be found at the ORNL DAAC.
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  Folha Amazônica

NASA's Earth Observatory hosts a web series on the LBA Project. (PDF)

LBA Tower Climate Data Now Available - Contact Marta Sá, meteorologist with the Micrometeorological Group LBA, and include a brief description of the data of interest. The Central Office of the LBA Program announces that the climate data from the 8 LBA towers is available from the Micrometeorological group-LBA based in Manaus/INPA.  The 8 towers include: ZF-2 K34 and B34, ZF-3 and Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira in Amazonas, Ji-Parana (Rebu Jaru) and Ouro Preto do Oeste (Fazenda Nossa Senhora) in Rondonia, Brasilia (RECOR) in the Distrito Federal, and Caxiuana in Para.  Towers at Humaita (Amazonas) and Cuiarana (Para) will soon be added.  [posted 5.01.12]

Published in Nature - New study evaluates impact of land use activity in the Amazon basin and highlights signs of transition to a disturbance-dominated regime. [posted 2.0.12]

LBA Program seeks Scientific Officer [posted 2.08.10]

World of Change: Amazon Deforestation The state of Rondonia in western Brazil is one of the most deforested parts of the Amazon. [posted June 2009]

Fires and Deforestation on the Amazon Frontier, Rondonia, Brazil [posted 6.01.09] 

Deadline extended to March 1, 2010. Call for Manuscripts on Land-Water Interactions in the Amazon [posted 1.20.10]

Now Available: and Global Change, a synthesis of LBA results. [posted 12.02.09]

LBA-ECO 12th Science Team Meeting, August 13, 2010 in Iguaçu Falls, Brazil [posted 11.17.09]

Call for Manuscripts on Land-Water Interactions in the Amazon [posted 11.05.09]

Accused Americans Could be Stuck in Brazil for Months Two University of Arizona geoscientists and one University of Minnesota-Duluth student were arrested by federal police June 16 while working on a climate change project with the University of the State of Sao Paulo using only tourist visas.  [posted 7.01.09]

World of Change: Amazon Deforestation The state of Rondonia in western Brazil is one of the most deforested parts of the Amazon. [posted 6.01.09]

[posted 6.01.09]

[posted 9.01.08]


ROSES-08 Amendment 16:  Final text and proposal due dates for Terrestrial Ecology

CALL for POSTERS "Working Forests in the Tropics: Partnering Research with Practice for Conservation and Development", October 6-7, 2008, Gainesville, FL

Smoke Over the Amazon in 2005 and 2006 An Earth Observatory news story. [posted March 2008]

Dr. Eric Davidson to serve as new LBA-ECO Project Scientist [posted 1.01.07]

Diane Wickland awarded the AGU Edward A. Flinn III Award [posted 6.01.07]

Amazon Forest Unexpectedly Resilient to Drought [posted 9.21.07]

TROBIT Workshop: LBA Workshop for Young Researchers [posted 1.02.07]

META2007 - International Workshop & Classes on "Mathematical Modeling of Tropical and Amazonian Ecosystems" October 2007 [posted 10.01.07]

The 10th Meeting of the LBA-ECO Science Team, was hosted by the Carbon Cycle & Ecosystem Office this year in Brasília, Brazil. More than 130 scientists from the US and Brazil attended to present the current state of synthesis and integration research relevant to phase 3 of LBA-ECO. Complete agenda and proceedings are available. [10.10.06]

New LBA agreement signed during the first meeting of the U.S.- Brazil Ministerial Level Joint Commission on Scientific and Technological Cooperation held in Washington D.C., July 21, 2006

South America Meteorological Data from 2000 to 2004 are available in LBA-DIS

Synthesis Workshop: Amazon Drought and Fire May 12-13, 2006, Parthenon Líder Flat (Hotel), SHN Quadra 5, Bloco I, Asa Norte.

Workshop and Short Course
Human Dimensions in Amazônia May 29-30 
Short course:
Human dimensions of land use & land cover in Amazônia, a contribution of LBA May 31, 2006
INPA, Manaus, Brazil

Old-growth forest 'greens up' during the dry season.
© Getty

Amazon trees grow fastest in dry season Sunshine is better growth-booster than water for ancient forest reports Nature news release.

Fire Emergency in Acre, Brazil [October 2005]

LBA-ECO Phase III Investigations Selected: The NASA Science Mission Directorate has selected 22 investigations to participate. [posted 7-Sep-05]

Transition Plan for LBA-ECO Field Activities

A Rainforest Divided - online article about LBA-ECO

Opportunity to Study Abroad in Brazil [posted April 2005]

Video of III LBA Science Conference - Brasília 2004   more

Second Conference of Students and Fellows of the LBA Experiment  July 11-13, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil link

NASA Research Announcement for Phase 3 of LBA-ECO Released link

Summer School on Environmental Modeling of Amazonia April 10-15, 2005 Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil

National Science Foundation study finds rapid rise in science & engineering articles from Latin America  

16th LBA Science Steering Committee (SSC) Meeting - Manaus, AM, Brazil November 4-6, 2004

Call for Sessions - 6th Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Research Community - University of Bonn, Germany, 9-13 October 2005

LBA Special Session Fall American Geophysical Union Meeting more

III LBA Scientific Conference July 27-29, 2004 more

8th LBA-ECO Science Team Business Meeting July 30-31, 2004 more

LBA Special Issue AGU Electronic Journal, Earth Interactions more

Smoke from fires burning in Mato Grosso Brazil is drifting north over the Amazon. This MOPITT image tracks the spread of carbon monoxide from the fires between July 19 and July 26, 2004. more Highlights LBA-ECO Research more

IPAM Job Announcement PDF

Landsat coverage for Amazonia [posted 5.07.04] more

III LBA Scientific Conference July 27-29, 2004, Brasília, Brazil more

Eighth LBA-ECO Science Team Business Meeting July 30-31, 2004, Brasília, Brazil more

Summary of LBA-ECO Science Team Business Meeting more

New Vehicle Policy as of September 3, 2003  more

A Valid Brazilian Driver's License is required for driving LBA-ECO vehicles. [posted 8.07.03] more

Summer Institute "Land Use and Cover Changes in the Amazonian Region: Patterns, Processes and Plausible Scenarios" to be held October 12-24, 2003 at CPTEC, in Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil. [30JUL03] more

New Image: Topography of South America on NASA's Earth Observatory Website [posted 7.03.03] more

FIRES SURROUNDING XINGU NATIONAL PARK, BRAZIL This Terra MODIS image from April 28, 2003, 12:26 pm shows fires burning along the perimeter of Xingu National Park and Indigenous Peoples Reserve in central Brazil. [posted 4.30.03] 

Seventh LBA-ECO Science Team Business Meeting, November 5-8, 2003 Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil [posted 2.24.03]  more

Satellite-derived Fire and Burn Scar Product through the Amazon. IBAMA special session within the 9th Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium [posted 2.24.03] 

The Road to Recovery, article on NASA's Earth Observatory Website [posted 1.24.03]  more

About LBA, series of articles on NASA's Earth Observatory Website  [posted 1.03.03] more

2002 LBA-ECO Business Meeting Dec. 11-13, San Francisco, CA  [posted 9.10.02]  more

LBA-ECO Phase 2 Selection Announcement  [posted 9.10.02] 

Changes in ASTER data policy  [posted 9.10.02] more

AGU Chapman Conference on Ecosystem Interactions with Land Use Change 14-18 June 2003 Santa Fe, New Mexico [posted 9.10.02] more

First Aid Workshop to be held in Santarém August, 15 -17, 2002 more

Call for Papers to an LBA Thematic Issue of Global Change Biology  [posted 8.1.02] 







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