Detailed Agenda of Abstracts and Presentations


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Thursday: Nov. 10, 2005
Opening Plenary
  Overview (Michael Keller) [presentation]
  NASA HQ Perspective (Diane Wickland) [presentation]
  LBA-ECO Project Office Update (Peter Griffith) [presentation]
Synthesis & Data Plenary Session
  Publications, Data and Synthesis (Michael Keller) [presentation]

   Parallel Oral Session 1
    1A: Terrestrial Biogeochemistry

Chairs: Luciene Lara, Marirosa Molina

            1.1 Soil Emissions of N2O, NO and CO2 Under Different Crops and Pasture in the Cerrado Region   (Alessandra Rodrigues Kozovits, Êrika Barretto Fernandes, Katia Sivek Perez, Mercedes Cunha Bustamante, Richard Zepp)  [presentation]
            1.2 Effects of Fertilizer Addition on Microbial Respiration and Uptake of Carbon Monoxide in a Cerrado Soil.   (Marirosa Molina, Richard Zepp, Alessandra Rodrigues Kozovits, Joana Bresolin, Mercedes Bustamante)  [presentation]
            1.3 Atmospheric aerosols in Central Amazonia and Atlantic Forest: chemical analysis, source identification and absolute apportionment.   (Luciene L. Lara, Maria Lúcia Pereira Antunes, Paulo Artaxo, Theotonio M. Pauliquevis Jr.)  [presentation]
            1.4 Evidence of increasing leakiness of the nitrogen cycle along a secondary forest chronosequence in Eastern Amazonia   (Adelaine Michela e Silva Figueira, Françoise Yoko Ishida, Eric A. Davidson, Luiz A. Martinelli, Gabriela B. Nardoto, Jean P. Ometto, Ima Celia Vieira, Arlete S. Almeida)  [presentation]
            1.5 Evolution of the nutrient cycling process in agro-forestry systems growing on degraded pastureland in central Amazonia   (Flavio J. Luizão, Regina C.C. Luizão, Sandra C. Tapia-Coral, Guilherme C. Silva, Jorge L.E. Gallardo-Ordinola, Lucerina Trujillo-Cabrera, Elisa V. Wandelli, Erick C.M. Fernandes)  [presentation]
            1.6 Nitrogen cycling in Brazilian tropical forests and savannas: an isotopic approach   (Gabriela Bielefeld Nardoto, Jean Pierre HB Ometto, Daniela ML da Silva, Mercedes MC Bustamante, James R. Ehleringer, Luiz A. Martinelli)  [presentation]
            1.7 Nitrogen limitation induced by slash-and-burn agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon.   (Robert Davidson, Marc M. Lucotte, Nicolina Farella)  [presentation]
    1B: Observing Land Cover

Chairs: Carlos Souza Jr., Douglas Morton

            2.1 Forest structure and the relationship between light environment above and below the canopy in the Tapajós National Forest   (Geoffrey Parker, David Fitzjarrald)  [abstract]
            2.2 Deforestation Dynamics in Mato Grosso Derived from MODIS Data   (Yosio Shimabukuro, DeFries Ruth, Morton Doug, Aria Egidio, Freitas Ramon, Liana Anderson, Duarte Valdete)  [presentation]
            2.3 Annual pasture and cropland expansion in Mato Grosso from MODIS phenology metrics   (Douglas C Morton, Yosio E Shimabukuro, Ruth S. DeFries, Liana O. Anderson, Egido Arai, Ramon M Freitas, Fernando Del Bom Espirito-Santo)  [presentation]
            2.4 Examination of Canopy Disturbance in Logged Forests in the Brazilian Amazon using IKONOS Imagery   (Michael Palace, Stephen Hagen, Bobby Braswell, Michael Keller)  [presentation]
            2.5 Normalized Difference Fraction Index (NDFI): a new spectral index for enhanced detection of forest canopy damage caused by selective logging and forest fires   (Carlos, Jr. M. Souza, Dar A. Roberts, Mark A. Cochrane, Sâmia S. Nunes)  [presentation]
            2.6 The Carnegie Landsat Analysis System: An automated approach to large-scale canopy damage analysis    (David E. Knapp, Gregory P. Asner, Eben N. Broadbent, Paulo J.C. Oliveira, Michael Keller, José Natalino M. Silva)  [presentation]
            2.7 Selective Logging in the Brazilian Amazon   (Gregory Asner, David Knapp, Eben N. Broadbent, Paulo J.C. Oliveira, Michael Keller, Natalino Silva)  [presentation]
    1C: Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes (1)

Chairs: Humberto da Rocha, Jeffrey Chambers

            3.1 Simulating the two-way interactions between vegetation biophysical processes and mesoscale circulations during 2001 Santarem field campaign   (Lixin Lu, Scott Denning, Ian Baker)  [abstract]
            3.2 Ecophysiological characteristics of eastern Amazonian vegetation   (Tomas F Domingues, Jean HPB Ometto, Luiz A. Martinelli, James R. Ehleringer)  [presentation]
            3.3 Amazonian forest canopy-atmosphere gas exchange rates and in-canopy biogeochemical processes determined from radon-222   (Christopher S. Martens, Howard P. Mendlovitz, Thomas J. Shay, José Mauro Sousa de Moura, Risonaldo Leal Lima, Irene Cibelle Gonçalves Sampaio, Elizabeth Veazey, Patrick M. Crill, Osvaldo Luiz Leal de Moraes, Mary Menton)  [presentation]
            3.4 From source to sink: tracing the effects of natural disturbance on tropical forest carbon balance   (Scott R. Saleska, Lucy Hutyra, Elizabeth Hammond Pyle, Plinio Barbosa de Camargo, Daniel J. Curran, J. William Munger, Kadson Oliveira, Greg Santoni, Simone Aparecida Vieira, Steven C. Wofsy)  [presentation]
            3.5 Seasonal variability of climate and micrometeorological CO2 fluxes across amazonian and Cerrado tower sites   (Humberto da Rocha, Michael Goulden, Scott Miller, Antonio Manzi, Antonio Nobre, Steven C. Wofsy, Scott R. Saleska, Osvaldo Cabral, Bart Kruijt)  [presentation]
            3.6 Tree Mortality, Regional Disturbance, and Ecosystem Carbon Balance in the Central Amazon    (Jeffrey Q Chambers, Niro Higuchi, George Hurtt, Joaquim dos Santos, Susan E Trumbore)  [presentation]
            3.7 Amazon Drought Stress: Reconciling Models and Data   (Lara Prihodko, Scott Denning, Ian Baker)  [abstract]
    1D: Carbon in Wetlands and Rivers

Chairs: Evlyn Novo, Michael Coe

            4.1 Boat-Based Eddy Covariance Measurements of CO2 Exchange Over Amazon and Tapajos Rivers and Lakes   (Scott Miller, Helber Freitas, Ed Read, Mike Goulden, Humberto Rocha)  [presentation]
            4.2 CO2 flux from rivers to atmosphere in Western Amazonia (dry season)   (Cleber Ibraim Salimon, Simone Alin, Eliete Santos Sousa, Jeffrey Richey)  [presentation]
            4.3 From Small Streams to the Sea: An LBA-III Multi-scale Synthesis of Carbon and Hydrological Dynamics across the Amazon Landscape   (Jeffrey E Richey, Reynaldo L Victoria, Alex V Krusche, Victoria M Ballester, Simone R Alin)  [presentation]
            4.4 Seasonal changes in phytoplankton distribution in floodplain lakes in response to Amazon flood pulse derived from MODIS images   (Evlyn M Novo, Claudio C Barbosa, John M. Melack, Ramon M. Freitas, Waterloo Pereira-Filho, Yosio E. Shimabukuro)  [presentation]
            4.5 Multi-scale analyses of inundation and wetland vegetation dynamics: Applications to carbon dynamics   (John M. Melack, Evlyn M Novo, Bruce Forsberg, Maycira Costa, Lauren Belger, Thiago Silva)  [presentation]
            4.6 Numerical and observational analysis of the Amazon River flood cycle 1939-1998   (Michael T Coe, Marcos Heil Costa, Erica A Howard)  [presentation]
            4.7 Inter-annual Variability in Large-Scale Flooding of Aquatic Ecosystems and Associated CO2 Evasion in Amazonia: A Modeling Strategy   (Erica Akiko Howard, Michael T. Coe, Jonathan A. Foley, Marcos Heil Costa)  [presentation]
Friday: Nov. 11, 2005
Synthesis Plenary Sessions
Fires and Drought (Jeff Richey ) [presentation]
Scaling Carbon Fluxes (Scott Seleska) [presentation]
Land Water Coupling (Jeff Richey) [presentation]
Forest Disturbance (Jeff Chambers) [presentation]
Human Dimensions and Land Cover (Mateus Batistella, Diogenes Alves ) [presentation]
Intensive Agriculture (Mercedes Bustamante) [presentation]

   Parallel Oral Session 2
    2A: Aquatic Biogeochemistry

Chairs: Linda Deegan, Marc Kramer

            5.1 Emissions of CH4 from interfluvial, savanna wetlands bordering the upper Negro River   (Lauren Belger, Bruce Forsberg, John M. Melack)  [presentation]
            5.2 Key Connections in Amazon Stream Corridors: Using 15N to Trace N Transformations and Transport   (Linda Ann Deegan)  [presentation]
            5.3 Controls on stream DOC flux and composition in the Amazon region, Tapajos national forest   (Marc Gerald Kramer, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira, Jr., Christopher Potter, Steven Klooster)  [presentation]
            5.4 Soil properties determine fluvial losses of carbon in Amazonian headwaters   (Johannes Lehmann, Mark Johnson, Eduardo Guimarães Couto, Susan Riha)  [presentation]
            5.5 Human exposure to mercury as a consequence of deforestation by slash-and-burn agriculture in the Amazon.   (Marc M. Lucotte, Robert Davidson, Nicolina Farella, Nicolas Mainville)  [presentation]
    2B: Explaining Land Use

Chairs: Maria del Carmen Vera-Diaz, Richard Bilsborrow

            6.1 Road Investments, Spatial Intensification and Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon    (Alexander Pfaff, Juan Robalino, Robert Walker, Eustaquio Reis, Stephen Perz, Claudio Bohrer, William F. Laurance, Stephen Aldrich, Eugenio Arima, Marcellus Caldas)  [presentation]
            6.2 Roads and Deforestation in the Amazon Basin   (Robert Walker, Alexander Pfaff, Stephen Perz, Eustaquio Reis, Eugenio Arima, Juan Robalino, Marcellus Caldas, Stephen Aldrich, Claudio Bohrer, Carlos Souza)  [presentation]
            6.3 Modeling soybean expansion into the Amazon Basin   (Maria del Carmen Vera-Diaz, Robert Kaufmann, Daniel Nepstad, Peter Schlesinger)  [presentation]
            6.4 Nexus between socioeconomic dimensions, population movements and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon   (Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Ricardo Alexandrino Garcia, Daniel Curtis Nepstad, Sueli Moro)  [presentation]
            6.5 Trajectories of Land Use in the Brazilian Amazon: evidences from satellite imagery and Census data   (Diógenes Alves, Mateus Batistella, Emilio Moran, Eduardo Brondizio)  [presentation]
            6.6 Migration and LCLU in the Ecuadorian Amazon   (Alisson F Barbieri, Richard E Bilsborrow, Clark L Gray)  [presentation]
            6.7 Modeling Deforestation and Agricultural Extensification in the Ecuadorian Amazon: Approaches for Integrating People, Place, and Environment in the Study of LCLU Dynamics   (Stephen J. Walsh, Richard E. Bilsborrow, Carlos F. Mena, Christine M. Erlien, Alisson F. Barbieri, Joseph P. Messina, William K. Pan, Galo Medina)  [presentation]
    2C: Biomass and Necromass

Chairs: Simone Vieira, William Laurance

            7.1 Estimating Aboveground Forest Biomass Using Geostatistics Techniques: a case study of Rondônia, Southern Brazilian Amazon   (Márcio H. Sales, Carlos, Jr. M. Souza, Phaedon C. Kyriakidis, Dar A. Roberts, Edson J. Vidal)  [presentation]
            7.2 Carbon dynamics in coarse woody debris pools at the Tapajós National Forest in Brazil   (Hudson C.P. Silva, Patrick Crill, Michael Keller)  [presentation]
            7.3 Long-term experimental drought effects on stem mortality, forest structure, and necromass pools in an Eastern-Central Amazonian forest   (Ingrid Marisa Tohver, David Ray, Daniel C Nepstad, Paulo Moutinho)  [abstract]
            7.4 Spatial and Temporal patterns in Carbon Storage in Live and Dead biomass across the Tapajos National Forest and the BDFF plots in Manaus.   (Elizabeth Hammond-Pyle, Gregory Santoni, Lucy Hutyra, Henrique Nascimento, William F. Laurance, Scott R. Saleska, Simone Vieira, Plinio de Carmargo, Steven C. Wofsy)  [presentation]
            7.5 Impacts of Amazon Forest Fragmentation on Floristic Composition and Carbon Storage   (William F. Laurance)  [presentation]
            7.6 The age of the DBH   (Simone Aparecida Vieira, Susan E. Trumbore, Plinio B. Camargo, Diogo Selhorst, Niro Higuchi, Luiz A. Martinelli)  [presentation]
            7.7 Carbon dynamics in trees, litter, and soils - a comparison of three forests   (Susan Trumbore, Plinio Camargo, Simone A Vieira, Jeffrey Q Chambers, Niro Higuchi, Joaquim dos Santos, Diogo Selhorst, Luiz A. Martinelli)  [presentation]
Saturday: Nov. 12, 2005
Synthesis Reports
Fires and Drought (Jeff Richey ) [presentation]
Scaling Carbon Fluxes (Scott Seleska)
Land Water Coupling (Jeff Richey)
Forest Disturbance (Jeff Chambers) [presentation]
Human Dimensions and Land Cover (Mateus Batistella, Diogenes Alves )
Intensive Agriculture (Mercedes Bustamante) [presentation]

   Parallel Oral Session 3
    3A: Fire

Chairs: Ivan Csiszar, Manoel Cardoso

            8.1 Fire characterization in the Amazon using multi-scale, multi-spectral satellite measurements   (Ivan Csiszar, Wilfrid Schroeder, Louis Giglio, Jeffrey Morisette, Tatiana Loboda, Douglas Morton)  [presentation]
            8.2 Wildfire in the Amazon’s transitional forest: Initial effects on stem mortality, canopy structure, and microclimate and consequences for future fire susceptibility   (Jennifer Kakareka Balch, Daniel Curtis Nepstad, Paulo M. Brando, Oswaldo de Carvalho Jr, Lisa Marie Curran)  [presentation]
            8.3 Improving potential biomes allocation by considering fires in savannas   (Manoel Cardoso, Carlos Nobre, Marcos Oyama, Gilvan Sampaio)  [presentation]
            8.4 Numerical Simulation of Biomass Burning Emissions and Transportation during 1998 Roraima Fires   (Rodrigo Gevaerd, Saulo Freitas, Karla Longo)  [presentation]
            8.5 Atmospheric deposition and nutrient fluxes in Amazonian: from natural biogenic aerosols to biomass burning impacts   (Luciene L Lara, Paulo Artaxo, Maria L Antunes, T Pauliquevis, Ivonne Trebs, Meinrat O Andrea, Elisabeth A Holland, Luiz A. Martinelli)  [presentation]
    3B: Amazon Futures

Chairs: Carlos Nobre, Daniel Nepstad

            9.1 Assessing ecological and economic trade-offs of alternative land use policy scenarios for the Xingu River headwaters region   (Claudia Margret Stickler, Oriana Trindade Almeida, Ane Alencar, Oswaldo de Carvalho Jr, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [presentation]
            9.2 Scenarios of land-use change applied to the ecological-economic zoning of state of Acre, Brazil   (Frederico do Valle Ferreira de Castro, Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Elsa Mendoza, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [presentation]
            9.3 The Role of Private Forest Reserves in Biodiversity Conservation in the Brazilian Amazon   (Oswaldo de Carvalho Jr, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [presentation]
            9.4 Can LBA science foster the conservation of natural resources through the adoption and certification of "best" agricultural practices?   (Daniel Curtis Nepstad, Oriana Trinidade Almeida, Claudia M Stickler, Oswaldo de Carvalho Jr, Elisandra Dias, Jennifer Balch)  [presentation]
            9.5 Investigating Future Trends in Amazon Basin Discharge and Floodplain Inundation   (Michael T Coe, David McGrath, Marcos Heil Costa)  [presentation]
            9.6 The Future Climate of Amazonia   (Carlos Afonso Nobre, Marcos Daisuke Oyama, Gilvan Sampaio Oliveira)  [presentation]
    3C: Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes (2)

Chairs: Gina Cardinot, Luis Bastidas

            10.1 Calibration of IBIS against data from four primary forest sites in Amazonia   (Marcos H. Costa, Hewlley M. A. Imbuzeiro, Gleidson C. B. Baleeiro, Humberto R. da Rocha, Antonio O. Manzi, Scott R. Saleska, Steven C. Wofsy, Lucy Hutira, Michael Goulden, Scott D Miller)  [abstract]
            10.2 Understanding nocturnal mixing in cleared areas: Mechanisms of turbulent exchange during nearly calm conditions.   (Otávio C Acevedo, Osvaldo L L Moraes, David R Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K Sakai, Mathew R Czicowski, Rodrigo Silva)  [abstract]
            10.3 Assessing the influence of observational data error on SiB2 model parameter uncertainty   (Luis A Bastidas, Enrique Rosero, Saket Pande, W James Shuttleworth)  [abstract]
            10.4 Drought effects on seasonal patterns of transpiration in tropical trees.   (Gina Knust Cardinot, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [abstract]
            10.5 Climatic variance and vulnerability to drought in Amazônia   (Lucy Hutyra, J. William Munger, Carlos A. Nobre, Scott R. Saleska, Simone A. Vieira, Steven C. Wofsy)  [abstract]

Poster Sessions

Thursday/Friday: Nov. 10-11, 2005



CD (Carbon Dynamics)


Gaps in the forest: how enhanced turbulence affects microclimate and carbon exchange at one study site.   (Otávio C Acevedo, David R Fitzjarrald, Osvaldo L L Moraes, Ricardo K Sakai, Mathew R Czicowski)  [abstract]


Topography Drives Meso-Scale Heterogeneity of Edaphic and Canopy Properties in Eastern Amazonia.   (Luiz Eduardo Oliveira e Cruz Aragao, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Mathew Williams)  [abstract]


Vertical structure of the lower atmosphere above cleared and forested areas: implications for understanding carbon exchange   (Rodrigo DaSilva, Otavio C Acevedo, Osvaldo L . L. Moraes, David R. Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K. Sakai, Hans R. Zimmermann)  [abstract]


The effect of biomass burning aerosol radiative forcing on the CO2 flux for the LBA Santarem tower   (Silvia de Lucca, Paulo Henrique Oliveira, Paulo Artaxo, Brent N. Holben, Joel Schafer)  [abstract]


The radiative effects of smoke aerosols in the carbon fluxes in the Amazonia   (Paulo Henrique Fernandes de Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto, Carlos Alberto Pires Junior, Aline Sarmento Procópio, Brent N. Holben)  [abstract]


Dinamica do CO2 da respiração do solo, em áreas de floresta nativas da Amazônia    (Jadson Dezincourt Dias1, Janaina Braga do Carmo, Marcos Augusto Scaranello, Plinio Barbosa Camargo, Michael Keller)  [abstract]


Wood and Soil Surface CO2 Fluxes from the Tapajós National Forest   (Evilene Lopes, Michael Keller, Patrick Crill, Ruth K. Varner, William Z. de Mello)  [presentation]


Estimates of Forest Canopy Height and Aboveground Biomass for the Amazon Basin using ICESAT   (Michael A. Lefsky, Arnaldo Carneiro-Filho, David Turner, David J. Harding, Michael Keller, Warren B. Cohen, Claudia C. Carabajal, Fernando Del Bom Espirito-Santo, Maria O. Hunter, Plinio B. de Carmargo)  [abstract]


The Effect of a Canopy Gap on Tropical Forest-Atmosphere Exchange   (Scott Miller, Mike Goulden, Humberto Rocha, Helber Freitas)  [abstract]


Avaliação na queda de Liteira em Ecótonos no Entorno da Ilha do Bananal   (Kleyton Sudário Moreira, Humberto Ribeiro Rocha, Dariusz Kurzatkowski, Rita Ribeiro da Mata, Adriano Silva Pinto)  [abstract]


Effects of the Surrounding Matrix on Tree Recruitment in Amazonian Forest Fragments   (Henrique E M Nascimento, Ana C S Andrade, José Luís C Camargo, William F. Laurance, Susan G Laurance, José Eduardo L Ribeiro)  [abstract]


Monitoring and modeling the seasonal dynamics of Amazon rainforests   (Ramakrishna Nemani, Wenze Yang, Alfredo Huete, Hirofumi Hashimoto, Kazuhito Itchii, Chris Potter, Ranga Myneni)  [abstract]


Examination of Tropical Forest Canopy Profiles Using Field Data and Remotely Sensed Imagery   (Michael Palace, Michael Keller, Bobby Braswell, Stephen Hagen)  [presentation]


Produção anual de liteira grossa em floresta explorada seletivamente em MT   (Daniela Pauletto, Flávio Jesus Luizão, Johannes Lehmann, Ted R. Feldpausch)  [abstract]


Monitoring Carbon, Heat, and Water Vapor turbulent fluxes over an Agricultural Field in Santarém II.   (Ricardo Kendi Sakai, David Roy Fitzjarrald, Osvaldo L. Moraes, Matt Czikowsky, Otavio C. Acevedo, Rodrigo da Silva)  [abstract]


Distribuição Espacial de Carbono em Solo Sob Floresta Primária na Amazônia Meridional   (João Paulo Novaes Filho, Evandro Carlos Selva, Eduardo Guimarães Couto, Johannes Lehman, Mark S. Johnson, Susan Riha)  [abstract]


Assessing the importance of subcanopy drainage on net carbon exchange at the FLONA Tapajós   (Julio Tota Silva, David R. Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K. Sakai, Ralf M. Staebler)  [abstract]


HY (Hydrometeorology)


Modeling the Effects of Throughfall Reduction on Soil Water Content   (Elizabeth Belk, Daniel Markewitz, Todd Rassmussen, Eduardo Maklouf Carvalho, Daniel Nepstad, Eric Davidson)  [presentation]


Mesoclimate at the Tapajós-Amazon confluence   (David Roy Fitzjarrald, Ricardo Kendi Sakai, Osvaldo M. M. Moraes, Otávio C. Acevedo, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira, Jr., Matthew J. Czikowsky)  [presentation]


Projected Amazonian Deforestation in the 21th Century and Possible Regional Climatic Impacts   (Gilvan Sampaio Oliveira, Carlos Afonso Nobre)  [abstract]


The impact of the ongoing deforestation on the hydrological cycle: a case study of the Cuiabá-Santarém highway   (Rafael Rosolem, Humberto Ribeiro da Rocha)  [abstract]


LC (Land Use and Land Cover Change)


Modeling Beef Yields in the Brazilian Amazon   (Pablo Pacheco, Oriana Almeida, Daniel Nepstad)  [abstract]


Avaliação de Mapas Temáticos CBERS em Sítios do LBA nas Proximidades de Santarém/Amazônia Legal   (Vagner Anabor, Osvaldo L.L de Moraes, Otávio Costa Acevedo, David R. Fitzjarrald)  [abstract]


Temporal pattern of deforestation over the Mato Grosso State   (Liana O. Anderson, Yosio Shimabukuro, Ruth S. DeFries, Douglas Morton)  [presentation]


Scenarios for econometrics projections: The future of the Amazon   (Marcellus Caldas, Robert Walker, Stephen Perz, Eugenio Arima, Eustaquio Reis, Alexander Paff, Juan Robalino, Carlos Souza, Claudio Boher, Stephen Aldrich)  [abstract]


Analysis of land cover change in the Capitao Poco, Para region over a 20-year period based on Landsat MSS, TM and the Advanced Line Imager (ALI) data   (Thomas A. Stone, Arlete Silva de Almeida, Ima Célia G. Vieira, Eric A. Davidson)  [presentation]


Accuracy assessment, land cover patterns, and capacity-building in the trinational Acre River Basin: pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of sustainable development in Southwestern Amazonia.   (Monica Julissa De Los Rios Maldonado, Irving Foster Brown)  [presentation]


Scaling the structural attributes of Amazonian secondary forest from the stand level to a regional scale   (Stephen Hagen, Mark Ducey, William Salas, Diogenes Salas Alves, Joanna Tucker, Lucas Fortini, Daniel Zarin)  [presentation]


Statistical Analysis on Land Cover Change in Santarém, Pará: A Transition Matrix between 1986- 2001.   (Corey Miyano Hayashi, Alvaro Datona, Scott Hetrick)  [abstract]


Synthesis Studies of Intensive Agriculture Impacts in the Brazilian Amazon: Field Data, Remote Sensing, and Modeling Approaches (TG-30)   (Christopher Potter, Mercedes Bustamante, Richard Zepp, Laerte Guimaraes Ferreira, Alfredo Huete, Steven Klooster, Alessandra Rodrigues Kozovits)  [abstract]


Methodology based on vegetation continuous fields techniques for the integration of medium and moderate spatial resolution satellite data in monitoring the vegetation cover changes in Amazonia   (Marcelo Lopes Latorre, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Matthew C. Hansen, Ruth S. DeFries, Douglas Morton)  [abstract]


Conservation Units Systems: what environments are being preserved over the Mato Grosso State?   (André Lima, Yosio E. Shimabukuro, Liana O. Anderson, José Marcelo D. Torezan)  [abstract]


The use of SRTM elevation data for forest/land use zoning by ethnic communities: the example of the Kampa Indigenous Land of the Amonia River along the Acre-Brazil/Ucayali-Peru frontier   (Antonio Willian Flores de Melo, Roberto de Alcântara Tavares, Renato Antônio Gavazzi, Sonaira Souza da Silva, Benki Piyanko, Asheninka Apiwtxa, Foster Brown)  [abstract]


Hot pixels and public policy in southwestern Amazonia: the role of accuracy assessment in dissemination of satellite-derived estimates of fire events   (Nara Vidal Pantoja, Irving Foster Brown, Diogo Selhorst, Wilfrid Schroeder, Alberto Setzer, Karla da Silva Rocha)  [presentation]


Characterizing the Physical Environment of Urban Centers in Rondônia with Landsat ETM+   (Rebecca L. Powell, Dar A. Roberts)  [presentation]


Germinação e Predação de sementes da Castanha-do-Pará (Bertholletia excelsa Humb. & Bonpl.) Lecythidaceae e Fatores que Condicionam a Sua Regeneração.   (Wanderley Rocha Silva, Daniel Curtis Nepstad, Paulo Monteiro Brando)  [abstract]


ND (Nutrient Dynamics)


Spatial patterns in limnological parameters and bathymetry in Lago Grande de Curuai, a large floodplain system in the lower Amazon   (Claudio Faria Barbosa, Evlyn Moraes Novo, John M. Melack)  [abstract]


Effects of land use changes on the chemistry of small streams in the Cerrado region   (José Salomão Silva, Viviane Miranda, Roger Burke, Richard Zepp, Daniel Markewitz, Mercedes Bustamante)  [abstract]


Identifying Hydrological Flowpaths and Land-Water Nutrient Transformations in Forested and Deforested Watersheds in the Southwestern Amazon: a Multivariate End-Member Mixing Analysis   (Linda Deegan, Christopher Neill, Joaquin Chaves, Helmut Elsenbeer, Alex Krusche, Sonja Germer, Sergio Gouveia Neto, Reynaldo Victoria)  [presentation]


Carbon, forest structure, soil and hydrological relationships in a primary forest undergoing reduced impact logging in southern Amazonia   (Ted R Feldpausch, Johannes Lehmann, Eduardo Guimarães Couto, Carlos A.M. Passos, Susan J. Riha, Elenara Gandini, Stefan Jirka, Maria José Noquelli, Andrew J. McDonald, Daniela Pauletto, Péricles A. Botelho)  [presentation]


Leaching of essential nutrient cations and anions from undisturbed lowland forests across the Brazilian Amazon Basin.   (Megan Elizabeth McGroddy, Lars Hedin, Emilio Moran, Mateus Batistella)  [presentation]


Volume e conteúdo de nutrientes na liteira grossa em áreas sob manejo florestal   (Daniela Pauletto, Flávio Jesus Luizão, Johannes Lehmann, Ted R. Feldpausch)  [abstract]


Comparison between properties of superficial horizons of a Oxisol under different land use/land cover in northeastern Rondônia, Brazilian Amazon   (Gustavo Souza Valladares, Mateus Batistella, Marcos Gervásio Pereira)  [presentation]


TG (Trace Gases)


Comparison of CO mixing ratios at a primary forest and Maxaranguape sites   (Cláudia Boian, Volker W.J.H. Kirchhoff, J. William Munger, Steven C. Wofsy, Scott R. Saleska)  [presentation]


Availability of Nitrogen and N2O Flux From Pasture Soil After Herbicide Application   (Janaina Braga Carmo, Marisa Cássia Piccolo, Eráclito Souza, Carlos Cerri)  [abstract]


A Preliminary Evaluation of Concentrations of Trace Gases in a Clay-Rich Yellow Latosol in the Tapajos National Forest   (Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira, Jr., Michael M. Keller, Patrick Michael Crill, Kemeson Oliveira, Cleuton Pereira, Hudson C.P. Silva, Rafael Tannus)  [presentation]


Using the super-parameterization concept to include the sub-grid plume-rise of vegetation fires in low resolution atmospheric chemistry-transport models   (Saulo Freitas, Karla Longo)  [abstract]


Vertical profiles of carbon dioxide and other trace gas species over Amazon basin using small aircraft   (Luciana Vanni Gatti, Monica T. S. D’Amelio, Elaine A. Jardim Martins, Lílian Polakiewicz, John Miller, Andrew Crotwell, Ed Dlugokencky, Kirk W Thoning, Aaron Watson, Michael Hahn, Pieter Tans)  [abstract]


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Estimativa da Emissão de Gases (CH4 e CO2) Pelo Reservatório de Balbina: Com Implicações Junto ao Aquecimento Global   (Alexandre Kemenes, Bruce Rider Forsberg, John M. Melack)  [abstract]


Characterization of optical properties of the atmospheric aerosol in Amazônia from long-term Cimel measurements [1993-95; 1999-2004]   (Joel Schafer, Tom Eck, Brent N. Holben, Paulo Artaxo, Gilberto Nishioka)  [presentation]