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Detailed Agenda of Oral and Poster Abstracts and Presentations

  • Names in italics are Presenters.
  • Click on each [abstract] link to view abstracts (HTML format).
  • Click on each [presentation] link to view each presentation available.
Wednesday: Sep. 26, 2007
   Opening Plenary (9:00 - 10:30)

Room: Amazonas (ground level)

            OP1.1 Welcome / Introduction   (Michael M. Keller)  [presentation]
            OP1.2 LBA SSC   (Mateus Batistella)
            OP1.3 LBA-ECO - NASA HQ - Wickland Introduction   (Diane Wickland)  [presentation]
            OP1.4 LBA-ECO Data Archive Status   (Peter C. Griffith)  [presentation]
            OP1.5 Agenda / Housekeeping   (Michael M. Keller)  [presentation]
   Plenary 1 (11:00 - 12:40)

Room: Amazonas (ground level)

            SP1.1 Towards a new scientific agenda for LBA   (Mateus Batistella)  [presentation]
            SP1.2 A New Approach for Estimating Carbon Emissions from Deforestation   (Ruth DeFries, van der Werf Guido, Doug Morton, G. James Collatz, James Randerson)  [presentation]
            SP1.3 An organic carbon budget for an Amazon floodplain lake   (John M. Melack, Diana Engle, Bruce Forsberg)  [presentation]
            SP1.4 Amazon Forest Dynamics and Carbon Balance 1980-2005   (Oliver L Phillips and RAINFOR Consortium)  [presentation]
   Parallel Oral Session 1 (16:30 - 18:50)
        1A: Remote Sensing and the Carbon Cycle

Chair: Liana Anderson
Room: Flora (ground level)

            1A.1 Objective Indicators of Pasture Degradation from Spectral Mixed Model Analysis of Landsat Imagery   (Eric A. Davidson, Gregory P. Asner, Thomas A. Stone, Christopher Neill, Ricardo de O. Figueiredo)  [presentation]
            1A.2 Amazon Forests Green-up during 2005 drought   (Scott R. Saleska, Kamel Didan, Alfredo R. Huete, Brad Christoffersen, Natalia Restrepo-Coupe)  [presentation]
            1A.3 MODIS vegetation indices for detecting the 2005 Amazon drought   (Liana O. Anderson, Yadvinder Malhi, Luiz E.O.C. Aragao, Sassan Saatchi)  [presentation]
            1A.4 Severe storms and blow-down disturbances in the Amazon forest   (Fernando Del Bon Espirito-Santo, Michael Keller, Robby Braswell, Gilberto Vincente, Steve Frolking)  [presentation]
        1B: Chemistry of Streams and Rivers

Chair: Mark Johnson
Room: Terra (2nd floor)

            1B.1 Water and solute fluxes in small Amazonian forest and pasture watersheds   (Christopher Neill, Sonja Germer, Alex Krusche, Joaquin Chaves, Helmut Elsenbeer, Sergio Gouveia Neto, Adriana Castellanos Bonilla)  [presentation]
            1B.2 Identifying runoff sources across scales in Amazon watersheds: an LBA synthesis effort   (Joaquin Chaves, Christopher Neill, Mark Johnson, Daniel Markewitz, Helmut Elsenbeer, Alex V. Krusche, Trent Biggs, Ricardo Figueiredo, Johannes Lehman, Linda A Deegan)  [presentation]
            1B.3 Dissolved organic carbon fluxes in precipitation, throughfall and overland flow in a riparian forest in Southwestern Amazonia (Rondônia, Brazil)   (Nei Kavaguichi Leite, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Giovana Mendonça Cabianchi, Maria Victoria Ramos Ballester, Reynaldo Luiz Victoria, Jeffrey Edward Richey, Reginaldo Felix Souza, Farley Oliveira Xavier, Christopher Neill)  [presentation]
            1B.4 Storm pulses of dissolved CO2 in a forested headwater Amazonian stream explored using hydrograph separation   (Mark S Johnson, Eduardo Guimarães Couto, Johannes Lehmann, Susan J Riha, Markus Weiler)  [presentation]
            1B.5 Photochemical production of low molecular-weight organic acids in the Rio Negro   (Sonya Marie Remington, Alex V Krusche, Jeffrey E Richey, Jonismar Souza da Silva, Hilandia Brandao da Cunha)  [presentation]
            1B.6 The Importance of pH, Particulate Carbon, and Photosynthesis in Controlling Water-Column Respiration Rates in the Central and Southwestern Amazon Basin   (Erin Elizabeth Ellis, Jeffrey E Richey, Anthony K Aufdenkampe, Alex Vladamir Krusche)  [abstract]
        1C: Regional Hydrometeorology

Chairs: Gustavo Goncalves, Nathan Moore
Room: Verde (ground level)

            1C.1 Local, regional and global hydroclimatological impacts of Amazon deforestation: An LBA Perspective   (Roni Avissar, Renato Ramos da Silva, David Werth, Natalia Hasler)  [presentation]
            1C.2 Modelling Land-Climate Interactions in Amazônia under Uncertainty   (Nathan J Moore, Robert Walker, Eugenio Arima, Renato Ramos da Silva, Alex Pfaff, Juan Robalino)  [presentation]
            1C.3 Regional Climate Change Over Eastern Amazonia Caused by Pasture and Soybean Cropland Expansion   (Gilvan Sampaio, Carlos Afonso Nobre, Marcos Heil Costa, Prakki Satyamurty, Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Manoel Ferreira Cardoso)  [presentation]
            1C.4 Shallow Water Model to Simulate the Influence of Amazônia Convection on the Atlantic ITCZ Unstable   (Humberto Alves Barbosa, Michelle Simões Reboita)  [abstract]
            1C.5 Evaluation of South American LDAS atmospheric forcing datasets for use in regional land surface modeling over the LBA region   (Luis G G de Goncalves, W. James Shuttleworth, Rafael Rosolem, David Toll, Dirceu Herdies, Ian Baker)  [presentation]
Thursday: Sep. 27, 2007
   Plenary 2 (9:00 - 10:40)

Room: Amazonas (ground level)

            SP2.1 Scale-Dependence in Understanding Deforestation in Amazonia   (Emilio F Moran)  [abstract]
            SP2.2 Amazon Carbon fluxes: seasonality, interannual variability, and the future under climate change   (Scott Saleska)  [presentation]
            SP2.3 Interpreting Dynamic Signatures of Land-water Coupling and In-stream Processes from pCO2: from Small Streams to Big Rivers   (Jeffrey E Richey, Alex Krusche, Maria V Ballester)  [presentation]
            SP2.4 Fire and the tipping points of ecological, economics and climatic Amazon systems   (Ane A. C. Alencar, Daniel C Nepstad)  [presentation]
   Parallel Oral Session 2 (16:30 - 18:30)
        2A: Evapotranspiration and Precipitation

Chairs: David Fitzjarrald, Renato Ramos-da-Silva
Room: Verde (ground level)

            2A.1 Characteristics of precipitation in the Santarém study region   (David Roy Fitzjarrald, Ricardo Kendi Sakai, Osvaldo M. M. Moraes, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira, Otávio Costa Acevedo, Troy Beldini)  [presentation]
            2A.2 Genesis of Cloud Streets and Convection over Pristine Amazon Forest   (Renato Ramos-da-Silva, Adilson Wagner Gandu, Leonardo Sá, Maria Silva Dias, Julia Cohen)  [presentation]
            2A.3 When different LSMs drive the same dynamic phenology module, which better simulates surface-to-atmosphere fluxes?   (Enrique Xavier Rosero, Lindsey Elizabeth Gulden, Zong-Liang Yang, Guo-Yue Niu)  [presentation]
            2A.4 The tropical land-atmosphere water flux: Measurements, models and controls for evapotranspiration in the Amazon   (Joshua Benjamin Fisher, Yadvinder Malhi)  [presentation]
            2A.5 Amazon forest hidden water stress   (Gina Knust Cardinot, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [abstract]
        2B: Forest Dynamics and Disturbance

Chairs: Lucy Hutyra, Yadvinder Malhi
Room: Flora (ground level)

            2B.1 Disturbance and Old-Growth Amazon Forest Carbon Balance   (Jeffrey Q Chambers, Jeremy Fisher, Giuliano Guimarães, Vilany Carneiro, Amanda Robertson, George Hurtt, Joaquim dos Santos, Niro Higuchi)  [presentation]
            2B.2 Effects of disturbance on biomass, structure and carbon balance in two Amazonian Forests   (Elizabeth Hammond Pyle, Gregory W. Santoni, Henrique E. M. Nascimento, Lucy R. Hutyra, Plinio B. Carmago, Simone Vieira, Daniel J. Curran, Joost van Haren, Scott R. Saleska, V. Y. Chow, William F. Laurance, Steven C. Wofsy)  [presentation]
            2B.3 Effects of selective logging on tropical forest tree growth   (Adelaine Michela Figueira, Cleilim Albert D. de Sousa, Augusto R. Maia, Mary C. Menton, Scott D. Miller, Michael L. Goulden, Humberto Ribeiro da Rocha)  [presentation]
            2B.4 Internal carbon dynamics of Amazonian forest systems   (Yadvinder Malhi, Luiz Aragao)  [presentation]
        2C: Regional Land Use Change

Chairs: Britaldo Soares-Filho, Eustáquio Reis
Room: Terra (2nd floor)

            2C.1 Basin-Wide Assessment of Forest Disturbances by Selective Logging and Forest Fires   (Eraldo A.T. Matricardi, Skole L. Skole, Marcos A Pedlowski, Walter Chomentoski)  [abstract]
            2C.2 SimAmazonia-2, a basin-wide simulation model of Amazon landscape dynamics   (Hermann Rodrigues, Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Daniel Nepstad, William Leles Costa)  [presentation]
            2C.3 Coupling socioeconomic and demographic dimensions to a spatial simulation model of deforestation for the Brazilian Amazon   (Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Ricardo Alexandrino Garcia, Hermann Rodrigues, Sueli Moro, Daniel Nepstad)  [presentation]
            2C.4 Settlement Formation and Land Cover and Land Use Change: a case study in the Brazilian Amazon   (Marcellus M. Caldas, Robert T. Walker, Cynthia S. Simmons, Steve Aldrich, Matricardi Eraldo)  [abstract]
            2C.5 Sustainable pathways of biofuel crop expansion in the Tropics?   (Holly Gibbs, Matthew Johnston, Jonathan Foley)  [abstract]
            2C.6 The Effects of Climate Change on Profitability and Land Use in Brazilian Agriculture   (Eustáquio J Reis, José Gustavo Feres, Juliana Simões Speranza)  [abstract]
Friday: Sep. 28, 2007
   Parallel Oral Session 3 (9:00 - 11:00)
        3A: Trace Gases

Chairs: Luciana Gatti, Patrick Crill
Room: Verde (ground level)

            3A.1 Trace Gas Fluxes From Through-Canopy Measurements in an Upland Forest of the Eastern Brazilian Amazon   (Patrick Crill, Michael Keller, Hudson Silva, Jadson Dizencourt Dias, Sergio Albuquerque, Peter Czepiel, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira)  [presentation]
            3A.2 CO2 Fluxes Derived for Column Integration Technique Using Aircraft Profiles in Amazônia   (Luciana Vanni Gatti, Monica Tais Siqueira D'Amelio, John Bharat Miller, Filipe F. C. Vaz, Andrew Crotwell, Pieter Tans, Steve Wofsy)  [presentation]
            3A.3 Study of N2O Flux over Central Amazon   (Monica Tais Siqueira D'Amelio, Luciana Vanni Gatti, John Bharat Miller, Pieter Tans)  [presentation]
            3A.4 Do plant species influence soil gas fluxes in tropical forests?   (Joost van Haren, Cosme Oliveira Jr, Scott Saleska, Michael Keller)  [presentation]
        3B: Carbon and Energy Fluxes

Chairs: Otávio Acevedo, Scott Miller
Room: Flora (ground level)

            3B.1 Resolving systematic errors in estimates of net ecosystem exchange of CO2 and ecosystem respiration in a tall-stature forest: application to a tropical forest biome   (Lucy R Hutyra, James W. Munger, Elizabeth Hammond-Pyle, Scott R Saleska, Natalia Restrepo-Coupe, Plinio B de Camargo, Steven C Wofsy)  [presentation]
            3B.2 Scaling nighttime turbulence intensity for correcting carbon dioxide fluxes   (Otávio C Acevedo, Osvaldo L L Moraes, José G Campos, David R Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K Sakai)  [presentation]
            3B.3 The Effects of Selective Logging on Tropical Forest-Atmosphere Exchange   (Scott Miller, Michael Goulden, Humberto Ribeiro da Rocha, Steve Wofsy, Lucy Hutyra, Scott Saleska, Michela Figueira, Kathryn McKain, Plinio Camargo)  [presentation]
            3B.4 Carbon and energy fluxes simulated by the Noah LSM and the Community Land Model   (Lindsey Elizabeth Gulden, Enrique Xavier Rosero, Zong-Liang Yang, Guo-Yue Niu)  [presentation]
        3C: Land Use and Fire

Chairs: Jennifer Balch, Manoel Cardoso
Room: Terra (2nd floor)

            3C.1 A basin-wide assessment of the GOES and MODIS active fire products for the Brazilian Amazon   (Wilfrid Schroeder, Ivan Csiszar, Elaine Prins, Chris Schmidt, Alberto Setzer, Karla Longo, Saulo Freitas, Jeffrey Morisette, Jason Brunner)  [abstract]
            3C.2 Fire probability maps for the Brazilian Amazonia   (Manoel Cardoso, Carlos Nobre, Guillermo Obregon, Gilvan Sampaio)  [abstract]
            3C.3 Simulating the occurrence of hot pixels along the Amazon forest fringe   (Rafaella Silvestrini, Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Hermann Rodrigues, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [presentation]
            3C.4 The contribution of fire to forest degradation in the upper Xingu basin   (Douglas Morton, Ruth DeFries, Carlos Souza, Jr., Andre Lima, Guido van der Werf)  [presentation]
            3C.5 A Negative Fire Feedback in a Transitional Forest of Southeastern Amazônia   (Jennifer K. Balch, Daniel C. Nepstad, Paulo M. Brando, Lisa M. Curran, Osvaldo Portela, Oswaldo de Carvalho Jr., Paul Lefebvre)  [presentation]
            3C.6 Climatic seasonality and land use dynamics in the Brazilian Amazonia   (Luiz E. O. C. Aragao, Nicolas Barbier, Andre Lima, Yadvinder Malhi, Yosio Shimabukuro, Liana O. Anderson, Sassan Saatchi)  [presentation]
   Plenary 3 (11:30 - 13:10)

Room: Amazonas (ground level)

            SP3.1 Agricultural transitions in the Amazon region: consequences for biogeochemistry and ecosystems services   (Jerry M. Melillo)  [presentation]
            SP3.2 Forest disturbance and recovery: A synthesis of approaches   (Jeffrey Q. Chambers)  [presentation]
            SP3.3 Do secondary forests of Amazonia conform to the soil genesis paradigm of N and P limitation in terrestrial ecosystems?   (Eric Davidson)  [presentation]
            SP3.4 Linking Science to Development and Conservation in SW Amazonia: Activities of the LBA-Acre Group During and After the Drought of 2005   (Irving Foster Brown, LBA-Acre - Group)  [presentation]
   Closing Plenary (13:10 - 13:30)

Room: Amazonas (ground level)

            CP1.1 LBA-ECO Data Archive Summary   (Peter C. Griffith)  [presentation]


Poster Sessions

Wednesday/Thursday: Sep. 26 & 27, 2007 (14:00 - 16:00)



CD (Carbon Dynamics)
    Room: Floresta (ground level)


Regional Carbon Flux Simulated using the Simple Biosphere Model (SiB3)   (I T Baker, L Prihodko, A. S Denning, M L Goulden, S D Miller, Humberto Ribeiro da Rocha, A O Manzi, A D Nobre, J dos Santos)  [abstract]


Temporal scale of the nocturnal turbulent CO2 flux at a forested LBA site   (José G Campos, Otávio C Acevedo, Antônio O Manzi, Julio Tota, Maria B L Oliveira, Hardiney S Martins)  [presentation]


Mesoscale Fluxes   (Osvaldo Luiz de Moraes, Otávio Costa Acevedo, David Roy Fitzjarrald, Ricardo Kendi Sakai, Matt Czikowsky, Rodrigo da Silva)  [abstract]


Climatic implications on carbon cycle using the isotope approach (d13C) at the ecosystem scale in the Amazon tropical forest   (Françoise Yoko Ishida, Plinio Camargo, Jean Ometto, James Ehleringer, Luiz Martinelli)  [presentation]


Preliminary results on dissolved organic carbon fluxes in a primary forest at the headwaters of the Xingu basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil   (Vania Neu, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Alexandra Ayres Montebello)  [abstract]


Spatial partitioning of biomass and diversity in a lowland Bolivian forest: linking field and remote sensing measurements   (Eben N. Broadbent, Gregory P. Asner, Marielos Peña-Claros, Michael Palace, Marlene Soriano)  [presentation]


Parameter sensitivity of Amazonian ecosystem processes and vegetation dynamics using the LPJ dynamic vegetation model   (Ben Poulter, Wolfgang Cramer, Fanny Langerwisch)  [abstract]


Deriving GEP seasonality: issues posed by the absence of CO2 profile measurements   (Natalia Restrepo-Coupe, Scott R Saleska, Humberto Ribeiro da Rocha, Tannus N Rafael, Christoffersen Brad)  [abstract]


CO2 Vertical Advection and its importance on the Eddy Covariance Flux: LBA Multi-site analyses   (Julio Tota Silva, Celso Von Randow)  [abstract]


Sazonalidade dos fluxos de CO2 e energia - Sitio LBA K34 Manaus: Analise multianual   (Julio Tota Silva, Juliana S. Souza)  [abstract]


Variação Sazonal da Respiração Edáfica na Floresta Nacional de Caxiuanã, Pará, Amazônia Oriental   (João de Athaydes Silva Júnior, Antonio Carlos Lola da Costa, Pedro Vieira de Azevedo, Rafael Ferreira da Costa, Paulo Henrique Lopes Gonçalves, Daniel B. Metcalfe, Alan Pantoja Braga, Maurício Castro da Costa, Yadvinder S. Malhi, Patrick W. Meir, Luiz E. O. C. Aragao)  [abstract]


Dinâmica do carbono dissolvido no rio Acre: variações espaciais e sazonais   (Eliete dos Santos Sousa, Cleber Ibraim Salimon, Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo)  [abstract]


Fluxos de Dióxido de Carbono na Floresta Tropical Úmida e de Transição Tropical Úmida-Cerrado   (Alberto Dresch Webler, Renata Gonçalves Aguiar, Jose Souza Nogueira)  [abstract]


HY (Hydrometeorology)
    Room: Floresta (ground level)


Deforestation and Climate of Amazon: simulations using BRAMS coupled to GEMTM   (Josivan da Cruz Beltrão, Júlia Paiva Cohen, Adilson Wagner Gandú)  [abstract]


Watershed response to rainfall events in the Santarém region   (Matthew J Czikowsky, David R Fitzjarrald, Marc G Kramer, Ricardo K Sakai, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira Junior, Osvaldo L L Moraes, Otávio C Acevedo)  [abstract]


How representative is the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA) results in comparison to long-term climatology? A study using climate weather stations in Brazil   (Rafael Rosolem, W. James Shuttleworth, Luis G G de Goncalves)  [abstract]


Estudo comparativo da estrutura da turbulência atmosférica acima de diferentes sítios experimentais na região amazônica   (Cléo Quaresma Júnior, Leonardo Deane Sá)  [abstract]


Cloud Condensation Nucleus Activity of Secondary Organic Aerosol Particles Mixed with Sulfate   (Scot T Martin)  [abstract]


The use of telematic for data monitoring at the LBA scientific sites   (José Laurindo Camps dos Santos, Kleberson Junio Amaral Serique, Jair Max Fortunato Maia)  [abstract]


LC (Land Use and Land Cover Change)
    Room: Floresta (ground level)


Detecting phenology and relating to turbulent fluxes over an intensive agriculture field in the Amazon   (Ricardo K. Sakai, David R. Fitzjarrald, Otavio C. Acevedo, Osvaldo M. Moraes, Matt Czikwosky, Troy Beldini)  [abstract]


The Amazon River Mainstem Mapping   (Adriana Affonso, Evlyn Novo, John Melack, Yosio Shimabukuro)  [presentation]


Mapping of Fractional Forest Cover in Rondonia, Brazil with a Combination of Terra MODIS and Landsat TM Images   (Dengsheng Lu, Mateus Batistella, Diógenes Alves, Scott Hetrick, Emilio Moran)  [abstract]


Long-term potential for fires in estimates of the occurrence of savannas in the tropics   (Manoel Cardoso, Carlos Nobre, David Lapola, Marcos Oyama, Gilvan Sampaio)  [abstract]


Análise Espacial das Mudanças na Cobertura e Uso da Terra em Santarém e Belterra, Pará, Brasil. Armadilhas Metodológicas Associadas   (Williams Castro, Álvaro D'Antona, Mateus Batistella)  [abstract]


Obtenção de modelos ópticos de aerossóis para a região amazônica   (Silvia de Lucca, Paulo Artaxo)  [abstract]


Regional Emissions of Nitric Oxide (NO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Agroecosystems in Central West Region, Brazil   (Erika Barretto Fernandes, Mercedes Cunha Bustamante, Alessandra Rodrigues Kozovits, Richard Zepp)  [abstract]


Using MODIS Near Real Time Deforestation Detection and Daily Thermal Anomalies Product for Land Cover Change Monitoring   (Ramon Morais de Freitas, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Reinaldo Roberto Rosa)  [abstract]


MODIS-based estimates of row-crop agricultural expansion in Rondônia and Mato Grosso   (Gillian Laura Galford, John Frasier Mustard, Jerry Michael Melillo, Carlos Eduardo Cerri, Carlos Clemente Cerri, Shannon M Pelkey)  [abstract]


Evolution of Land Use in Amazonia During 1940-1995   (Christiane Cavalcante Leite, Marcos Heil Costa, Cleverson Alves de Lima)  [abstract]


Mapping Burned Areas in the Brazilian Amazon Using Modis Data   (Andre Lima, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Ramon Morais Freitas, Luiz Eduardo Aragao, Douglas Christopher Morton, Liana Oighenstein Anderson, Bernardo Rudorff, Marcos Adami)  [abstract]


Avaliação de Tecnicas de Recuperação de Mata Cilar Visando Redução de Custos   (Artemizia Nunes Moita, Daniel Nepstad, Oswaldo Carvalho Jr)  [abstract]


Malaria and changing landscapes step one: malaria and precipitation patterns   (Sarah Olson, Laurent Durieux, Eric Elguero, Jon Foley, Ron Gagnon, Jean-François Guegan, Jonathan Patz)  [abstract]


Preliminary Results in the Detection of Amazonian Black Earth Sites using Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery   (Michael Palace, Michael Keller, Bobby Braswell, Stephen Hagen, Plinio de Camargo, William Saturno)  [presentation]


Climatic Change Consequences on Biome Distributions in South America: Simulations With Two Versions of the CPTEC Potential Vegetation Model (CPTEC-PVM)   (Luis Fernando Salazar, David Montenegro Lapola, Carlos Afonso Nobre, Marcos Daisuke Oyama)  [abstract]


Challenges of a coupled climate-biosphere model to reproduce vegetation dynamics in Amazonia   (Mônica Carneiro Alves Senna, Marcos Heil Costa)  [presentation]


Land use impacts on stream water quality in the Brazilian Cerrado   (José Salomão Silva, Daniel Markewitz, Mercedes Bustamante, Roger Burke)  [abstract]


Quantifying changes in ecosystem goods and services from land-use change in the Amazon basin   (David P Zaks)  [abstract]


Removing Vegetation Canopy Bias from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Digital Elevation Model    (Michael T. Coe, Paul Lefebvre)  [abstract]


ND (Nutrient Dynamics)
    Room: Floresta (ground level)


Produção de Serapilheira e Retorno de Nutrientes em um Fragmento Ciliar na Bacia do Rio Urupá, Rondônia   (Giovana Mendonça Cabianchi, Nei Kavaguichi Leite, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Judes Gonçalves Santos, Maria Victoria Ramos Ballester, Reynaldo Luiz Victoria)  [presentation]


Quantificação do Teor de Nitrogênio Foliar Utilizando a Área Foliar Específica Para Brosimum Sp., Inga sp. e Mabea sp. na Amazônia Central   (Cristina Aledi Felsemburgh, Plínio Barbosa de Camargo, Joaquim Santos, Niro Higuchi, Vilany Matilla Colares Carneiro, Jeffrey Quintim Chambers, Edgard Siza Tribuzy)  [abstract]


Watershed studies in a region mainly occupied by small holder farms in the eastern Amazon   (Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo, Orlando dos Santos Watrin, Pedro Gerhard, Osvaldo Ryohei Kato, Eliene Lopes Souza, Francisco de Assis Oliveira, Maria da Conceição Young Pessoa, Lilianne Maia Lima, Fabíola Fernandes Costa, Maria Beatriz Silva da Rosa, Jean Michel Corrêa, Roberta da Silva Pinheiro, Marília das Graças Mesquita da Silva, Danille Campinas, Fábio Monteiro Cruz, Gustavo Henrique Silva da Rosa)  [abstract]


Water Optical Properties Changes due to Land-Water Interactions in Mamiraruá Reserve, AM, Brazil   (Felipe de Lucia Lobo, Conrado de Moraes Rudorff, Cláudio Clemente Barbosa, Eduardo M. Arraut, Evlyn M.L.M Novo, Helder Lima Queiroz, Maria Tereza Fernandez Piedade)  [abstract]


Tree growth and soil response to P fertilization in a 24-year-old tropical forest on an Oxisol   (Daniel Markewitz, Ricardo Figuieredo, Claudio Carvalho, Eric Davidson)  [abstract]


TG (Trace Gases)
    Room: Floresta (ground level)


Deriving refined land-cover information for the core Cerrado region based on the analysis of combined satellite and agricultural census data   (Marlon Nemayer, Laerte Guimaraes Ferreira, Chris Potter, Mercedes Bustamante)  [abstract]


Fluxes of Nitrous Oxide and Methane in Commercial Soybean, Rice, and Maize Crops on the Santarem-Belterra Plateau, Para State   (Raimundo Cosme Oliveira Junior, Michael Keller, Patrick Michael Crill)  [abstract]


Modeling aerosol optical properties in Amazonia obtained by AERONET and preliminary radiative forcing study   (Melina M A Paixão, Paulo Artaxo, Brent Holben, Joel Schafer)  [abstract]


Modeling the Effects of Climate and Land Use Change on Carbon and Trace Gas Budgets over the Amazon Region using NASA Satellite Products   (Christopher Potter, Mercedes Bustamante, Steven Klooster, Vanessa Genovese, Laerte Ferreira, Alfredo Huete, Raimundo Cosme, Ramakrishna Nemani, Richard Zepp)  [abstract]


Sugar-cane areas in the core Cerrado region: Current and near-future occupation scenarios   (Noely Vicente Ribeiro, Laerte Guimaraes Ferreira, Chris Potter, Mercedes Bustamante)  [abstract]






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