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The use of telematic for data monitoring at the LBA scientific sites

Josť Laurindo Camps dos Santos, INPA/LBA, (Presenting)
Kleberson Junio Amaral Serique, LBA,
Jair Max Fortunato Maia, LBA,

Telematic environments are comprised of sets of services including hardware, software and interconnected telecommunication networks, aiming to monitor automatic equipment, process data, store large volumes of data and establish a comprehensive communication among users at any time and place. INPA has several scientific experiments in which equipment sample data automatically and remotely. This makes hardware monitoring and maintenance difficult and does not guarantee quality to data collected. The telematic project developed by the LBA DIS (Data Information System) uses computer and telemetry technologies to collect, store and disseminate data generated by Data Collection Platforms (DCPs), improving performance of the operational work carried out by researchers of the micrometerology laboratory. This practice contributes to reducing logistics costs, increasing data quality and also reduces interruptions of the DCPs activities. This project develops telematic solutions applied to meteorological equipment installed in towers, located at the ZF2 sampling site, 60 kilometers from INPA Manaus. These solutions adopt a wireless network with an IP protocol, file repositories over the Web, data analysis tools and database management systems. The equipment used includes IP network adapters to dataloggers, wireless networks, Pocket PC and Laptops are connected to DCPs and to telemetry equipment via satellite. The telematic architecture designed for implementation comprises DCPs assembling, configuration and installation of IP adapters to dataloggers, configuration and transmission via wireless network (Wi-Fi or Wimax), network server, Internet connection via satellite link, web server for receiving and storing data, data repository, DCP database systems, Web applications for equipment and data analyses and dissemination. The project modules include: (1) data repository using a developed tool, Mo Porã, which functions as a collaborative repository manager (2) DCPs controller, which monitors all sensors and equipment installed at the towers (3) prior data analyses that can indicate data abnormalities of data sets collected recently, aiming to diagnose equipment malfunctions that can affect data quality (4) data and information dissemination that will be made available via a collaborative Web portal, where researchers will get access to several tools, including controlling and monitoring of the DCPs linked to the Web environment. Information security is enforced during all phases of the telematic project development by using backup routines and data cryptography during data transmission over a local network or Internet.

Science Theme:  HY (Hydrometeorology)

Presentation Type:  Poster

Abstract ID: 74

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