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Effects of selective logging on tropical forest tree growth

Adelaine Michela Figueira, CENA, University of Sao Paulo, (Presenting)
Cleilim Albert D. de Sousa, IBAMA, Manaus, AM,
Augusto R. Maia, Universidade Federal do Pará,
Mary C. Menton, University of Florida,
Scott D. Miller, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, State University of New York at Albany,
Michael L. Goulden, Department of Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine, CA,
Humberto Ribeiro da Rocha, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Sao Paulo,

One goal of LBA-ECO is to quantify the effects of selective logging on tropical forest carbon cycling. We combined tree inventories, logging damage surveys, high-temporal-resolution measurements of tree growth, and micrometeorological measurements of CO2 exchange to investigate the effects of logging at the LBA-ECO km-83 site. We used these data to determine tree growth rates and forest carbon use efficiency before and after selective logging, changes in biomass accumulation according to tree size class, and whether proximity to gaps created by the logging was a factor in determining tree growth rates. Most of the measurements began at least 10 months before logging, and continued at least 36 months after logging.

Science Theme:  CD (Carbon Dynamics)

Session:  2B: Forest Dynamics and Disturbance

Presentation Type:  Oral (view presentation (10925 KB))

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