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Local, regional and global hydroclimatological impacts of Amazon deforestation: An LBA Perspective

Roni Avissar, Duke University, (Presenting)
Renato Ramos da Silva, Duke University,
David Werth, Duke university,
Natalia Hasler, Duke University,

We have performed numerical modeling experiments at the various scales to improve our understanding of the impacts of deforestation of the Amazon on the local, regional and global weather patterns and climate. We have identified key aspects of numerical models that are necessary to simulate accurately wet-season precipitation. We have also identified regional and global teleconnections that have a major impact on the distribution of precipitation at all scales. These new insights, which result from our LBA investigation, will be presented at the meeting.

Science Theme:  HY (Hydrometeorology)

Session:  1C: Regional Hydrometeorology

Presentation Type:  Oral (view presentation (13331 KB))

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