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Detailed Agenda of Abstracts and Presentations

  • Names in italics are Presenters.
  • Click on each [abstract] link to view abstracts (HTML format).
  • Click on each [presentation] link to view each presentation available (PDF format).
Wednesday: Oct. 4, 2006
Opening Plenary
  Overview (Michael Keller) [presentation]
  NASA HQ Perspective (Diane Wickland) [presentation]
Synthesis & Data Plenary Session
  Introduction (Michael Keller) [presentation]
  Intensive Agriculture (Jerry Melillo) [presentation]
  Forest Disturbance (Jeff Chambers) [presentation]
  Human Dimensions (Mateus Batistella) [presentation]
  Fires and Drought (Dan Nepstad) [presentation]
  Land-Water Coupling (Jeff Richey) [presentation]
  Secondary Forest - Remote Sensing (Steve Hagen) [presentation]

   Parallel Oral Session 1 (16:00 - 18:30)
    1A: Land Surface, Climate, and Hydrology

Chairs: Michael Coe, Renato Ramos-da-Silva

            1.1 The hydrometeorology of the Amazon basin and its global teleconnections   (Roni Avissar, Renato Ramos da Silva, David Werth, Natalia Hasler)  [abstract]
            1.2 Scenarios of Deforestation and their Impact on the Amazon Basin Hidrometeorology   (Renato Ramos-da-Silva, David Werth, Roni Avissar)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            1.3 Climate change in Amazonia caused by soybean cropland expansion, as compared to caused by pastureland expansion   (Marcos H Costa, Silvia N M Yanagi, Paulo J Oliveira, Aristides Ribeiro, Edson Rocha)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            1.4 An Econometric Approach to Amazon Landscapes and Assessing Their Hydroclimatological Impacts   (Nathan Moore, Eugenio Arima, Robert Walker, Alex Pfaff, Eustaquio Reis, Marcellus Caldas, Claudio Bohrer, Juan Andrés Robalino)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            1.5 Is it deforestation affecting the discharge of the major Amazon Rivers?   (Ralph Trancoso, Arnaldo Carneiro Filho, Javier Tomasella)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            1.6 Numerical analysis of the Hydrology of Amazonia 1939-1998   (Michael T Coe, Marcos Heil Costa, Erica A Howard)  [abstract]  [presentation]
    1B: Nutrient Cycling in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems

Chairs: Luciene Lara, Mark Johnson

            2.1 Effects of land use change on stream water chemistry in three meso-scale catchments in Eastern Amazonia   (Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo, Daniel Markewitz, Eric Atlas Davidson, Marysol A.E. Schuler, Patrício de Sousa Silva, Lívia Gabrig T. Rangel-Vasconcelos, Renata Tuma Sabá Paes, Lilianne Maia Lima)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            2.2 Watershed Scale and the Importance of Riparian Zones in Modifying Solute Inputs from Land to Streams   (Christopher Neill, Helmut Elsenbeer, Alex V. Krusche, Joaquin Chaves)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            2.3 Nutrient dynamics in nested catchments at nested time scales: trends in hydrologic exports from 1st and 2nd order watersheds in the seasonally dry Southern Amazon   (Mark S Johnson, Eduardo Guimarães Couto, Johannes Lehmann, Susan J Riha)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            2.4 Scaling changes in biogeochemistry of small streams to the landscape: Using 15N to Trace N Transformations and Transport   (Linda A Deegan, Chris Neill, M. Victoria Ballester, Alex Krusche, Reynaldo Victoria)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            2.5 Atmospheric deposition (wet and dry) and nutrient cycles in Amazon Basin    (Luciene Lara, Theotonio Pauliquevis, Paulo Artaxo)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            2.6 Organic Material Decomposition and Mineral Nutrient Dynamics in a Leguminous Tree-Enriched Mulch System in Amazon   (José Henrique Cattanio, Ronald Kuehne, Paul Vlek)  [abstract]  [presentation]
    1C: Carbon Fluxes in Upland Ecosystems

Chairs: Lucy Hutyra, TBD

            3.1 Drought induced reductions in the Aboveground NPP of a east-central Amazon forest: results from a large-scale partial throughfall exclusion experiment.   (Brando Monteiro Brando, Daniel Curtis Nepstad, David Ray, Gina Cardinot)  [abstract]
            3.2 Necromass Creation in an Amazon Forest: Examination of Undisturbed and Logged Forest Sites   (Michael Palace, Michael Keller, Hudson Silva)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            3.3 The Effects of Selective Logging on Tropical Forest-Atmosphere Exchange   (Scott Miller, Mike Goulden, Humberto Rocha, Helber Freitas)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            3.4 What is the role of climate in controlling the exchange of carbon and water in an Amazonian rainforest?   (Lucy R. Hutyra, James W. Munger, Scott R. Saleska, Plinio B. Camargo, Steven C. Wofsy)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            3.5 Long-term evolution of nighttime turbulent carbon flux at the LBA pasture/agricultural site   (Otávio C Acevedo, Osvaldo L L Moraes, David R Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K Sakai, Mathew Czicowski, José Galúcio Campos)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            3.6 Some Interesting Features of the Nocturnal Boundary Layer Above Caxiuanã Amazonian Rain Forest Using High Resolution Simulation   (Daniele Santos Nogueira, Júlia Clarinda Paiva Cohen, Leonardo Deane de Abreu Sá, Adilson Wagner Gandu)  [abstract]  [presentation]
    1D: Rates and Patterns of Land Use Change

Chairs: Douglas Morton, Evlyn Novo

            4.1 Demographic dynamics in the Brazilian Amazon region   (Daniel Joseph Hogan, Roberto Luiz do Carmo)  [abstract]
            4.2 Landscape fragmentation in the Brazilian Amazon - An analysis based on deforestation data derived from Landsat imagery   (Diogenes S Alves, Mateus Batistella, Claudia A Linhares, Emilio F Moran)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            4.3 From the Landscape to the Region: Scaling up Approaches in Human and Physical Dimensions of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in the Amazon   (Mateus Batistella, Diogenes Alves, Dengsheng Lu, Emilio F. Moran, Eduardo S. Brondizio, Alvaro D'Antona)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            4.4 Distinguishing Between Conversion and Maintenance Fires in the Amazon   (Douglas Christopher Morton, Ruth Sarah DeFries, Wilfrid Schroeder, Louis Giglio, Jim Randerson, Guido Van der Werf, Ivan Csiszar, Jeff Morisette)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            4.5 Spatial variability of the deforestation along the Amazon River main steam floodplain   (Evlyn M. Novo, Adriana G. Affonso, Laura L. Hess, John M. Melack)  [abstract]  [presentation]
Thursday: Oct. 5, 2006
Synthesis Breakout Presentations
  Intensive Agriculture [presentation]
  Land-Water Coupling [presentation]
  Seconday Forest - Remote Sensing (1) [presentation]
  Seconday Forest - Remote Sensing (2) [presentation]

   Parallel Oral Session 2 (16:00 - 18:30)
    2A: Hydrological and Meteorological Processes

Chairs: David Fitzjarrald, Gina Cardinot

            5.1 The leaf water uptake role in the water economy of Amazonian tropical trees.   (Gina Knust Cardinot, Leonel Sternberg, Marcelo Zacarias Moreira, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [abstract]
            5.2 Local circulations and climate data in the eastern Amazon region   (David Roy Fitzjarrald, Ricardo Kendi Sakai, Osvaldo M. M. Moraes, Otavio C. Acevedo, Matthew J. Czikowsky, Maria Assunção F. Silva Dias, Rodrigo da Silva)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            5.3 The origin of stream flows in small Amazon forest and pasture watersheds: an end-member mixing analysis approach   (Joaquín E. Chaves, Christopher Neill, Helmut Elsenbeer, Alex V. Krusche, Sonja Germer, Sérgio Candido de Gouveia Neto)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            5.4 Hydrological impacts of forest conversion to grassland in small catchments in Brazilian Amazonian   (Ralph Trancoso, Javier Tomasella, Arnaldo Carneiro Filho, Maria Terezinha Ferreira Monteiro, Daniel Andrés Rodriguez, Rita de Cássia da Silva, Luz Adriana Cuartas, Antonio H. L. do Nascimento, Tomé H. L. do Nascimento)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            5.5 Land-Water Synthesis: Controls on the Regional Water Balances of Amazonia 1970-2005   (Michael T Coe)  [abstract]
            5.6 Water circulation dynamics in Amazon river/Curuai floodplain system: a remote sensing approach   (Claudio Clemente Faria Barbosa, Evlyn Novo, John Melack)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            5.7 Biomass Burning in the Cuiabá-Santarém Area and Precipitation   (Eder P. Vendrasco, Pedro L. da Silva Dias)  [abstract]  [presentation]
    2B: The Changing Amazon Landscape

Chairs: Emilio Moran, Maria del Carmen Vera-Diaz

            6.1 Myths and Perspectives on Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in the Amazon   (Emilio F. Moran, Mateus Batistella, Diogenes Alves)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            6.2 Tracking the Fate of Deforested Land in the Tropics: Critical New Inputs for Ecosystem Service Evaluation   (Holly Gibbs, Jonathan Foley, Navin Ramankutty)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            6.3 Are Amazon cattle ranchers becoming better land stewards?   (Daniel Curtis Nepstad, Oswaldo Carvalho, Jr., Kemel Kalif, Oriana Trinidade Almeida, Claudia Stickler, Gina Knust Cardinot)  [abstract]
            6.4 Assessing the Effect of Madera's Energy and Transportation Infrastructure Projects on Soybean Expansion   (Maria del Carmen Vera-Diaz, John Reid, Britaldo Soares-Filho, Robert Kaufmann, Dan Nepstad)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            6.5 The Effects of Climate Change on Brazilian Agricultural Profitability and Land use   (Kathryn Gregory Anderson, Eustáquio J. Reis)  [abstract]  [presentation]
    2C: Trace Gases and Aerosols

Chairs: Joost van Haren, Luciana Gatti

            7.1 Amazon forest tree species composition influences soil fluxes of CO2 and N2O   (Joost van Haren, Scott Saleska, Alfredo Huete, Michael Keller, Raimundo Cosme Oliveira)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            7.2 An integrated assessment of soil and fire emissions of greenhouse gases from slash-and-burn and chop-and-mulch agriculture in the eastern Amazon   (Eric A Davidson, Tatiana D. d A. Sá, Claudio Reis de Carvalho, Ricardo de O. Figueiredo, Francoise Yoko Ishida, Renata T Sabá, Elisana B. dos Santos, Jorge F.B. Freitas)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            7.3 Spatial and seasonal variations in the carbon isotopic composition of methane over a five-year period in stream sediments of eastern Amazonia   (Jose Mauro S Moura, Christopher S Martens, Marcelo Z Moreira, Risonaldo L Lima, Irene Cibelle G Sampaio, Howard P Mendlovitz)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            7.4 CO2 Profiles Over Central Amazon   (Luciana Vanni Gatti, Monica Tais Siqueira D'Amelio, John Miller, Pieter Tans, Andrew Crotwell, Elaine A. Jardim Martins, Lílian Polakiewizc)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            7.5 Nitrous oxide mixing ratio during dry and wet seasons in vertical profile over the central Amazon   (Monica Tais Siqueira D'Amelio, Luciana Vanni Gatti, John Bharat Miller, Andrew Crotwell, Lilian Polakiewicz, Elaine A J Martins, Pieter Tans)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            7.6 Aircraft measurements show strong enhancements of methane above central Amazonia.   (John B Miller, Luciana V Gatti, Monica T.S. D'amelio, Elaine A.J. Martins, Liliane Polakiewizc, Andrew Crotwell, Pieter P Tans, Paulo Artaxo)  [abstract]
            7.7 Is size distribution or chemical composition the key parameter to aerosols act as CCN?   (Theotonio Pauliquevis, Paulo Artaxo)  [abstract]  [presentation]
Friday: Oct. 6, 2006
Synthesis Breakout Group Reports
  Intensive Agriculture [presentation]
  Land-Water Coupling [presentation]
  Seconday Forest - Remote Sensing [presentation]
  Human Dimensions [presentation]

   Parallel Oral Session 3 (9:00 - 11:00)
    3A: Carbon, Rivers, and Wetlands

Chairs: Alex Krusche, Erica Howard

            8.1 Dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics in a highly seasonal river in Southwestern Amazonia: Upper Purus River   (Cleber Salimon, Eliete Santos Sousa, Simone Alin)  [abstract]
            8.2 Dissolved CO2 in Waters of the Amazon : Deconvolving Signals of Land-Water Coupling and In-Stream Processes as Indicative of Ecosystem Dynamics   (Jeffrey E Richey, Alex V Krusche, Vicky Ballester, Equipe Rede BeijaRio)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            8.3 The role of aquatic macrophytes in the carbon dynamics of Amazon floodplains   (John Michael Melack, Thiago Sanna Freire Silva, Diana Engle, Maycira Costa)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            8.4 Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Aquatic Biogeography in the Amazon   (Erica Akiko Howard, Michael T. Coe, Jonathan A. Foley, Marcos Heil Costa)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            8.5 Spectral Mixture Analysis of Amazon Floodplain Water Surface Reflectance Using Hyperion/EO-1 for the Comprehension of Temporal Variability of Water Compositon   (Conrado de Moraes Rudorff, Evlyn M. L. M. Novo, Lênio Soares Galvão)  [abstract]  [presentation]
    3B: Modeling LCLUC

Chairs: Britaldo Soares Filho, Stephen Walsh

            9.1 Projecting Future Amazonian Landscapes: An Econometric Approach   (Robert Walker, Alex Pfaff, Stephen Perz, Eustaquio Reis, Marcellus Caldas, Eugenio Arima, Claudio Bohrer, Juan Robalino, Stephen Aldrich)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            9.2 Pattern-Process Relationships in Coupled Human-Natural Systems: Modeling Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon   (Stephen J. Walsh, Carlos F. Mena)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            9.3 The economics of fire management in communities of the Tapajos National Forest   (Maria Bowman, Gregory Amacher, Frank Merry)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            9.4 A policy-sensitive, spatial-dynamic model of logging for the Brazilian Amazon   (Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Frank Merry, Hermann Oliveira Rodrigues, Daniel Curtis Nepstad)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            9.5 An economic model of the Amazon timber industry   (Frank Merry, Britaldo Soares, Daniel Nepstad, Gregory Amacher)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            9.6 Econometric Estimation of Deforestation Impacts from Roads and Other Drivers   (Alexander Pfaff, Eustaquio Reis, Juan Robalino, Robert Walker)  [abstract]  [presentation]
    3C: Vegetation Structure and Disturbance

Chairs: Jennifer Balch, Ruth DeFries-Bajpai

            10.1 Using ground-based LIDAR surveys to estimate Amazon forest canopy structure, biomass, and carbon fluxes   (Geoffrey G. Parker, Scott R Saleska, J. Leddick, Joost van Haren, Elizabeth Hammond Pyle, Lucy R. Hutyra, Greg Santoni, Plinio Camargo)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            10.2 Vegetation structure and species diversity coupled to soil water heterogeneity in a Cerrado core area   (Joice Ferreira, Mercedes Bustamante, Pedro Simpson-Junior, Eric Davidson)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            10.3 Landscape Disturbance from Hyperspectral Imagery and Field-Based Tree Mortality Estimates for a Central Amazon Forest    (Jeffrey Q Chambers, Giuliano Guimarães, Amanda Sesser, Vilany Carneiro, Niro Higuchi)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            10.4 Recurrent fire in the Amazon’s transitional forest: Changes in fuel dynamics and consequences for future fire susceptibility   (Jennifer K. Balch, Daniel C. Nepstad, Paulo M. Brando, Lisa M. Curran, Oswaldo de Carvalho Jr., Paul Lefebvre)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            10.5 Estimating Interannual Variability of Carbon Emissions from Land Use-Related Fires in the Southern Amazon   (Ruth DeFries, Yosio Shimabukuro, Guido Van der Werf, G.J. Collatz, Doug Morton, James Randerson)  [abstract]  [presentation]
            10.6 Synthesis Studies of Intensive Agriculture Impacts in the Amazon/Cerrado: Field Data, Remote Sensing, Modeling Approaches   (Christopher Potter, Mercedes Bustamante, Alessandra Kozovits, Richard Zepp, Laerte Ferreira, Alfredo Huete, Steven Klooster, Marc Kramer)  [abstract]  [presentation]

Poster Sessions

Wednesday/Thursday: Oct. 4-5, 2006



CD (Carbon Dynamics)


Carbon dynamics along small streams in agriculture catchments in Eastern Amazonia   (Maria Beatriz Silva da Rosa, Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo, Fabíola Fernandes Costa, Marília das Graças Mesquita da Silva)  [abstract]


Biometric Measures of Carbon Cycling Before, During, and After Selective Logging in Tapajós National Forest   (Michela Figueira, Albert Sousa, Augusto Maia, Mary Menton, Scott Miller, Mike Goulden, Humberto Rocha)  [abstract]


Coarse woody debris and Carbon Supply in the Eastern Amazonia, Brazil.    (Deusdedith Cruz Filho)  [abstract]


Spatial calibration of the NOAH model parameters in the South American Land Data Assimilation System over the LBA/Amazon area using similarity-based measures    (Luis Goncalves, Luis Bastidas, Enrique Rosero, Jim Shuttleworth, David Toll, Rafael Rosolem)  [abstract]


Exportação e balanços de carbono orgânico dissolvido em pequenas bacias do estado de Rondônia: uma comparação entre floresta e pastagem   (Sérgio Candido Gouveia Neto, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Christopher Neill, Sonja Germer, Helmut Elsenbeer, Joaquin Chaves)  [abstract]


Applications of the LBA-ECO Metadata Warehouse   (Lisa Wilcox, Amy L. Morrell, Peter C. Griffith)  [abstract]


Índice de mortalidade e necromassa em áreas atingidas por blowdown na Amazônia central   (Giuliano Piotto Guimarães, Jeffrey Q. Chambers, Niro Higuchi, Amanda L. Robertson, Matthew A. Robertson)  [abstract]  [presentation]


Forest Structure at Five LBA Study Sites   (Maria O Hunter, Michael Keller, Plinio Camargo, Michael Palace, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira, Jr, Fernando Espirito Santo, Edwin Keizer, Michael Lefsky, Gregory P Asner)  [abstract]


Landscape-Scale Dynamics of Carbon in Live and Dead Biomass Pools   (Gregory Santoni, Lucy Hutyra, Elizabeth Hammond-Pyle, Daniel Curran, Plinio B. de Camargo, Simone Vieira, Henrique Nascimento, William Laurance, Scott Saleska, Steven Wofsy)  [abstract]


Ecophysiological Responses to Seasonal Variation at the Ecosystem Scale in the Amazon Basin: An Isotopic Approach   (F. Y. Ishida, P. B. Camargo, J. P. H. B. Ometto, L. A. Martinelli, J. A. Ehleringer)  [abstract]


Controls on Stream DOC Flux and Composition in the Amazon Region, Tapajos National Forest   (Marc G. Kramer, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira Jr., Christopher Potter, Steven Klooster)  [abstract]


CO2 Eddy-Correlation Fluxes Estimation and Associated Errors Above Caxiuanã Rain Forest, Eastern Amazonia   (Alessandro Lechinoski, Leonardo Deane Sá)  [abstract]


Spatial and temporal variations of dissolved carbon at the riparian zone of a forest fragment in Rondônia, Brazil.   (Nei Kavaguichi Leite, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Reginaldo Félix Souza, Giovana Mendonça Cabianchi)  [abstract]


Boat-Based Eddy Covariance Measurements of CO2 Exchange Over Amazon and Tapajos Rivers and Lakes   (Scott Miller, Mike Goulden, Humberto Rocha, Ed Read, Helber Freitas)  [abstract]


Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Rivers Teles Pires and Cristalino   (Higo José Dalmagro, Kelli Cristina Aparecida Munhoz, Cristiane Akemi Umetsu, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Maria de Fátima Fernandes Lamy Rasera, Alexandra Ayres Montebello)  [abstract]


Forest structure and the relationship between light environment above and below the canopy in the Tapajós National Forest.   (Geoffrey G. Parker, David R. Fitzjarrald, Irene Cibelle Gonçalves Sampaio)  [abstract]


Efluxo de CO2 e Área Basal na Floresta Transição Amazônica Cerrado   (Osvaldo Borges Pinto Jr, Luciana Sanches, Thallyta Pimenta Jara, George Louis Vourtilis, Jose de Souza Nogueira, Andrea Carla Dalmolin)  [abstract]


Synthesis Studies of Secondary Forest Productivity in the Amazon: Field Data, Remote Sensing, Modeling Approaches   (Christopher Potter, Mercedes Bustamante, Laerte Ferreira, Alfredo Huete, Steven Klooster, Marc Kramer, Raimondo Cosme)  [abstract]


Role of CO2 outgas from small rivers in local and regional net carbon emission in the southwestern Amazon River Basin   (Maria Fátima Rasera, Maria Victória Ballester, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Cleber Salimon, Simone Alin)  [abstract]


Chamber adaptations for CO2 flux measurements in small streams: making them smaller and lighter   (Cleber Salimon, Eliete Santos Sousa)  [abstract]


Methane flux analyze in the interface soil-atmosphere at a rice plantation, a soybean plantation and a tropical forest, in Oriental Amazônia.   (Irene Cibelle Gonçalves Sampaio, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira Júnior, Michael Keller, Cleuton Pereira, Kemeson Oliveira)  [abstract]


Tree Survey Along a Chronosequence of Six Years of Selective Logging at The Tapajós National Forest   (Hudson Silva, Rafael Tannus, Paul Pepler, Michael Keller, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira Jr.)  [abstract]


Observational Evidence of Sub-Canopy Drainage Flow in Amazonia   (Julio Tota Silva, David Fitzjarrald, Ralf Staebler, Ricardo Sakai)  [abstract]


Subcanopy flow in Central Amazonia - Manaus LBA Site   (Julio Tota Silva)  [abstract]


Influence of meteorological variables in litter production and decomposition at Ferreira Penna Scientific Station, Caxiuanã, PA.   (Rosecelia Moreira Silva, José Maria Nogueira da Costa, Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo, Antonio Carlos Lola da Costa, Samuel Soares Almeida)  [abstract]


Dinâmica do carbono no rio Acre: variações espaciais e sazonais   (Eliete dos Santos Sousa, Cleber Ibraim Salimon, Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo)  [abstract]


Relação entre incremento diamétrico mensal e as mudanças fenólogicas de indivíduos arbóreos de dossel de uma floresta de terra-firme, na região de Manaus.   (Liliane Martins Teixeira, Jeffrey Quintin Chambers, Niro Higuchi, Vilany Colares Carneiro, Adriano Nogueira Lima, Joaquim dos Santos)  [abstract]




Detecting leaf phenology of seasonally moist tropical forests with multi-temporal MODIS images   (Xiangming Xiao, Stephen Hagen, Qingyuan Zhang, Michael Keller, Stephen Boles, Berrien Moore III)  [abstract]


Modeling Aboveground Biomass Regrowth Rates in Tropical Forests   (David P Zaks, Navin Ramankutty, Carol Barford, Jon Foley)  [abstract]


HY (Hydrometeorology)


Variação temporal de umidade relativa e do déficit de pressão de saturação em uma floresta de transição Amazônia Cerrado.   (João Areis Ferreira Barbosa Júnior, Luciana Sanches, Nara Luísa Reis de Andrade, George Sanches Suli, José de Souza Nogueira)  [abstract]


Impact of deflorestation on Hydrological Cycle in Eastern Amazonia   (Josivan da Cruz Beltrão, Adilson Wagner Gandu, Julia Clarinda Paiva Cohen)  [abstract]


A New Method for Observing Interception Over an Old-Growth Forest in the Eastern Amazon Region   (Matthew J Czikowsky, David R Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K Sakai, Osvaldo L L Moraes, Otavio C Acevedo, Luiz E Medeiros)  [abstract]  [presentation]


Ajuste de Polinômio Para Dados do Índice de Área Foliar da Floresta de Transição Amazônia-Cerrado   (Durval Pereira Rezende, Francisco Almeida Lobo, Andrea Carla Dalmolin, Paulino Bambi, Carmen Eugenia Ortiz)  [abstract]


Analyzing LBA datasets within a climate framework for land surface modeling applications   (Rafael Rosolem, William James Shuttleworth, Luis Gustavo Goncalves, Helio Camargo, Dirceu L Herdies)  [abstract]


LC (Land Use and Land Cover Change)


Dynamics of the Water Table in Pasture Area and Transitional Forest Amazonia Cerrado in Brazil   (Nara Luísa Reis de Andrade, Luciana Sanches, Osvaldo Borges Pinto Júnior, João Areis Ferreira Barbosa Júnior, José de Souza Nogueira)  [abstract]


Análise do Efeito do Fotoperíodo Sobre a Dinâmica do Índice de Área Foliar da Floresta de Transição Amazônia-Cerrado    (Paulino Bambi, Framcisco de Almeida Lobo, Segundo Durval Pereira Rezende, Andrea Carla Dalmolin, Carmen Eugenia Rodrígues Otíz)  [abstract]


Scale-dependency of socio-demographic data in a colonization settlement area in Pará, Brazil   (Alvaro D'Antona, Anthony Cak, Leah VanWey, Emilio F. Moran, Mateus Batistella)  [abstract]


Dinâmicas de Fronteira e Ecologia de Paisagem, uma Análise Multitemporal do Uso e Cobertura da Terra em Santarém e Belterra, Pará.   (Williams Martins Castro, Mateus Batistella, Adriano Venturiere)  [abstract]


Fire in the Brazilian Amazon: a household behaviour model and policy implications.   (Larissa Steiner Chermont)  [abstract]  [presentation]


A multi-platform technique to validate active fire detections from the GOES Imager   (Ivan Csiszar, Wilfrid Schroeder, Jeffrey Morisette, Elaine Prins, Christopher Schmidt)  [abstract]


Analysis Of Land Cover Change in Eastern Para, Brazil Based On Four Dates Of Landsat Data From 1984 To 2002   (Eric A Davidson, Arlete S. de Almeida, Tom A. Stone, Ima C. Vieira)  [abstract]


Gap Fraction for Detection and Mapping of Canopy Opening in Undisturbed and Selectively Logging Forests   (Fernando Del Bon Espírito-Santo, Michael Keller, Michael Palace, Robby Braswell)  [abstract]  [presentation]


Efeito da Fertilização Nitrogenada Sobre a Emissão de no e N2O em Solos Cultivados com Milho na Região dos Cerrados de Goias-Brasil   (Êrika Fernandes, Alessandra Kozovits, Mercedes Bustamante)  [abstract]


Deforestation and Land Concentration in Brazilian Amazonian Forest   (Nilson Clementino Ferreira, Laerte Guimarães Ferreira, Fausto Miziara)  [abstract]


Data rejection and gap filling in micrometeorology measures of an Amazonian transitional forest   (Camila Isabel de Menezes Fraga, Luciana Sanches, Maricéia Tatiana Vilani, Nara Luísa Reis de Andrade)  [abstract]


Using Wavelet Transform for MODIS Time-Series Analysis   (Ramon Morais de Freitas, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro)  [abstract]


Effects of seasonality and timing of image acquisition on remote observation of regenerating vegetation in the seasonally-dry tropical forests in Rondonia, Brazil   (Stephen C Hagen, William A Salas, Mark J Ducey, Stephen Frolking, Bobby H Braswell)  [abstract]


Assessment of multi-scale optical and microwave imagery for mapping biodiversity surrogates at an Amazon floodplain site   (Laura L Hess, Evlyn MLM Novo, Adriana Gomes Affonso, Robert L Pressey, Ana LKM Albernaz)  [abstract]


Proposal of a Protocol to Post-Process Micrometeorological Data   (Hewlley Acioli Imbuzeiro, Marcos Heil Costa)  [abstract]


Use of the Mixture Model in the attainment of the training data futures to be employed in the integration method of Multi Resolutions Remote Sensing data, for the representation of the land covering   (Marcelo Lopes Latorre, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Matthew C Hansen, Ruth DFries)  [abstract]


REAL CONSERVATION SCENARIOS FOR THE MATO GROSSO STATE Analysis of landscape structural indexes for the microregions of Alto Teles Pires and Aripuanã.    (André Lima, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Milton Cezar Ribeiro, Thiago Sanna F. Silva, Rodrigo Rizzi, Ramon Moraes Freitas)  [abstract]


Land-Cover Classification in the Brazilian Amazon with Satellite Images: Towards Increasing Accuracy   (Dengsheng Lu, Mateus Batistella, Emilio F. Moran)  [abstract]


Analysis of the Transformed of Wavelet of Morlet in Signs of Temperature, Humidity and CO2 in the Experimental Site of Santarém   (Cintya de Azambuja Martins, Osvaldo L.L. Moraes, Otávio Costa Acevedo, Leonardo D.A. Sá, David R. Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K. Sakai)  [abstract]


Socioeconomic development and forest fragmentation in the state of Mato Grosso, in the 1986-2000 period   (Marcia Santiago Mello, Simone Rodrigues Freitas, Claudio Belmonte Bohrer, Alex Pfaff, Eustáquio José Reis, Robert Walker)  [abstract]


Spatial patterns of nocturnal surface-to-atmosphere decoupling over the Amazon   (Otávio C Acevedo, Osvaldo L L Moraes, David R Fitzjarrald, Ricardo K Sakai, Mathew Czikowski)  [abstract]


The impact of scaling-up on biophysical variable estimation   (Ryan Jensen, Paul Mausel, Emilio F. Moran, Eduardo S. Brondizio, John Menzies)  [abstract]


Ajuste de Polinômio para Dados do Índice de Área Foliar da Floresta de Transição Amazônia-Cerrado   (Segudo Durval Pereira Rezende, Francisco de Almeida Lobo, Andrea Carla Dalmolin, Paulino Bambi, Carmen Eugenia Rodrígues Ortíz)  [abstract]


A Multitemporal MOD13Q1 “Ready-to-Use” Databasis for the Brazilian Cerrado    (Noely Vicente Ribeiro, Levindo Cardoso Medeiros, Rubens Vicente Mesquita, Nilson Clementino Ferreira, Laerte Guimarães Ferreira, Alfredo Huete)  [abstract]


Responses of Central Amazon Biodiversity and Carbon Storage to Altered Disturbance Regimes   (Amanda L. Robertson, Jeffrey Q. Chambers, Giuliano P. Guimarães, Vilany C. Carneiro, Matthew A. Robertson, Lliliane M. Texeira, Niro Higuchi)  [abstract]  [presentation]


Monitoring the development of carbon uptake and turbulent fluxes changes over an Agricultural Field in Western Amazon.   (Ricardo K. Sakai, David R. Fitzjarrald, Osvaldo L. Moraes, Otavio C. Acevedo, Matt Czikowsky, Rodrigo Silva, Troy Beldini)  [abstract]


Interação entre índice de área foliar e conteúdo de água no solo em uma floresta de transição Amazônia Cerrado   (Luciana Sanches, George Sanches Suli, José de Souza Nogueira, Nicolau Priante Filho)  [abstract]


Quantifying the impact of cloud obscuration on remote sensing of active fires in the Brazilian Amazon   (Wilfrid Schroeder)  [abstract]


Effects of prescribed fires on bacterial communities of savanna soils from Cerrado region   (Maria Regina Sartori Silva, Joana Dias Bresolin, Mercedes Cunha Bustamante, Ricardo Henrique Kruger, Fábio Bueno Reis Jr.)  [abstract]


FPAR estimada pelo produto do MODIS e por observações de campo em uma floresta de transição Amazônia Cerrado   (Maricéia Tatiana Vilani, Luciana Sanches, Camila Isabel de Menezes Fraga, José de Souza Nogueira)  [abstract]


New Hybrid Estimate of Tropical Deforestation Rates in the 1980s and 1990s   (Holly Gibbs, Jonathan Foley, Navin Ramankutty, Ruth DeFries, Frédéric Achard)  [abstract]


Assessment of satellite-derived vegetation indices across the Amazon forest   (Humberto Alves Barbosa, Marcos Daisuke Oyama, Luis Gustavo Gonçalves)  [abstract]


ND (Nutrient Dynamics)


Turbidity Scalar Trend and Flood Pulse at the Curuai Lake Floodplain System   (Enner H Alcântara, Claudio C Barbosa, José L Stech, Yosio E Shimabukuro, Evlyn M Novo)  [abstract]


Channel Sensitivity Between Amazon River and Lake Curuai System   (Claudio Clemente Faria Barbosa, Conrado Rudorff, Jose Luiz Stech, Evlyn Marcia Leao de Moraes Novo)  [abstract]


Caracterização Biogeoquimica do rio Urupá, Rondônia   (Marcos Alexandre Bolson, Nei Kavaguichi Leite, Sergio Candido Gouveia Neto, Alex Vladmir Krusche, Nilton Bonelle, Beatriz Machado Gomes)  [abstract]


Dissolved organic and inorganic carbon in small streams in Eastern Amazonia   (Fabíola Fernandes Costa, Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo, Daniel Markewitz, Eric Atlas Davidson)  [abstract]


Análise Interanual da Produção, do Acúmulo e da Taxa de Decomposição da Serrapilheira na Floresta de Transição Amazônia-Cerrado    (Andera Carla Dalmolin, Paulino Bambi, Francisco de Almeida Lobo, Segundo Durval Pereira Rezend, Carmen Eugenia Rodrígues Ortíz)  [abstract]


Biochemical characterization and nutritional quality of soil under secondary forest succession in central Amazonia   (Fabiane Lima de Oliveira, Regina Costa Luizão, Flavio Jesus Luizao)  [abstract]


APLICAÇÃO DA RAZÃO K/Si(OH)4 PARA A SEPARAÇÃO DAS HIDRÓGRAFAS EM MICROBACIAS DO ESTADO DE RONDÔNIA.   (Adriane Colombo Liberale, Alex Vladimir Krusche, Sérgio Candido Gouveia Neto, Christopher Neill, Helmut Elsenbeer)  [abstract]


Pathways of nutrient flow in an eastern Amazonian watershed.   (Daniel Markewitz, Ricardo de O Figueiredo, Marysol E Schuler, Eric A Davidson)  [abstract]  [presentation]


Integration of biogeochemical and hydrological data in pasture and forest covered catchments in Eastern Amazonia   (Lívia G. Turbay Rangel-Vasconcelos, Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo, Marysol A.E. Schuler, Daniel Markewitz, Eric Atlas Davidson)  [abstract]


Hydrologic Processes Modeling and Watershed Management - developing tools for Amazonian region.   (Marysol Azeneth Schuler, Ricardo de Oliveira Figueiredo, Lívia G.T. Rangel-Vasconcelos, Luciene Mota Leão, Andrea dos Santos Coelho, Clariça Cacciamali Souza, Adriano Venturieri, Amintas Rosseti, Cláudia Mazza Dias, Orlando Watrin)  [abstract]


Identificação dos fatores responsáveis pelas características biogeoquímicas de um lago meandrico situado em uma planície de inundação na transição entre Cerrado e Floresta Amazônica.   (Carlos Ferreira Silva, Eduardo Pereira Marques, Liliana Pena Naval, Laura De Simone Borma, Alex Vladimir Krusche)  [abstract]


TG (Trace Gases)


Emissão de Gases em Agroecossistema com Milho e Plantas de Cobertura no Cerrado   (Arminda Moreira de Carvalho, Marcedes Cunha Bustamante, Danielle Matias Sousa)  [abstract]


Including the sub-grid scale plume rise of vegetation fires in low resolution atmospheric transport models.   (Saulo R. Freitas, Karla M. Longo, Robert Chatfield)  [abstract]


The Coupled Aerosol and Tracer Transport Model to the Brazilian developments on the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System: model validation using direct and remote sensing observations.   (Saulo R. Freitas, Karla M. Longo, Maria A S Dias, Pedro L S Dias, Robert Chatfield, Alvaro Fazenda, Luiz F. Rodrigues)  [abstract]


Determination of Soil Radon-222 Flux at Tree Area With Different Activity Related When use of the Soil in the Eastern Amazon   (Risonaldo Leal Lima, Christopher Martens, Howard Mendlovitz, José Mauro Moura, Irene Cibelle Sampaio, Carlos Eduardo Guerra, Rodrigo Silva)  [abstract]


Isotopic composition of methane (CH4) sources in a tropical Amazon forest: A preliminary data set   (Jose Mauro S Moura, Reynaldo L Victoria, Marcelo Z Moreira, Christopher S Martens, Howard P Mendlovitz, Risonaldo L Lima, Irene Cibelle G Sampaio)  [abstract]


Preliminary measurements of N2O partial pressures in the Negro and Solimões Rivers, Amazon Basin, Brazil   (Carolina Barisson Marques Oliveira, Maria Fátima Rasera, Hilandia Brandão Cunha, Jonismar Souza, Alex Vladimir Krusche)  [abstract]


Variations in the Concentrations of Nitrous Oxide in the Soil Pore Space at the Tapajos National Forest   (Raimundo Cosme Oliveira Jr, Michael Keller, Patrick Michael Crill, Plinio Camargo, Hudson Silva, Risonaldo Lima, Cleuton Pereira, Kemeson Oliveira, Kadson Oliveira, Augusto Maia)  [abstract]


SF6, CO and H2 mixing rate since 2000 in vertical profile over Central Amazon   (Monica Tais Siqueira D'Amelio, Luciana Vanni Gatti, John Bharat Miller, Andrew Crotwell, Lilian Polakiewicz, Elaine A J Martins, Pieter Tans)  [abstract]


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