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Analyzing LBA datasets within a climate framework for land surface modeling applications

Rafael Rosolem, University of Arizona, (Presenting)
William James Shuttleworth, University of Arizona,
Luis Gustavo Goncalves, NASA/GSFC,
Helio Camargo, CPTEC/INPE,
Dirceu L Herdies, CPTEC/INPE,

Measurements of surface exchanges have been made at several flux towers throughout the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere (LBA) Experiment in Amazonia. These measurements provide substantially improved documentation and potentially greater understanding of the true role of the Amazon as a regional entity within the energy, water, and carbon cycles at local and global scale. Flux tower data are also important in the context of calibrating and validating the Land Surface Models (LSMs) which simulate the biosphere’s responses to near surface atmosphere conditions (e.g., solar radiation, temperature, precipitation) and which are used to provide the lower boundary conditions in weather and climate models. However, the flux tower measurements made during LBA not only provide a sample of surface exchanges that is sparsely distributed in space, they are also available for different time periods at the various tower sites. It is therefore important to investigate the extent to which the actual period of data collection at each LBA site is representative of the longer-term climatology for that site. Such climatological characterization will aid the development of a better understanding of the meteorological conditions to which each site was exposed during data collection relative to the regional climatology, and is also important in the context of LSM calibration studies using automatic model parameter estimation methods because the resulting model parameters may be correlated with the microclimate of the study site. This poster will report the first results of a study in which precipitation and temperature data from weather stations nearby (within 100 km) of the LBA flux tower sites are used to investigate the climatology during the period of data collection at each LBA flux tower site relative to the long-term regional climatology.

Science Theme:  HY (Hydrometeorology)

Presentation Type:  Poster

Abstract ID: 21

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