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Subcanopy flow in Central Amazonia - Manaus LBA Site

Julio Tota Silva, INPA, (Presenting)

Under low wind speed conditions and radiational cooling, and terrain is not level, a drainage flow can develop. Above forests the flow above the canopy becomes decoupled from the flow just above and within canopy. It is possible that the drainage flow will carry respiratory CO2 from foliage, boles, and soil downslope. If this flow advects CO2 away from observation tower, some CO2 emission goes unmeasured. Eddy covariance systems above canopy will not detect this flux. A horizontal gradient in CO2 coupled with a persistent flow in a certain direction, can create non-zero horizontal advection terms of the form (u)(dc/dx)+(v)(dc/dy), terms commonly assumed to be zero. We report preliminary results from measurements of the horizontal advection of CO2 in the Manaus LBA Site.The aim is to actually measure this term to determine its significance.

Science Theme:  CD (Carbon Dynamics)

Presentation Type:  Poster

Abstract ID: 113

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