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  Folha Amazônica


If you do not register within 30 days, you may have a fine of up to R$900,00 upon your return. Do not wait until the last few days of your trip or the paperwork may not have time to be processed. Exception: Any civil servant who is traveling on an official government visa, or traveler on a tourist visa does not need to register.

  • When travelers go to the local Federal Police office to register, they should allow plenty of time for the process; if they do not speak Portuguese, they should go with someone who does. 
  • Notify your hosting institution or meeting logistics personnel in advance they can prepare to assist you with the process.  
  • Dress nicely. Do not wear shorts, sleeveless t-shirts or beach-type sandals.

Registrants will need to obtain:

  • The original visa request (pedido de visto) containing full and  complete names - NO ABBREVIATIONS - and which the Brazilian Consulate should have returned, stamped, along with the visa.
  • Copies of all (used and unused) pages of passport; these may or may not need to be notarized (autenticadas) at a local notary (cartorio) office (ask).~R1,00
  • Two 3 x 4 cm color photos (with white background); these can be obtained at a local (Brazilian) one-hour photo shop. ~R5,00
  • Two sets of Gar-Funapol papers; one set is for registration (registro), and the other set is for an identification card (identidade); these papers can be purchased at the local paper store (papelaria), or perhaps even at the Federal Police station. The cost shoudl be about R$1,00 each.

After applicants have delivered the documents listed above and filled out the papers, the Federal Police attendant will send them to Banco do Brasil to pay the registration fee.  The fee ranges between R$105,00 and R$135,00.

The Federal Police agent will stamp the passport and give the applicant a small piece of paper, called a protocolo. Travelers should make copies of it and keep one with them at all times.   They should note that by the expiration date on the protocolo, they must re-register with the Federal Police.  If they are not in the country before the expiration date, they should go as soon as they arrive.

Travelers should receive an ID card within three months with a registration number (RNE = registro nacional de estrangeiro), but should not worry if it doesn't arrive within three months.  (It would not be unusual for it to take one year for you to receive the identification card.)  

Travelers must always carry this protocolo - and a passport - when traveling in and out of Brazil.


Checklist for Federal PoliceChecklist Registration 

Register within 30 days of arrival in Brazil.  Do not wait until you are about to leave the country as the paperwork may not have time to be completed before you leave. You may be fined upon your return.

  1. Dress nicely.  No shorts, sleeveless t-shirts or beachy sandals.
  2. Allow plenty of time.
  3. Bring: 
    • someone who speaks Portuguese
    • your original visa request (pedido de visto)
    • copies of all used and unused pages of passport - these may or may not need to be locally notarized - ask ahead of time.
    • two 3 x 4 cm color photos
    • two sets of Gar-Funapol papers, R$1,00 each.
    • cash to pay the registration fee
  4. Make a copy of the protocolo given to you at registration
  5. Re-register by the expiration date


Federal Police Registration Sites


Superintendência Regional de São Paulo
Superintendente: DPF Jose Ivan Guimaraes Lobato
R. Hugo D'Antola, 95 - Lapa de Baixo - São Paulo-SP
CEP 05038-090
PABX: (0xx-11) 3616-5000
Fax 3616.6187



Av. Lauro Sodré, 2905 - Tanques - Porto Velho
CEP 78904-300
Fone (069) 224-4004 / 2730 / 2600 / 224-3003
Fax (069) 224-3001


Delegacia de Guajará-Mirim
Av. Presidente Dutra, 70 - Centro
CEP 78957-000
Fone (069) 541-2437
Fax (069) 541-2437 / 2512


Delegacia de Vilhena
Av. 15 de Novembro, 3485
CEP 78995-000
Fone (069) 321-3282
Fax (069) 321-3282



Av. Domingos Jorge Velho s/n - Conj. D. Pedro II - Alvorada II - Manaus
CEP 69000-000
Fone (092) 655-1501
Fax (092) 655-1520


Delegacia de Tabatinga
Av. da Amizade, 650 - Centro
CEP 69640-000
Fone (092) 655-1594
Fax (092) 412-2047



In the state of Pará there are many Federal Police Stations. Please note below where you should register, or re-register when you are doing field work.

Federal Police in Santarém, for those working at:

Alenquer, Altamira, Aveiro, Belterra, Brasil Novo, Faro, Itaituba, Jacareancanga, Juruti, Medicilândia, Monte Alegre, Novo Progresso, Óbidos, Oriximiná, Pacajá, Placas, Prainha, Porto Trombetas, Rurópolis, Santarém, Senador José Porfírio, Uruará, Vitória do Xingú

Delegacia de Santarém
Travessa Dom Amando, 1459 - Aeroporto Velho
CEP 68010-080
Fone (091) 522-4627
Fax (091) 522-2491


Federal Police in Marabá, for those working at:

Abel Figueiredo, Ägua Azul do Norte, Bom Jesus do Tocantins, Breu Branco, Conceição do Araguaia, Cumarú do Norte, Curianopolis, Eldorado do Carajás, Goianésia do Pará, Itupiranga, Jacundá, Marabá, Novo Repartimento, Ourilândia do Nrote, Palestina do Pará, Parauapebas, Pau Darco, Redenção, Rio Maria, Rondon do Pará, Santa Maria das Barreiras, Santana do Araguaia, São Domingos do Araguaia, São Félix, Xinguara

Delegacia de Marabá
Folha 31 - Quadra Especial - Nova Marabá
CEP 68500-970
Fone (091) 322-2944 / 2310
Fax (091) 322-2310


Federal Police in Monte Dourado, for those working in:

Almerim, Monte Dourado, Porto de Moz

Delegacia de Monte Dourado
DPF - Monte Dourado - Centro Administrativo
CEP 68240-000
Fone (091) 735-1185


Federal Police in Belém, for those working in:

All other municipalities (including Igarapé-Acú, Paragominas, Peixe-Boi, Ponta de Pedras, Melgaço, Tomé Açu, Tailândia)

Av. Almirante Barroso, 4466 - Belém
CEP 66613-710
Fone (091) 214-8000 / 8001 / 80002
Fax (091) 214-8043



Rua Floriano Peixoto, 644 - Centro - Rio Branco
CEP 69900-030
Fone (068) 223-3556 ramal 213 / 214
Fax (068) 224-7265


Delegacia de Epitaciolândia
Vila Epitaciolândia, s/n
Fone (068) 546-2004



Superintendência Regional do Distrito Federal/DF>
SAIS Quadra 7 - Lote 23 - Setor Policial Sul
CEP 70610-200
Fone (061) 345-9500
Fax (061) 245-7401



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