The New Brazilian Traffic Laws 
January 22, 1998

Translated from "Codigo de Transito Brasileiro na Pratica"
Produced by the Programa de Reducao de Acidentes nas Estradas (PARE)

Infractions, Penalties and Fines

The following table demonstrates the point system and the designated fine based on the seriousness of the infraction.

Infrac„o (Infraction) Pontos (Points) Multa|(UFIR*) (Fine)

Gravissima (very serious)



Grave (serious)



Media (semi-serious)



Leve (less serious)




* Unidade Fiscal de Referencia (fiscal reference unit) ie: Brazilís economic index not subject to daily inflationary fluxes.

1 UFIR is approx equal to .9 USD. Note that some of these fines are multiplied by 3-5.

Depending upon the infraction the fine could be 3-5 times the value above. If you are fined and pay the ticket soon thereafter you will receive a 20% discount. Several of crimes are not only fined but include apprehension of the vehicle, license or other privileges.

Driving Crimes

Very serious crimes

  1. Driving the wrong way down a one-way street

  2. Transporting a child under 10 years of age in the front seat. If the back seat is completely full of children the oldest child may sit in the front seat. This exception does not apply to paid systems of transport.

  3. Not providing first aid to a victim of an accident in which you have been involved.

  4. Drag racing

  5. Driving without the proper license

  6. Driving on an expired driverís license

  7. Driving a vehicle of a different category other than that which is authorized on your driverís license

  8. Driving 20% faster than the speed limit (3x fine).

  9. Use an anti-radar device while driving

  10. Threatening pedestrians or other vehicles

  11. Driving with a license that has been expired for more than 30 days

  12. Crossing a police road block without authorization

  13. Driving a vehicle which has had any of its identification numbers altered

  14. Driving a motorcycle whereby: either driver or passenger are not using helmets, the passenger is less than 7 years old, the driver is careless and not using headlights

  15. Transporting passengers in the trunk without authorization

  16. Driving a car with illegal tags, no tags or without a license

  17. Falsifying or altering driverís license or other vehicle identification

  18. Driving without glasses or proper eyewear that were necessary to obtain your license (3 x fine)

  19. Refusing to show proper documents to police officials when requested

  20. Removal of impounded car without permission

  21. Permitting a person who is not in a proper physical, emotional or mental state, or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol to drive

  22. Blocking traffic with your vehicle

  23. Blocking police or firemen while responding to an emergency

  24. Not giving pedestrians the right of way at a traffic light or on a cross walk

  25. Not slowing down at schools, hospitals or near places where there is a lot of foot traffic

  26. Passing on curves, hills, at crossroads, bridges or tunnels or whereever there is insufficient visibility

  27. Driving on sidewalks, bike paths, grassways or in public parks and areas not designated for automobiles

  28. Driving recklessly

  29. Making U-turns where it is prohibited

Serious crimes

  1. Driving on the wrong side of the road

  2. Not using turn signals to signal land change or turn

  3. Illegal parking

  4. Not using Ė or not enforcing use of seat belt in your car

  5. Driving too closely to the cars in front of and beside you

  6. Passing on the shoulder

  7. Allowing for or repairing your vehicle in traffic Ė except in cases where removal is necessary

  8. Following an ambulance, police car or firetruck when they are driving with their siren on.

  9. Not providing assistance to accident victims when requested by police authorities.

  10. Driving in reverseÖ??

  11. Not driving off the right side of the road to prepare for a left turn

  12. Passing vehicles waiting in line for traffic light or in a jam

  13. Disobeying the orders of the transit authorities

  14. Turning right or left at places not allowed by traffic lights.

  15. Driving with poorly adjusted head lights

  16. Driving a car that is emitting smoke or particulates above levels permitted by CONTRAN

  17. Driving a car with windows partially or fully covered; persian blinds or curtains are permited only when there are two external rearview mirrors

  18. Driving a vehicle without the necessary and functioning equipment as mandated by CONTRAN

  19. Not registering vehicle within the 30 day time period

  20. Driving people, animals or cargo on the outside of a vehicle except where authorized

  21. Not notifying transit authorities when giving car to junk yard or selling for parts

Semi-serious crimes

  1. Parking in front of a garage, parking 5 meters from the garage entrance, a fire hydrant, water meter, or an underground entrance, or restricting movement of another vehicle. Parking in places or during hours that are posted as illegal.

  2. Running out of gas

  3. Driving a car with more people than is allowed;

  4. Transporting people for money when the vehicle is not licensed to perform this service

  5. Using a car alarm that produces sounds and loud noises which disturb the public

  6. Displaying license plates on the car which are different than those authorized by CONTRAN

  7. Not transferring car registration within the allotted 30 day time period

  8. Impeding highway traffic by not allowing a car to pass on the left

  9. Driving half the maximum velocity and backing up traffic, with the exception of: bad traffic conditions, bad weather, slow traffic on the right

  10. Passing through puddles and intentionally splashing pedestrians with water

  11. Throwing trash out the car window

  12. Not removing your car from the scene of an accident where there were no injured victims, so that traffic can continue to flow

  13. Stopping the car in the pedestrian crosswalk

  14. Passing on the right, except when driving around a car that has signaled to make a left turn

  15. Impeding traffic flow by driving side by side with another

  16. Driving down steep hills with the engine off or with car in neutral

  17. Driving with weight in excess of that established by CONTRAN

  18. Towing another vehicle with a flexible cord or line, except in cases of emergency.

  19. Driving with arm outside the car

  20. Driving with headphones connected to a cell phone or to music.

  21. Not maintaining a lateral distance of 1.5 meters between the car and a bicycle.

Less serious crimes

  1. Using high beams in traffic where there is public lighting

  2. Using a horn for unreasonable use and for prolongued periods between 10 pm and 6 am.

  3. Honking in places where signs prohibit it

  4. Driving without the necessary documents on person

  5. Driving with invalid car registration or documents for a chaffeur/driver

  6. Driving in lanes only authorized for other vehicle types (ie taxis, buses)

  7. Unauthorized passing of a parade or procession.

  8. Parallel parking more than 50 cm from curb.

  9. Driving while not paying attention.