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  Folha Amazônica


Principal Investigators:

Linda Ann Deegan, Marine Biological Laboratory (US-PI)
Reynaldo Luiz Victoria, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP) (SA-PI)


Abstract 2006:  Quantifying and Scaling Land-Water Connections and River-Channel Biogeochemistry in Amazon River Networks (View)

Resumo 2006:  Quantificação e Escalamento dos Conexões do Terra-Água e da Biogeoquímica do Rio-Canal nas Redes do rio Amazônia (Visualizar)


Investigation Duration:   01/2006 - 01/2008


ND-31 is a successor to investigation(s) ND-03.



Maria Victoria Ramos Ballester, Co-Investigator, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Linda Ann Deegan, US-PI, Marine Biological Laboratory
Sérgio Candido Gouveia Neto, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Christie Lynn Haupert, Marine Biological Laboratory
Alex Krusche, Co-Investigator, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Nei Leite, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Adriane Colombo Liberale, Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura - CENA/USP
Christopher Neill, Co-Investigator, Marine Biological Laboratory
Reynaldo Luiz Victoria, SA-PI, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)


Research Sites:


Training and Education Activities - Proposed:

We will continue to collaborate with Brazilian institutions and to support training of students with ties to Amazonian institutions. The current Brazilian researchsers (Alex V. Krusche and Maria Victoria Ballester) have recently been appointed to full time research appointments and will participate in this proposal as full co-PIs. Three students under their direction will complete their Ph.D.s on aspects of the proposed work. Sergio Candido de Gouveita Neto, a Ph.D. student at CENA, is focusing on dissolved organic and inorganic fluxes in the microbasins. He finished his field collections in April 2005. Nei Kavaguichi Leite is completing his Ph.D. thesis on the importance of water movement and carbon and nutrient transformations in riparian zones at different scales. Both of these students are from the Amazon (Rondônia) and worked on our LBA project as undergraduates (from UNIR and ULBRA). They plan to return to Rondônia after they finish their Ph.D.s. A new student will work on the regional extent of riparian zone transformations using remote sensing. The graduate students will study English to facilitate their communication with colleagues outside of Brazil, will attend an international scientific conference and spend time in residence at MBL. They will participate in writing papers, building the models, and in the Synthesis Workshops on catchment hydrology and biogeochemistry.


Training and Education Activities - Accomplished:

Currently none available.


Datasets/Posters Available:

Currently none available.



KRUSCHE AVBMVRVRLea. (2005) Effects of land use changes in the biogeochemistry of fluvial systems of the Ji-Paraná river basin, Rondônia. Acta Amazonica, 35, 197-205. (abstract)

Neill C, Elsenbeer H, Krusche AV, Lehmann J, Markewitz D, Figueiredo RD. (2006) Hydrological and biogeochemical processes in a changing Amazon: results from small watershed studies and the large-scale biosphere-atmosphere experiment. Hydrological Processes, 20, 2467-2476.

Neill C, Piccolo MC, Cerri CC, Steudler PA, Melillo JM. (2006) Soil solution nitrogen losses during clearing of lowland Amazon forest for pasture. Plant and Soil, 281, 233-245. (abstract)

Germer S, Neill C, Krusche AV, Gouveia SC, Elsenbeer H. (2007) Seasonal and within-event dynamics of rainfall and throughfall chemistry in an open tropical rainforest in Rondonia, Brazil. Biogeochemistry, 86, 155-174. (abstract)

Chaves J, Neill C, Germer S, Neto SG, Krusche A, Elsenbeer H. (2008) Land management impacts on runoff sources in small Amazon watersheds. Hydrological Processes, 22, 1766-1775. (abstract)

Zimmermann A, Germer S, Neill C, Krusche AV, Elsenbeer H. (2008) Spatio-temporal patterns of throughfall and solute deposition in an open tropical rain forest. Journal of Hydrology, 360, 87-102. (abstract)

Chaves J, Neill C, Germer S, Neto SG, Krusche AV, Bonilla AC, Elsenbeer H. (2009) Nitrogen Transformations in Flowpaths Leading from Soils to Streams in Amazon Forest and Pasture. Ecosystems, 12, 961-972. (abstract)

Germer S, Neill C, Vetter T, Chaves J, Krusche AV, Elsenbeer H. (2009) Implications of long-term land-use change for the hydrology and solute budgets of small catchments in Amazonia. Journal of Hydrology, 364, 349-363. (abstract)

Tomasella J, Neill C, Figueiredo R, Nobre AD. Water and Chemical Budgets at the Catchment Scale Including Nutrient Exports From Intact Forests and Disturbed Landscapes, in Amazonia and Global Change, edited by Keller M, Bustamante M, Gash JHC and Silva-Dias P, 2009.

Germer S, Neill C, Krusche AV, Elsenbeer H. (2010) Influence of land-use change on near-surface hydrological processes: Undisturbed forest to pasture. Journal of Hydrology, 380, 473-480. (abstract)


Matrix of Publications-Datasets:  more


Science Questions:

Nutrient Dynamics and Surface Water Chemistry:

        ND-Q4 - How do changes in land use and climate alter the stocks, processes and fluxes of dissolved and particulate organic matter, nutrients, and trace gases from the uplands across the riparian zones and floodplains and down the channels of river corridors?
        ND-Q4a - How will the composition and quantity of nutrients and organic matter entering and being processed within streams be altered under different land-use change scenarios?
        ND-Q4b - Are there unique signatures that can be traced downstream?
        ND-Q4c - To what extent do intact riparian zones buffer streams against changes due to anthropogenic activities in surrounding uplands?

Other Research Teams:

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