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  Folha Amazônica


Principal Investigators:

Jeffrey E. Richey, University of Washington (US-PI)
Reynaldo Luiz Victoria, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP) (SA-PI)


Abstract 2006:  From Small Streams to the Sea: A Multi-Scale Synthesis of Carbon and Hydrological Dynamics across the Amazon Landscape (View)

Resumo 2006:   De igarapes ate o mar: uma sitese de multi-escalas dos dinamcos de carbono e hidrologicos (Visualizar)


Investigation Duration:   01/2006 - 01/2008


CD-33 is a successor to investigation(s) CD-06.



Simone Rebecca Alin, University of Washington
Maria Victoria Ramos Ballester, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Marcos Alexandre Bolson, INPA - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas na Amazonia
Luis Vilmar Souza da Silva, INPA - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas na Amazonia
Carolina Barisson Marques de Oliveira, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura
Erin Elizabeth Ellis, University of Washington
Beatriz M. Gomes, UNIR-Ji-Paraná
Sérgio Candido Gouveia Neto, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Gordon William Holtgrieve, University of Washington
Mark Stephen Johnson, University of British Columbia
Alex Krusche, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University
Nei Leite, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Lauren McGeoch, University of Washington
Alexandra Montebelo, Cena-Usp
Kelli Munhoz, UNEMAT
Vania Neu, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Tania Pena Pimentel, INPA - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas na Amazonia
Maria de Fátima Fernandes Lamy Rasera, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Sonya Marie Remington, University of Washington
Jeffrey E. Richey, US-PI, University of Washington
Cleber Salimon, Universidade Federal do Acre
Maria Emilia Salles
Alailson Venceslau Santiago, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Arnoldo Marcílio dos Santos, Escola Agrotécnica Federal de São Gabriel da Cachoeira
Jonismar Silva, LBA
Daniel de Castro Victoria, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)
Reynaldo Luiz Victoria, SA-PI, CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP)


Research Sites:


Amazon Basin (large-scale studies)
Amazonas (Manaus) Mato Grosso Pará Eastern (Belém) Pará Western (Santarém) Peru Rondonia Tocantins

Training and Education Activities - Proposed:

The synthesis activities being led by CD-33 include 2 workshops.
• Use the Workshops as a primary training vehicle. Students in attendance at Workshop#1 will participate in overall discussions andfollowup activities. Prior to Workshop#2, a modeling and data synthesis workshop for students will be held.
• Continue to conduct short courses on analytical environmental chemistry, as we bring other nodes up on the Rede Beija Rio.
• Continue to work with students through the course of the project, with a particular focus on carrying students through not only their theses but through papers.
• Continue to work with local outlets, from media to public meetings


Training and Education Activities - Accomplished:

Currently none available.


Datasets/Posters Available:

Currently none available.



Silveira JM, Barlow J, Krusche AV, Orwin KH, Balch JK, Moutinho P. (2009) Effects of experimental fires on litter decomposition in a seasonally dry Amazonian forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 25, 657-663. (abstract)


Matrix of Publications-Datasets:  more


Science Questions:

Carbon Dynamics:

        CD-Q3 - What are the relative contributions of fluxes from natural and disturbed ecosystems to the net Amazônia-wide flux?

Nutrient Dynamics and Surface Water Chemistry:

        ND-Q4 - How do changes in land use and climate alter the stocks, processes and fluxes of dissolved and particulate organic matter, nutrients, and trace gases from the uplands across the riparian zones and floodplains and down the channels of river corridors?
        ND-Q4a - How will the composition and quantity of nutrients and organic matter entering and being processed within streams be altered under different land-use change scenarios?
        ND-Q4b - Are there unique signatures that can be traced downstream?
        ND-Q4c - To what extent do intact riparian zones buffer streams against changes due to anthropogenic activities in surrounding uplands?
        ND-Q5 - What is the importance of periodically "wet" environments (from moist soils to standing and flowing waters) for the land and atmospheric balances of nutrients, carbon dioxide, trace gases, and water and energy on multiple scales?

Trace Gas and Aerosol Flux:

        TG-Q1 - How are fluxes of trace gases and aerosols between ecosystems (both upland and wetland) and the atmosphere of Amazônia affected by land cover and land use change?

Synthesis Group:  Synthesis: Land-Water Coupling -- Land-water Coupling and Fluvial Transport in the Hydrologic and Carbon Cycles


Other Research Teams:

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LC-30  -  LC-31  -  LC-32  -  LC-33  -  LC-34  -  LC-35  -  LC-36  -  LC-37  -  LC-38  -  
LC-39  -  ND-01  -  ND-02  -  ND-03  -  ND-04  -  ND-06  -  ND-07  -  ND-08  -  ND-09  -  
ND-10  -  ND-11  -  ND-30  -  ND-31  -  PC-30  -  TG-01  -  TG-02  -  TG-03  -  TG-04  -  
TG-05  -  TG-06  -  TG-07  -  TG-08  -  TG-09  -  TG-10  -  TG-30  -  TG-31  -  TG-32



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