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  Folha Amazônica


Principal Investigators:

Otávio C Acevedo, UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (SA-PI)
Julia Clarinda Paiva Cohen, Faculdade de Meteorologia - UFPA (SA-PI)
David Roy Fitzjarrald, State University of New York, Albany (US-PI)
Antonio Manzi, INPA (SA-PI)
Osvaldo Luiz Leal de Moraes, UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (SA-PI)
Maria Assunção Faus da Silva Dias, IAG/USP (SA-PI)


Abstract :  Mesoclimate and Land Use Change Effects on Carbon Exchange in Amazonia (View)

Resumo :  Mesoclima e efeitos da mudança do uso da terra na troca de carbono na Amazônia. (Visualizar)


Investigation Duration:   03/2006 - 03/2008


CD-30 is a successor to investigation(s) CD-03.



Otávio C Acevedo, SA-PI, UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Julia Clarinda Paiva Cohen, SA-PI, Faculdade de Meteorologia - UFPA
Matthew John Czikowsky, University at Albany, State University of New York
Rodrigo Da Silva, UFOPA - LBA Santarém
David Roy Fitzjarrald, US-PI, State University of New York, Albany
Antonio Manzi, SA-PI, INPA
Osvaldo Luiz Leal de Moraes, SA-PI, UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Carlos Alberto Ribeiro de Moura, INPA
Geoffrey Parker, Co-Investigator, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Marta Sá, INPA
Ricardo Sakai, State University of New York
Julio Tota da Silva, INPA
Maria Assunção Faus da Silva Dias, SA-PI, IAG/USP
Hans Rogério Zimermann, UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria


Research Sites:

Amazonas (Manaus)

Pará Western (Santarém)

Training and Education Activities - Proposed:

One Brazilian and one US graduate student will work directly on aspects of this project at UAlbany SUNY. Mr. Luiz Medeiros, who has just completed his MS degree at the U. Fed. de Santa Maria (UFSM), will begin work on his Ph.D. at UAlbany also in the Fall 2005 semester. He is supported by a CAPES/Fulbright graduate fellowship from the Brazilian government. Mr. Matt Czikowsky is currently a Ph.D. student at UAlbany. He has been involved in the field measurements of LBA-ECO. Analysis of data from this project will form part of his doctoral dissertation.
In Brazil, Mr. Julio Tóta plans to complete his Ph.D. dissertation at the Univ. of São Paulo, at the same time working as a scientist at the LBA Project Office in Manaus. His topic is the subcanopy CO2 advection, observations made using the instruments, software, and experimental design of our group. A number of graduate students at UFSM will continue working on data from LBA-ECO. These include Hans Zimerman and Vagner Anabor.


Training and Education Activities - Accomplished:

Currently none available.


Datasets/Posters Available as of 2014-04-02

Datasets (with related publications, if any)

LBA-ECO CD-30 Subcanopy CO2 flow in mature Amazon forests

  1. Tota, J., D. R. Fitzjarrald, R. M. Staebler, R. K. Sakai, O. M. M. Moraes, O. C. Acevedo, S. C. Wofsy, and A. Manzi. 2008. Amazon rain forest subcanopy flow and the carbon budget: Santarem LBA-ECO site, J. Geophys. Res., 113, G00B02, doi:10.1029/2007JG000597.



Anabor VO, Acevedo OC, Moraes OLL. (2003) Rythmic variations of convective systems in the Amazon region (published in portuguese). Ciencia e Natura, Especial, 237-242.

Siquiera AC, Moraes OLL, Acevedo OC, Silva R, Fitzjarrald RK, Sakai RK. (2003) Water Vapor and CO2 profiles for a pasture region in Amazonia (published in portuguese). Ciencia e Natura, Especial, 285-290.

Acevedo OC, Moraes OLL, Da Silva R, Fitzjarrald DR, Sakai RK, Staebler RM, Czikowsky MJ. (2004) Inferring nocturnal surface fluxes from vertical profiles of scalars in an Amazon pasture. Global Change Biology, 10, 886-894. (abstract)

*Sakai RK, Fitzjarrald DR, Moraes OLL, Staebler RM, Acevedo OC, Czikowsky MJ, Da Silva R, Brait E, Miranda V. (2004) Land-use change effects on local energy, water, and carbon balances in an Amazonian agricultural field. Global Change Biology, 10, 895-907. (abstract)

Acevedo OC, Moraes OL, Degrazia GA, Medeiros LE. (2006) Intermittency and the exchange of scalars in the nocturnal surface layer. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 119, 41-55. (abstract)

Acevedo OC, Moraes OLL, Fitzjarrald DR, Sakai RK, Mahrt L. (2007) Turbulent carbon exchange in very stable conditions. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 125, 49-61. (abstract)

Acevedo OC, Da Silva R, Fitzjarrald DR, Moraes OLL, Sakai RK, Czikowsky MJ. (2008) Nocturnal vertical CO2 accumulation in two Amazonian ecosystems. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 113. (abstract)

Cohen JCP, Fitzjarrald DR. (2008) Squall Lines moving over Santarem. .

Czikowsky MJ. Observing transient characteristics of the components of the hydrological balance., Thesis, SUNY, Albany, 2008

Fitzjarrald DR, Sakai RK, Moraes OLL, de Oliveira RC, Acevedo OC, Czikowsky MJ, Beldini T. (2008) Spatial and temporal rainfall variability near the Amazon-Tapajos confluence. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 113. (abstract)

Moraes OLL, Fitzjarrald DR, Acevedo OC, Sakai RK, Czikowsky MJ, Degrazia GA. (2008) Comparing spectra and cospectra of turbulence over different surface boundary conditions. Physica A-Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 387, 4927-4939. (abstract)

Tota J, Fitzjarrald DR, Staebler RM, Sakai RK, Moraes OMM, Acevedo OC, Wofsy SC, Manzi AO. (2008) Amazon rain forest subcanopy flow and the carbon budget: Santarem LBA-ECO site. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 113. (abstract)

Acevedo OC, Moraes OLL, Degrazia GA, Fitzjarrald DR, Manzi AO, Campos JG. (2009) Is friction velocity the most appropriate scale for correcting nocturnal carbon dioxide fluxes? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149, 1-10. (abstract)

Betts AK, Fisch G, von Randow C, Silva-Dias MA, Cohen JCP, Da Silva R, Fitzjarrald DR. The Amazonian boundary layer and mesoscale circulations., in Amazonia and Global Change, edited by Bustamante MMC, Silva-Dias P, Gash JHC and Keller M, American Geophysical Union, Washington D.C., 2009.

Czikowsky MJ, Fitzjarrald DR. (2009) Detecting rainfall interception in an Amazonian rain forest with eddy flux measurements. Journal of Hydrology, 377, 92-105.


Matrix of Publications-Datasets:  more


Science Questions:

Carbon Dynamics:

        CD-Q1 - What is the (climatically driven) seasonal and interannual variability of the carbon dioxide flux between the atmosphere and different land cover/use types?
        CD-Q3 - What are the relative contributions of fluxes from natural and disturbed ecosystems to the net Amazônia-wide flux?

Other Research Teams:

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