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  Folha Amazônica


This LBA-Air-ECO proposed investigation was scientifically reviewed by NASA and Brazil's Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) and recommended for consideration by the LBA Scientific Steering Committee. Approval was not received within the time available to provide support for the field activities.


Principal Investigators:

Maria Assunção Faus da Silva Dias, IAG/USP (SA-PI)
Steven Charles Wofsy, Harvard University (US-PI)


Abstract 2001:  CO2 Budget Regional Airborne Study (COBRA)-Brazil (View)

Resumo 2001:  Balanço de Carbono e Estudo Aéreo Regional – COBRA - Brasil


LBA-ECO 2002 Business Meeting Poster: 

view/download poster


Investigation Duration:   11/2001 - 10/2005



Paulo Artaxo, USP - Universidade de Sao Paulo
Alfram von Hoessle Bright, Harvard University
John Walter Budney, Harvard University
Victoria Ye Chow, Harvard University
Bruce Channing Daube Jr., Harvard University
James W. Elkins, NOAA/CMDL
Saulo Freitas, CPTEC - Centro de Previsão do Tempo e Estudos Climáticos (INPE)
Christoph Gerbig, Co-Investigator, Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry
Rodrigo Gevaerd, USP - Universidade de Sao Paulo
Elaine Webster Gottlieb, Harvard University
Heather Dawn Graven, UCSD
Valdir Inácio Herrmann, USP - Universidade de Sao Paulo
Rodrigo Jimenez-Pizarro, Harvard University
Paul Le Hardy, University of North Dakota
John Chun-Han Lin, University of Waterloo
Marcos Longo, Harvard University
Pathmathevan Mahadevan, Harvard University
Daniel Michael Matross, Harvard University
John Bharat Miller, Co-Investigator, NOAA/ESRL
Maria Assunção Faus da Silva Dias, SA-PI, IAG/USP
Britton Bruce Stephens, Co-Investigator, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Steven Charles Wofsy, US-PI, Harvard University


Research Sites:

Pará Western (Santarém)


LBA-Air-ECO Planning Maps:  

Amazon Basin LBA-Air-ECO Planning Map


Training and Education Activities - Accomplished:

Currently none available.


Datasets/Posters Available:

Currently none available.



Gerbig C, Lin JC, Wofsy SC, Daube BC, Andrews AE, Stephens BB, Bakwin PS, Grainger CA. (2003) Toward constraining regional-scale fluxes of CO2 with atmospheric observations over a continent: 1. Observed spatial variability from airborne platforms. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 108. (abstract)

Gerbig C, Lin JC, Wofsy SC, Daube BC, Andrews AE, Stephens BB, Bakwin PS, Grainger CA. (2003) Toward constraining regional-scale fluxes of CO2 with atmospheric observations over a continent: 2. Analysis of COBRA data using a receptor-oriented framework. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 108. (abstract)

Lin JC, Gerbig C, Wofsy SC, Andrews AE, Daube BC, Davis KJ, Grainger CA. (2003) A near-field tool for simulating the upstream influence of atmospheric observations: The Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport (STILT) model. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 108. (abstract)

Lin JC, Gerbig C, Daube BC, Wofsy SC, Andrews AE, Vay SA, Anderson BE. (2004) An empirical analysis of the spatial variability of atmospheric CO2: Implications for inverse analyses and space-borne sensors. Geophysical Research Letters, 31. (abstract)

Lin JC, Gerbig C, Wofsy SC, Andrews AE, Daube BC, Grainger CA, Stephens BB, Bakwin PS, Hollinger DY. (2004) Measuring fluxes of trace gases at regional scales by Lagrangian observations: Application to the CO2 Budget and Rectification Airborne (COBRA) study. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 109. (abstract)


Matrix of Publications-Datasets:  more


Science Questions:

Carbon Dynamics:

        CD-Q1 - What is the (climatically driven) seasonal and interannual variability of the carbon dioxide flux between the atmosphere and different land cover/use types?
        CD-Q3 - What are the relative contributions of fluxes from natural and disturbed ecosystems to the net Amazônia-wide flux?
        CD-Q3d - What portion of the Amazônia–wide carbon flux is from fire? How do ecosystems recover from fire? What are the relations between land management and fire occurrence/frequency?

Trace Gas and Aerosol Flux:

        TG-Q1 - How are fluxes of trace gases and aerosols between ecosystems (both upland and wetland) and the atmosphere of Amazônia affected by land cover and land use change?
        TG-Q2 - What is the (climatically driven) seasonal and inter-annual variability of trace gas and aerosol fluxes between the atmosphere and different land use and land cover types?
        TG-Q3 - Are losses and gains of carbon from Amazônian ecosystems in forms other than carbon dioxide (e.g. carbon monoxide, methane, volatile organic carbon, organic aerosol) of sufficient magnitude to influence ecosystem carbon balance?

Other Research Teams:

CD-01  -  CD-02  -  CD-03  -  CD-04  -  CD-05  -  CD-06  -  CD-07  -  CD-08  -  CD-09  -  
CD-10  -  CD-11  -  CD-12  -  CD-15  -  CD-17  -  CD-18  -  CD-30  -  CD-31  -  CD-32  -  
CD-33  -  CD-34  -  CD-35  -  CD-36  -  CD-37  -  CD-40  -  CD-41  -  LC-01  -  LC-02  -  
LC-03  -  LC-04  -  LC-05  -  LC-06  -  LC-07  -  LC-08  -  LC-09  -  LC-10  -  LC-11  -  
LC-12  -  LC-13  -  LC-14  -  LC-15  -  LC-16  -  LC-21  -  LC-22  -  LC-23  -  LC-24  -  
LC-30  -  LC-31  -  LC-32  -  LC-33  -  LC-34  -  LC-35  -  LC-36  -  LC-37  -  LC-38  -  
LC-39  -  ND-01  -  ND-02  -  ND-03  -  ND-04  -  ND-06  -  ND-07  -  ND-08  -  ND-09  -  
ND-10  -  ND-11  -  ND-30  -  ND-31  -  PC-30  -  TG-01  -  TG-02  -  TG-03  -  TG-04  -  
TG-05  -  TG-06  -  TG-07  -  TG-08  -  TG-09  -  TG-10  -  TG-30  -  TG-31  -  TG-32



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