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  Folha Amazônica


Principal Investigators:

Berrien Moore, University of New Hampshire (US-PI)
Carlos Afonso Nobre, INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (SA-PI)


Abstract 1998:  Modeling the Biogeochemical System of the Terrestrial Amazon: Issues for Sustainability (View)

Resumo 1998:  Modelagem dos Sistemas Biogeoquímicos da Amazônia Terrestre: Tópicos de Sustentabilidade (Visualizar)


Investigation Duration:   07/1998 - 12/2002



Bobby H. Braswell, Co-Investigator, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.
Manoel Ferreira Cardoso, INPE/CPTEC
Steve Frolking, Co-Investigator, University of New Hampshire
Stephen Charles Hagen, Applied Geosolutions
George Caleb Hurtt, Co-Investigator, University of Maryland
Paul R. Moorcroft, Co-Investigator, Harvard University
Berrien Moore, US-PI, University of New Hampshire
Carlos Afonso Nobre, SA-PI, INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
Steve Pacala, Co-Investigator, Princeton University
Michael William Palace, University of New Hampshire
Bruce J. Peterson, Co-Investigator, Marine Biological Laboratory
Annette L. Schloss, University of New Hampshire
Hanqin Tian, Co-Investigator, Marine Biological Laboratory
Charles J. Vorosmarty, Co-Investigator, University of New Hampshire
Xiangming Xiao, Co-Investigator, University of Oklahoma


Research Sites:

Mato Grosso

Pará Eastern (Belém)


Training and Education Activities - Accomplished:

Short Courses / Seminars / Workshops / Conferences:

Activity Description


  • LBA-GAIM Modeling Workshop

    This workshop, addressed to South American Graduate students, focused on Amazonian ecosystem and land surface modeling. It was organized and conducted by LBA US and South America investigators - Professors Berrien Moore, George Hurtt, Dork Shagian (University New Hampshire) and Carlos Nobre (INPE/CPTEC).

    Other instructors included Professors Bill Parton, Michael Keller (UNH), Marcos Costa (UFV) and Humberto da Rocha (USP), and others. Manoel Cardoso, a Brazilian Ph.D. student at UNH served as an assistant instructor.

    The workshop was held at CPTEC, Brazil, July 17-28, 2001 and was fully enrolled with some 22 South American students.


  • IGBP International Conference: Challenges of a Changing Earth

    UNH LBA investigators, professors Moore and Hurtt, organized and led a group of 15 South American students for participation in the IGBP conference held in Amsterdam in 2002.

    Students were selected by the LBA Training and Education Committee.


Scheduled STI Site Visits:   Currently none available.


Datasets/Posters Available as of 2014-04-02

Datasets (with related publications, if any) (View Posters)

IKONOS Satellite Imagery for Amazonia -- Field Sites

  1. Hurtt, G., X.M. Xiao, M. Keller, M. Palace, G.P. Asner, R. Braswell, E.S. Brondizio, M. Cardoso, C.J.R. Carvalho, M.G. Fearon, L. Guild, S. Hagen, S. Hetrick, B. Moore, C. Nobre, J.M. Read, T. Sa, A. Schloss, G. Vourlitis, and A.J. Wickel. 2003. IKONOS imagery for the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA). Remote Sensing of Environment 88(1-2):111-127.
IKONOS Satellite Imagery for Amazonia -- Tower Sites

LBA-ECO LC-08 Ecosystem Demography Model Estimated C, NPP, and Biomass For Amazonia

  1. Moorcroft, P.R., G.C. Hurtt, and S.W. Pacala. 2001. A method for scaling vegetation dynamics: The ecosystem demography model (ED). Ecological Monographs 71(4):557-585.
LBA-ECO LC-08 Passive Ground-based Fire Data, Para and Mato Grosso Brazil: 2001-2002

  1. Manoel F. Cardoso, George C. Hurtt, Berrien Moore III, Carlos A. Nobre and Heather Bain Field work and statistical analyses for enhanced interpretation of satellite fire data. Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 96, Issue 2, 30 May 2005, Pages 212-227.
LBA-ECO LC-08 Soil, Vegetation, and Land Cover Maps for Brazil and South America

LBA-ECO NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Amazon 0.1 degree NDVI

LBA-ECO NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Global 0.5 degree NDVI

Posters (with related publications, if any)

A multi-sensor/resolution database for the eddy flux towers and intensive land use sites in Amazon basin: IKONOS, ETM+, MODIS, and MISR (Poster)

High resolution imagery (IKONOS) for eddy flux tower sites in Amazon basin (Poster)

Large Scale Remote Observations of Disturbance in the Amazon Basin (Poster)



Tian HQ, Melillo JM, Kicklighter DW, McGuire AD, Helfrich JVK, Moore B, Vorosmarty CJ. (1998) Effect of interannual climate variability on carbon storage in Amazonian ecosystems. Nature, 396, 664-667. (abstract)

Dolman AJ, Dias MAS, Calvet JC, Ashby M, Tahara AS, Delire C, Kabat P, Fisch GA, Nobre CA. (1999) Meso-scale effects of tropical deforestation in Amazonia: preparatory LBA modelling studies. Annales Geophysicae-Atmospheres Hydrospheres and Space Sciences, 17, 1095-1110.

Nepstad DC, Verissimo A, Alencar A, Nobre C, Lima E, Lefebvre P, Schlesinger P, Potter C, Moutinho P, Mendoza E, Cochrane M, Brooks V. (1999) Large-scale impoverishment of Amazonian forests by logging and fire. Nature, 398, 505-508. (abstract)

Asner GP, Townsend AR, Braswell BH. (2000) Satellite observation of El Nino effects on Amazon forest phenology and productivity. Geophysical Research Letters, 27, 981-984. (abstract)

Houghton RA, Skole DL, Nobre CA, Hackler JL, Lawrence KT, Chomentowski WH. (2000) Annual fluxes of carbon from deforestation and regrowth in the Brazilian Amazon. Nature, 403, 301-304. (abstract)

Tian H, Melillo JM, Kicklighter DW, McGuire AD, Helfrich J, Moore B, Vorosmarty CJ. (2000) Climatic and biotic controls on annual carbon storage in Amazonian ecosystems. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 9, 315-335. (abstract)

McGuire AD, Sitch S, Clein JS, Dargaville R, Esser G, Foley J, Heimann M, Joos F, Kaplan J, Kicklighter DW, Meier RA, Melillo JM, Moore B, Prentice IC, Ramankutty N, Reichenau T, Schloss A, Tian H, Williams LJ, Wittenberg U. (2001) Carbon balance of the terrestrial biosphere in the twentieth century: Analyses of CO2, climate and land use effects with four process-based ecosystem models. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 15, 183-206. (abstract)

Moorcroft PR, Hurtt GC, Pacala SW. (2001) A method for scaling vegetation dynamics: The ecosystem demography model (ED). Ecological Monographs, 71, 557-585. (abstract)

Cardoso MF, Hurtt GC, Moore B, Nobre CA, Prins EM. (2003) Projecting future fire activity in Amazonia. Global Change Biology, 9, 656-669. (abstract)

Hurtt G, Xiao XM, Keller M, Palace M, Asner GP, Braswell R, Brondizio ES, Cardoso M, Carvalho CJR, Fearon MG, Guild L, Hagen S, Hetrick S, Moore B, Nobre C, Read JM, Sa T, Schloss A, Vourlitis G, Wickel AJ. (2003) IKONOS imagery for the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA). Remote Sensing of Environment, 88, 111-127. (abstract)

Cardoso MF, Hurtt GC, Moore B, Nobre CA, Bain H. (2005) Field work and statistical analyses for enhanced interpretation of satellite fire data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 96, 212-227. (abstract)


Matrix of Publications-Datasets:  more


Other Research Teams:

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LC-30  -  LC-31  -  LC-32  -  LC-33  -  LC-34  -  LC-35  -  LC-36  -  LC-37  -  LC-38  -  
LC-39  -  ND-01  -  ND-02  -  ND-03  -  ND-04  -  ND-06  -  ND-07  -  ND-08  -  ND-09  -  
ND-10  -  ND-11  -  ND-30  -  ND-31  -  PC-30  -  TG-01  -  TG-02  -  TG-03  -  TG-04  -  
TG-05  -  TG-06  -  TG-07  -  TG-08  -  TG-09  -  TG-10  -  TG-30  -  TG-31  -  TG-32



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