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  Folha Amazônica

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Formal Training


  • A number of Brazilian undergraduate students received training in research methods and have participated in collecting research data on water potential, water vapor sampling, leaf isotopic analyses, and photosynthesisrespiration measurements in multiple field campaigns conducted in either Manaus or Santarém:
    • Diane Almeida
    • Marcelo Gama Guimarães

    • Darlisson Cavalcanti

    • Duarte da Costa

    • Jadson Dizencourt Dias

    • Rose Guimarães

    • José Henrique

    • Ricardo Higushi

    • Nara Oliveira

    • Sewbert Pereira

    • Ligia Cristina Toledo

  • At CENA-USP, Piracicaba, SP, two students received training on stable isotope ratio measurements on the isotope rationing mass spectrometer:
    • Hudson Silva
    • Edmar Mazzi

  • Brazilian doctoral candidate at the University of Utah

    Tomás Domingues was admitted to the Graduate Program at the University of Utah in January 2000. His doctoral research focuses on Functional-response-curve gas exchange measurements and other key photosynthetic parameters needed for carbon-gain modelling conducted at field sites in Manaus and Santarém, Brazil.

Short Courses / Seminars / Workshops / Conferences


  • Plant Ecology and Biology: Implicações Ecológicas das Estratégias Fotossintéticas C3 and C4

    Seminars taught for approximately 50 students at the Faculdades Integradas do Tapajós (FIT) and the Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA) in Santarém, PA, Brazil, in 1999 and 2000.


  • Aplicação de isótopos estáveis em estudos ambientais

    Courses on stable isotope ecology involving both theoretical and field sampling strategies taught to approximately 50 undergraduate students in Santarém, Pará, Brazil.


  • Stable Isotope Ecology and its Relevance to Amazonia Carbon Cycle and Forestry Research

    Several seminars on this subject were organized for:

    • LBA Graduate students, postdocs, and members of the staff at Inpa, in Manaus, Brazil;

    • 70 undergrads and Graduate students from the Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA) and Facultades Integradas do Tapajós (FIT), in Santarém, Pará, Brazil.

  • Stable Isotopes in Environmental Studies

    A one-week long course taught to approximately 70 undergraduate students at the Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA) in Santarém, Pará, Brazil.


  • Plant Physiology Seminars

    During this seminar, held at Inpa, Manaus, Dr. Jean Ometto taught a course on stable isotope.

  • Stable Isotope in Environmental Studies

    Course taught by Dr. Jean Ometto at the Brazilian Congress of Limnology, held at Inpa, Manaus, Brazil.


  • Semana do Meio Ambiente (Environmental Week)

    During this event, held at IBAMA, in Santarém, Dr. Jean Ometto (CENA-USP) taught a seminar on fundamentals of stable isotopes for undergraduates of local universities.

  • Stable Isotope and Plant Physiology Seminar

    It was taught by Dr. Jean Ometto at the III Simpósio Brasileiro de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Florestal, held at Inpa, Manaus.

  • Field Ecology of the Amazon

    A short course taught to LBA students at the LBA Training and Education Sector in Santarém, Pará, by Drs. Luiz Martinelli, Plínio Camargo, and Jean Ometto (CENA-USP).

  • Stable Isotopes in Environmental Studies

    Seminar taught by Dr. Jean Ometto (CENA-USP) as part of the graduate course "Hidrogeologia e uso de isótopos ambientais como traçadores de contaminação orgânica no solo” at the Universidade de Joinville (UNIVILLE) in Joinville, SC, Brazil.

Training of South American Participants in U.S.


  • There has been a strong interaction between the isotope ratio labs at CENA and the University of Utah. Standards and technological capabilities have been exchanged between CENA, SIRFER, and Carnegie labs.

    Training opportunities are open to students and technicians involved in LBA's stable isotope studies. As a result of these efforts, this team supported the participation of several Brazilian students in the Annual International Stable Isotope Ecology Course, a highly competitive two-week course offered yearly at the University of Utah in collaboration with fourteen faculties from around the USA.

    Students received training on different lab components in stable isotopes and their ecological applications.

  • LBA graduate student participants included:

    • Alessandro Araújo
    • Enir Costa
    • Tomas Domingues
    • Diana Garcia-Montiel
    • Jean Ometto
    • Rafael Oliveira

  • Dr. Jean Pierre Ometto (CENA-USP) continued a postdoctoral program at the University of Utah, working closely with Drs. Luiz Martinelli and Reynaldo Victoria at CENA which ensures a strong collaboration between U.S. and Brazilian counterparts.


  • Dr. Jean Pierre Ometto (CENA-USP) continue developing his postdoctoral research on stable isotope analyses at Utah (USA) and CENA-USP.
  • The Brazilian student at CENA-USP, Françoise Yoko Ishida, attended lectures and laboratory short courses as part of the "2003 Stable Isotope Ecology Course held at the University of Utah, USA.


  • Gabriela Nardoto (CENA-USP) attended the 2004 Stable Isotope Ecology Course at the University of Utah. This brought to 8 the number of Brazilian students supported by this team for training in exchange programs in the US.


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