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  Folha Amazônica

Cochrane MA, Alencar A, Schulze MD, Souza CM, Nepstad DC, Lefebvre P, Davidson EA. (1999) Positive feedbacks in the fire dynamic of closed canopy tropical forests. Science, 284, 1832-1835. (abstract)
- Other teams who claimed this pub: CD-11; LC-10

Nepstad DC, Verissimo A, Alencar A, Nobre C, Lima E, Lefebvre P, Schlesinger P, Potter C, Moutinho P, Mendoza E, Cochrane M, Brooks V. (1999) Large-scale impoverishment of Amazonian forests by logging and fire. Nature, 398, 505-508. (abstract)
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-08; CD-11; TG-05

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

*Nepstad D, Carvalho G, Barros AC, Alencar A, Capobianco JP, Bishop J, Moutinho P, Lefebvre P, Silva UL, Prins E. (2001) Road paving, fire regime feedbacks, and the future of Amazon forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 154, 395-407. (abstract)
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

Potter C, Davidson EA, Nepstad D, de Carvalho CR. (2001) Ecosystem modeling and dynamic effects of deforestation on trace gas fluxes in Amazon tropical forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 152, 97-117.
- Other teams who claimed this pub: TG-05; LC-14

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: CD-11

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: ND-02

Nepstad D, Lefebvre P, Da Silva UL, Tomasella J, Schlesinger P, Solorzano L, Moutinho P, Ray D, Benito JG. (2004) Amazon drought and its implications for forest flammability and tree growth: a basin-wide analysis. Global Change Biology, 10, 704-717. (abstract)

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

Azevedo-Ramos C, do Amaral BD, Nepstad DC, Soares B, Nasi R. (2006) Integrating ecosystem management, protected areas, and mammal conservation in the Brazilian Amazon. Ecology and Society, 11. (abstract)
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

Campos MT, Nepstad DC. (2006) Smallholders, the Amazon\'s new conservationists. Conservation Biology, 20, 1553-1556.
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

Merry F, Amacher G, Macqueen D, Dos Santos MG, Lima E, Nepstad D. (2006) Collective action without collective ownership: community associations and logging on the Amazon frontier. International Forestry Review, 8, 211-221.
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

Nepstad D, Schwartzman S, Bamberger B, Santilli M, Ray D, Schlesinger P, Lefebvre P, Alencar A, Prinz E, Fiske G, Rolla A. (2006) Inhibition of Amazon deforestation and fire by parks and indigenous lands. Conservation Biology, 20, 65-73. (abstract)
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

Nepstad DC, Stickler CM, Almeida OT. (2006) Globalization of the Amazon soy and beef industries: Opportunities for conservation. Conservation Biology, 20, 1595-1603. (abstract)
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-15

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- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

*Nepstad DC, Tohver IM, Ray D, Moutinho P, Cardinot G. (2007) Mortality of large trees and lianas following experimental drought in an amazon forest. Ecology, 88, 2259-2269.
- Other teams who claimed this pub: LC-14

*Brando PM, Nepstad DC, Davidson EA, Trumbore SE, Ray D, Carmargo P. (2008) Drought effects on litterfall, wood production and belowground carbn cycling in an Amazon forest: results of a throughfall reduction experiment. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences, .
- Other teams who claimed this pub: ND-02; CD-08; LC-14

Davidson, E., P. A. Lefebvre, P. M. Brando, D. M. Ray, S. E. Trumbore, L. A. Solorzano, J. N. Ferreira, M. M. C. Bustamante, and D. C. Nepstad. (2011) Carbon Inputs and Water Uptake in Deep Soils of an Eastern Amazon Forest. Forest Science, 57, 51-58. (abstract)
- Other teams who claimed this pub: ND-30


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