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  Folha Amazônica


LC-02 (Brown / Silveira / Esteves)

LBA Dataset ID:



1. Brown, Irving Foster
2. Silveira, Marcos
3. Camargo, Plinio Barbosa de
4. Mauricio, Paulo Henrique da Silva
      5. Selhorst, Diogo
6. Trumbore, Susan E.
7. Vieira, Simone Aparecida

Point(s) of Contact:

Selhorst, Diogo (

Dataset Abstract:

We inventoried 2 10 ha areas; the Catuaba Experimental Farm (67 degrees 37 minutes 27 seconds W, 10 degrees 04 minutes 24 seconds S)and the Humaita Forest Reserve (67 degrees 39 minutes 54 seconds W, 09 degrees 45 minutes 24 seconds S) located in the Acre State, southwest Amazonia, Brazil. Both properties belong to the Federal University of Acre.
The Catuaba Experimental Farm is part of a ~ 800ha forest fragment. The study area measures 500 x 200m with permanent sub-plots measuring 25 x 25m. We measured 469 individuals with diameter at breast height (DBH) between 10 and 35 cm (in 1ha) and 554 individuals with DBH > 35 cm (in 10ha).
The Humaita Forest Reserve is located in a 1500 ha forest band with dominant bamboo characteristic. The study area measures 500 x 200m with permanent sub-plots measuring 25 x 25m. We measured 353 individuals with DBH between 10 and 35 cm (in 1ha) and 459 individuals with DBH > 35 cm (in 10ha).
Data Quality Statement: The Data Center has determined that this data set has missing or incomplete data, metadata, or other documentation resulting in diminished usability of this product. User beware.

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Ending Date:


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Data Status:

Not yet in archive queue

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Distribution Contact(s):

ORNL DAAC User Services (

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Data Access:

IMPORTANT: The LBA-ECO Project website is no longer being supported. Links to external websites may be inactive. Final data products from the LBA project can be found at the ORNL DAAC. Please follow the fair use guidelines found in the dataset documentation when using or citing LBA data.

Catuaba 10 hectare permanent plot in Southwest Amazonia, Acre State, Brazil:  Search at ORNL DAAC
Access preliminary data via ORNL DAAC:  Search at ORNL DAAC


Search at ORNL DAAC

Documentation/Other Supporting Documents:

Readme - Catuaba 10 hectare permanent plot:  Search at ORNL DAAC
Data Set User's Guide (Draft):  Search at ORNL DAAC

Citation Information - Other Details:

Selhorst, D. and I.F. Brown. 2010. LBA-ECO LC-02 Biomass Inventories of two Permanent Plots in Amazonia, Acre State. Data set. Available on-line [] from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Keywords - Theme:

Parameter Topic Term Source Sensor

Uncontrolled Theme Keyword(s):  Acre, Amazonia, bamboo forest, biomass, permanent plot

Keywords - Place (with associated coordinates):

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North South East West
Acre Catuaba Experimental Farm -10.07300 -10.07300 -67.62900 -67.62900
Acre Humaita Forest Reserve -7.00000 -7.00000 -67.00000 -67.00000

Related Publication(s):

Vieira, S., P.B. de Camargo, D. Selhorst, R. Da Silva, L. Hutyra, J.Q. Chambers, I.F. Brown, N. Higuchi, J. dos Santos, S.C. Wofsy, S.E. Trumbore, and L.A. Martinelli. (2004) Forest structure and carbon dynamics in Amazonian tropical rain forests. Oecologia 140(3):468-479.

Data Characteristics (Entity and Attribute Overview):

Data Characteristics:

The original data were presented in two Excel spreadsheets, one for each site. Those files are available online at LBA DIS and ORNL DAAC ftp sites at the data access URLs provided here.

The two spreadsheets have been combined and are being prepared for archive. There are still unresolved questions and those questions have been posed to the data providers.

The combined data is presented in a comma-delimited ASCII file and is organized as follows:

File name: LC02_Catuaba_Humaita_10_ha_inventories.csv,,,

Column,Heading,Units/format,Variable description

1,Site,,Sampling location either Catauba or Humaita

2,Index ,,????

3,Tree id,,Unique id tag number for each tree within a site

4,Sub-plot,,Sampling subplot 25 x 25 m area

5,Date_first_inv,,Sampling date for the first inventory at Catuaba this occurred between Nov. 1999 and July 2000 and at Humaita between January 2003 and March 2004

6,Date_second_inv,cm,Sampling date for the first inventory at Catuaba this occurred between Sept. 2001 and Sept. 2002 and there was no second inventory at Humaita

7,Status_first_inv,cm,Status in first inventory either live or dead

8,Diameter_class,m,1= greater than 35 cm diameter: 2= greater than or equal to 10 and less than or equal to 35 cm diameter: 3 recruited into the smaller diameter class in the second inventory; 4 recruited into the larger diameter class in the second inventory

9,DBH_first_inv,m,Diameter at breast height in centimeters (cm) measured at the first inventory

10,DBH_second_inv,m,Diameter at breast height in centimeters (cm) measured at the second inventory

11,DBH_height ,,Actual height of dbh measurement if different from 1.3 m

12,X,,Distance in meters (m) from plot origin (Southwest corner) on the x axis (East-West),,,,,,,,,,,,

13,Y,,Distance in meters (m) rom plot origin (Southwest corner) on the y axis (North-South),,,,,,,,,,,,

14,Common_name,,Common name assigned by Sr. Raimundo FUNTAC,,,,,,,,,,,,

15,Scientific_name,,Scientific name,,,,,,,,,,,,

16,Observations,,comments from the field notebook,,,,,,,,,,,,

Missing data is identified by -9999,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Example data records:

Site,Index ,Tree id,Sub-plot, Date_first_inv, Date_second_inv, Status_first_inv, Diameter_class,DBH_first_inv,DBH_second_inv,DBH_height , X, Y, Common_name,Scientific_name,Observations

Catauba,1,1,1,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,45,46,1.9,6.8,19,seringueira,Hevea brasiliense Muell. Arg.,-9999

Catauba,2,2,1,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,84.8,85.1,-9999,17,12.8,castanheira,Bertholletia excelsa H. B. K.,-9999

Catauba,3,3,1,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,37,35.1,-9999,16.8,12,xixa,Sterculia pruriens (Audl.) K. Schum.,-9999

Catauba,4,4,1,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,41.3,42.1,1.6,19,12.8,tamarina,Dialium guianense (Aubl.) Sandw.,-9999

Catauba,5,5,2,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,43.8,43.7,-9999,4.9,27.9,inga xixi,Inga alba (SW) Willd.,-9999

Catauba,6,6,2,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,37.9,35.8,-9999,14.3,30,torem abacate,Pouroma sp.,-9999

Catauba,7,7,2,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,59.2,58.2,-9999,23.5,23.6,breu de leite,Thyrsodium herrerense D. Daly,-9999

Catauba,8,8,2,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,36.9,37.6,1.85,17,34.5,apui branco,Ficus dusiaefolia Schett.,-9999

Catauba,9,9,2,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,39,40.2,2.05,19.8,38.5,tanimbuca,Terminalia sp.,-9999

Catauba,10,10,2,1999-2000,2001-2002,live,1,84.3,-9999,2.6,1.5,41.6,tanimbuca,Terminalia sp.,-9999

Data Application and Derivation:

Living trees constitute a major carbon pool in tropical forests. A better understanding of the variations in structure and dynamics of these forests is necessary to better predict the ability of these systems to respond to disturbance and their potential to act as either a sink or a source of carbon in the future. The diameter data presented here can be used in allometric equations to estimate biomass C pools and repeated measures allow the calculation of productivity measures as well as the amount of carbon allocated to live biomass. In combination with similar data from other sites across the Amazon basin these data contribute to a better understanding of the role of seasonality, disturbance and diversity in regulating carbon allocation and productivity.

Quality Assessment (Data Quality Attribute Accuracy Report):

Quality Assessment:

Diameter measurements were done with steel dbh tapes with an error or plus or minus 0.2 cm. Data have been reviewed and there are no known problems with them.

Process Description:

Data Acquisition Materials and Methods:

At Catauba a ten hectare (200 x 500 meters) permanent study plot was established by SETEM-UFAC in 1999. All stems greater than 35 cm diameter at breast height (dbh, measured at 1.3 m above the ground unless otherwise noted) were tagged mapped and measured. Trees with dbh between 10 and 35 cm dbh were measured mapped and tagged in 16 sub-plots (25 x 25 m area for a total sampling area of 1 ha).

It appears the same sampling design was used at Humaita- can you confirm that? when was the study plot established?

In the 2004 paper it mentions that dendrometers were placed on 100 trees in each of 3 size classes and then monitored every 4 to 8 weeks are these data available?


None cited.


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