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TG-08 Abstract

Biogeochemical Consequences of Agricultural Intensification in the Amazon Basin

Carlos Clemente Cerri — CENA - Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (USP) (SA-PI)
Jerry M. Melillo — Marine Biological Laboratory (US-PI)

Intensification of agriculture

is emerging as a major issue in the Amazon Basin because it is likely to have

broad-scale biological and biogeochemical effects.  We propose to study the

biogeochemical effects of the intensification of pasture agriculture and the

conversion of pasture to soybean monoculture.  To do this we have

established a series of large (40m x 40m) experimental plots on a ranch in Rondônia

where we have studied pasture biogeochemistry for the past decade.  Through

a range of experimental treatments and a regional survey, we are developing a

process-level understanding of how biogeochemical phenomena such as soil carbon

balance, trace gas emissions and leaching losses of plant nutrients are affected

by changes in agricultural land use.  We will collaborate with other LBA

investigators to scale site-specific data to the whole Basin.

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