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Codes are used to organize the LBA-ECO investigations by science theme:

- Carbon Dynamics
LC - Land Cover and Land Use Change
ND - Nutrient Dynamics and Surface Water Chemistry
PC - Physical Climate
TG - Trace Gas and Aerosol Fluxes

Investigation Profiles contain the following information:

  • Participant List
  • Abstracts
  • Research Areas
  • Scheduled STI Site Visits
  • Training and Education Activities
  • Dataset Profiles
  • Publications

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LBA-ECO Carbon Cycle and Terrestrial Ecology Awards (2008 - 2011)
Investigations Investigation Titles
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CD-40: Keller Historical Reconstruction of Vegetation Change and a Carbon Budget for the Brazilian Cerrado Using Multiple Satellite Sensors and Historical Aerial Photography2008-2011
CD-41: Palace Scaling Forest Biometric Properties Derived From High Resolution Imagery To The Amazon Basin Using Moderate Resolution Spectral Reflectance Data2008-2011


LBA-ECO Synthesis, Integration and Modeling (Phase 3): 2005 - 2009

Participation of designated Phase 3 investigations (*) is pending approval of the LBA Science Steering Committee.

Investigations Investigation Titles
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CD-30: Fitzjarrald / Morăes / Acevedo / Cohen / M. Silva Dias / Manzi Mesoclimate and Land Use Change Effects on Carbon Exchange in Amazonia03/2006-03/2008
CD-31: Miller, S. / da Rocha The Effects of Selective Logging on Carbon Dioxide and Energy Exchange in Tapajos National Forest02/2006-02/2008
CD-32: Saleska / da Rocha / Artaxo / Nobre / Shimabukuro Carbon Balance in Amazon Forests from Site to Region: Integrating Remote Sensing from Satellites and Aircraft with Ground-based Tower and Biometric Data01/2006-06/2009
CD-33: Richey / Victoria From Small Streams to the Sea: A Multi-Scale Synthesis of Carbon and Hydrological Dynamics across the Amazon Landscape01/2006-01/2008
CD-34: Chambers / Higuchi / J. dos Santos / Camargo Disturbance Effects on Carbon Dynamics in Old-Growth Amazon Forest: Model Algorithm Development and Synthesis from Individual Trees to Landscapes01/2006-01/2008
CD-35: Wofsy / Camargo / Artaxo / M. Silva Dias Fluxes and Budgets of CO2 and H2O in the Amazon Basin04/2006-10/2007
CD-36: Bastidas / Shuttleworth / Nobre Analyzing and Synthesizing LBA Field Data to Improve the Performance of Land Surface Models05/2006-05/2008
CD-37: Lefsky / ?? Spatially-explicit Estimates of Forest Biomass in the Amazon Basin using MODIS and the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System01/2006-01/2009
LC-30: Walsh / Manosalvas Multi-Agent Models of Land Cover/Land Use Dynamics in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: Coupling Human & Natural Systems through Pattern-Process Relations and Spatial Simulations01/2006-01/2008
LC-31: Foley / Costa Evaluating Changes in Regional- to Global-Scale Ecosystem Services Provided by Amazonian Rainforests04/2006-01/2009
LC-32: Melack / Novo Linking Remote Sensing of Variations in Inundation and Aquatic Vegetation with Regional Analyses of Carbon Dynamics in Amazon Wetlands.04/2006-03/2008
LC-33: Asner / Bustamante Integrating Satellite, Modeling and Synthesis Approaches to Understand the Role of Selective Logging on Biogeochemical Cycles in Amazonia10/2005-10/2007
LC-34: Moran / Batistella Human and Physical Dimensions of Land Use/Cover Change In Amazonia: Phase III - Towards Sustainability02/2006-02/2008
LC-35: Csiszar / Longo / Setzer Analysis of Long-term fire Dynamics and Impacts in the Amazon Using Integrated Multi-source Fire Observations01/2006-01/2009
LC-36: Walker / Reis Spatially Specific Land Cover Econometrics & Integration With Climate Prediction: Scenarios of Future Landscapes and Land-climate Interactions02/2006-02/2008
LC-37: Nepstad / Soares-Filho / Almeida Integration of Land Use, Fire, and Carbon Flux in Critical Amazon Landscapes: the Xingu River Headwaters and the BR163 Highway Corridor10/2005-10/2007
LC-38: Melillo / Cerri Land-atmosphere Exchanges of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Associated with Agricultural Expansion in the Brazilian Amazon10/2005-10/2007
LC-39: DeFries / Shimabukuro Reducing Uncertainties of Carbon Emissions from Land Use-Related Fires with MODIS Data: From Local to Global Scale02/2005-01/2008
ND-30: Davidson / Carvalho / Figueiredo / Vieira Synthesis of Nutrient Interactions in Secondary Vegetation in Amazonia03/2006-03/2008
ND-31: Deegan / Victoria Quantifying and Scaling Land-Water Connections and River-Channel Biogeochemistry in Amazon River Networks01/2006-01/2008
PC-30: Avissar / Pedro Silva Dias How Resilient is the Hydrometerology of the Amazon Basin to Human Pressure?12/2005-12/2008
TG-30: Potter / Bustamante / Ferreira / Cosme de Oliveira Modeling and Synthesis of the Effects of Land Use Change on Carbon and Trace Gas Budgets over the Amazon Region10/2005-10/2007
TG-31: Miller, J. / Gatti / M. Silva Dias Evaluation and Estimation of Surface Trace Gas Fluxes from Aircraft Measurements Above the Amazon02/2006-02/2009
TG-32: Keller / Oliveira Synthesis and Integration of Ecological Research within the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA) and Science Support for LBA-ECO01/2006-12/2008


LBA-ECO Field Investigations (Phase 1 and 2): 1998 - 2005

Investigations Investigation Titles
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CD-01: Denning / Dias Spatial Integration of Regional Carbon Balance in Amazonia07/1998-12/2005
CD-02: Ehleringer / Martinelli Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Ratio CO2 Flux Analyses at the Soil, Canopy, and Landscape Scales07/1998-12/2005
CD-03: Fitzjarrald / Moraes Periodic, Transient, and Spatially Inhomogeneous Influences on Carbon Exchange in Amazonia07/1998-01/2007
CD-04: Goulden / Rocha Measuring the Effects of Logging on the CO2 and Energy Exchange of a Primary Forest in Tapajós National Forest07/1998-02/2007
CD-05: Nepstad / Klink / Moutinho Amazon Scenarios: Modeling Interactions Among Land Use, Fire, and Climate07/1998-01/2007
CD-06: Richey / Victoria Carbon and Moisture Fluxes along the LBA Transects: Data Assimilation and Modeling07/1998-12/2005
CD-07: Smith / Cooper / Dias High Resolution Carbon Exchange Over Large-Scale Amazonia Based on Modeling and GOES Satellite-Derived Radiation Inputs07/1998-12/2002
CD-08: Trumbore / Camargo Carbon Dynamics in Vegetation and Soils Along the Eastern LBA Transect07/1998-12/2005
CD-09: Rastetter / Shimabukuro A Modeling Synthesis of the Impacts of Tropical Forest Conversion on Carbon Fluxes and Storage, and on Nutrient Dynamics in Amazonia07/1998-05/2002
CD-10: Wofsy / Kirchhoff / Camargo / A. Nobre Ecosystem Carbon Balance in a Primary Tropical Forest in Central Amazonia: Integrating Long-term Eddy Covariance with Comprehensive Ecological Methods07/1998-12/2005
CD-11: Houghton / Alencar Selective logging, fire, and biomass in Amazonia03/1999-08/2003
CD-12: Vourlitis / Priante A Pilot Study for Assessing the Carbon and Energy Balance of a Transitional Tropical Forest in Southwest Amazonia08/1999-12/2005
CD-15: Cohen / Costa BigFoot II: In situ Measurements, Remote Sensing, and Models to Validate MODIS Products Related to the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle09/2001-02/2005
CD-17: Ducey / Alves Validating, Scaling and Parameterizing a Forest Regrowth Model for the Amazon Region Using Aircraft and Spaceborne Sensors and GIS09/2001-08/2004
CD-18: Shuttleworth / Nobre Modeling Amazonian Carbon Release with Calibrated SVAT Models01/2003-10/2006
LC-01: Walsh / Bilsborrow / Manosalvas Modeling the Scale Dependent Drivers of LCLU Dynamics in Northeastern Ecuador: Simulating Patterns of Landscape Change and Assessing their Cause and Consequence through Multi-Level Models and Cellular Automata06/1998-12/2005
LC-02: Brown / Silveira / Esteves Land-Cover/Land-Use Change and Carbon Dynamics in an Expanding Frontier in Western Amazonia: Acre, Brazil07/1998-12/2005
LC-03: Dobson / Soares Radar Remote Sensing of Land Cover and Biomass in the Amazon07/1998-12/2002
LC-04: Foley / Costa Exploring Interactions Among the Ecological, Hydrological and Climate Systems of Amazonia07/1998-01/2007
LC-05: Laurance / Mesquita Anthropogenic Land-use Change and the Dynamics of Amazon Forest Biomass07/1998-12/2005
LC-06: Huete / Shimabukuro Validation and Evaluation of MODIS Data Products in the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA)07/1998-12/2002
LC-07: Melack / Novo / Forsberg Multi-Scale Analysis of Inundation with Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing in the Amazon Basin: Applications to Biogeochemical Measurements and Modeling07/1998-01/2007
LC-08: Moore / Nobre Modeling the Biogeochemical System of the Terrestrial Amazon: Issues for Sustainability07/1998-12/2002
LC-09: Moran / Batistella Human and Physical Dimensions of Land Use/Cover Change in Amazonia: Towards a Multiscale Synthesis06/1998-01/2007
LC-10: Skole / Pedlowski Measurement and Modeling of the Inter-Annual Dynamics of Deforestation and Regrowth in the Brazilian Amazon: Land Use Control on the Annual Net Flux of Carbon07/1998-12/2002
LC-11: Chapman / Dutra JERS1 Amazon Multi-Season Mapping Study (JAMMS)03/1999-12/2001
LC-12: Tucker / Rudorff / Shimabukuro Near-Real Time South American GAC Data Production in Support of the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia10/2000-12/2001
LC-13: Asner / Silva Low-Cost Evaluation of EO-1 Hyperion and ALI for Detection and Biophysical Characterization of Forest Logging in Amazonia05/2000-08/2003
LC-14: Nepstad / Moutinho The Effects of Partial Throughfall Exclusion on Forest Flammability, Productivity, Metabolism and Nutrient Cycling in an Amazon Forest07/1998-12/2005
LC-15: Saatchi / Alvala Mapping Global Aerodynamic Roughness Length of Land Surface at 1 km Scale (Aerodynamic Roughness and Vegetation Structure of Amazon Basin)05/2000-04/2001
LC-16: Davidson / Klink The Effects of Rainfall Exclusion on Canopy Phenology, Water Dynamics, Carbon, Nutrients, and Survival of Plants of the Cerrado Projeto Seca-Cerrado07/1998-12/2005
LC-21: Asner / Bustamante / Silva Regional Effects of Selective Logging on Canopy Damage and Nutrient Dynamics in Amazonia: Linking Landsat ETM+ and Field Biogeochemical Studies01/2003-09/2006
LC-22: DeFries / Shimabukuro Integrating Coarse and Fine Resolution Satellite Data to Monitor Land Cover Change throughout Amazônia01/2003-12/2005
LC-23: Morisette / Schroeder / Pereira Quantifying the Accuracy of MODIS Fire Products and Establishing Their Relationship with Land Cover Dynamics01/2003-12/2005
LC-24: Walker / Reis A Basin-Scale Econometric Model for Projecting Future Amazonian Landscapes01/2003-01/2007
ND-01: Roberts / Barreto / Soares Land Cover Conversion in Amazonia, the Role of Environment and Substrate Composition in Modifying Soil Nutrient Cycling and Forest Regeneration04/1998-12/2006
ND-02: Davidson / Stone / Markewitz / Carvalho / Sa / Vieira / Moutinho / Figueiredo Dynamics of Biogeochemical Cycles in Secondary Vegetation of Amazonia07/1998-12/2005
ND-03: Deegan / Victoria / Krusche / Ballester Key Connections in Amazonian Stream Corridors07/1998-01/2007
ND-04: Fernandes / Wandelli Carbon and Nutrient Stocks, Soil Water Dynamics, and Trace Gas Fluxes in Abandoned Pastures and Agroforestry Systems in the Central Amazon07/1998-12/2002
ND-06: Gholz / Oliveira Nitrogen and Phosphorus Dynamics in Forests and Converted Forest Sites in the Amazon Basin: A Review and Synthesis of Previous Research07/1998-12/2000
ND-07: Zepp / Bustamante Effects of Land Use Changes on the Functioning of Soils and Watersheds of Central Brazil Savannas: Impacts on Nutrient and Carbon Cycles and Trace Gas Exchange07/1998-01/2006
ND-08: McNabb / Costa Soil Organic Matter Fluxes in Amazonian Forests: Natural Vs Intensively Managed Systems07/1998-12/2002
ND-09: Richey / Victoria Biogeochemical Dynamics in River Corridors of the Amazon Basin and Their Response to Anthropogenic Change07/1998-12/2002
ND-10: Townsend / Asner / Bustamante An Integrated Use of Experimental Modeling and Remote Sensing Techniques to Study Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics During Tropical Land Use Change03/1999-12/2000
ND-11: Lehmann / Passos / Couto Carbon and Nutrient Stocks and Regrowth in Reduced Impact and Conventionally Logged Forests and Settlements in NW Mato Grosso, Brazil01/2003-02/2007
TG-01: Chatfield / Silva Dias Cooperative Regional Transport Modeling of C and N for Amazonia07/1998-12/2002
TG-02: Guenther / Gatti Influence of Amazonia Land-Use Change on Chemical Constituents in the Atmosphere07/1998-12/2002
TG-03: Schafer / Artaxo / Duarte / Setzer Characterization of Aerosol Optical Properties and Solar Flux for LBA-ECO10/1998-12/2005
TG-04: Martens / Moraes / Victoria / Moreira Radon-222 and Stable Carbon Isotope Tracing of Carbon Exchange and Trace Gas Fluxes in Old Growth and Selectively Logged Amazonian Forests07/1998-03/2007
TG-05: Potter / Carvalho / Oliveira Modeling the Effects of Land Use Change and Surface Hydrology on Carbon and Trace Gas Fluxes for the Amazon Region07/1998-12/2005
TG-06: Tans / Miller / Artaxo / Gatti / Martinelli Vertical Profiles of Carbon Dioxide and Other Trace Gas Species Over the Amazon Basin Using Small Aircraft07/1998-06/2007
TG-07: Keller / Oliveira Soil Biogeochemistry of Carbon, Nutrients, and Trace Gases in the Amazon Region of Brazil: Field and Model Studies of Natural and Managed Conditions07/1998-12/2005
TG-08: Melillo / Cerri Biogeochemical Consequences of Agricultural Intensification in the Amazon Basin07/1998-05/2004
TG-09: Trumbore / Perez / Camargo Stable isotopes of N2O emitted from tropical soils: causes of spatial variability and implications for constraining the global N2O budget07/1998-12/2002
TG-10: Yokelson / Artaxo Tropical Biomass Fires and Tropospheric Chemistry: Chemistry and Production of Smoke in Brazil (CAPOS-2004-BRASIL)01/2003-12/2005


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