Title: Carbon and Moisture Fluxes along the LBA Transects: Data Assimilation and Modeling

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Maria Victoria Ramos Ballester (SA-PI) 
Jeffrey E. Richey (US-PI) 
Reynaldo Luiz Victoria (SA-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for CD-06

1. Aufdenkampe AK, Hedges JI, Richey JE, Krusche AV, Llerena CA. (2001) Sorptive fractionation of dissolved organic nitrogen and amino acids onto fine sediments within the Amazon Basin. Limnology and Oceanography, 46, 1921-1935. [Pub ID # 183 ]
2. McClain ME, Victoria RL, Richey JE. The Biogeochemistry of the Amazon Basin, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2001. [Pub ID # 184 ]
3. *Richey JE, Melack JM, Aufdenkampe AK, Ballester VM, Hess LL. (2002) Outgassing from Amazonian rivers and wetlands as a large tropical source of atmospheric CO2. Nature, 416, 617-620. [Pub ID # 233 ]
4. Ballester MVR, Victoria DD, Krusche AV, Coburn R, Victoria RL, Richey JE, Logsdon MG, Mayorga E, Matricardi E. (2003) A remote sensing/GIS-based physical template to understand the biogeochemistry of the Ji-Parana river basin (Western Amazonia). Remote Sensing of Environment, 87, 429-445. [Pub ID # 387 ]
5. Bernardes MC, Martinelli LA, Krusche AV, Gudeman J, Moreira M, Victoria RL, Ometto JPHB, Ballester MVR, Aufdenkampe AK, Richey JE, Hedges JI. (2004) Riverine organic matter composition as a function of land use changes, Southwest Amazon. Ecological Applications, 14, 263-279. [Pub ID # 463 ]
6. Richey JE. Emission of CO2 from Riverine Systems, in Global Change and the Earth System: A Planet under Pressure, edited by Steffan W, pp. 172-173, Springer-Verlag, 2004. [Pub ID # 573 ]
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9. Hanada L. Land Use and Land Cover Changes in the Amazonia Frontier, Ji-Parana\' River Basin Rondônia - Brazil, Thesis, Programa de Pos-Graduação em Ecologia de Agroecossistemas. ESALQ/CENA-USP. Setembro, 2004. Portuguese., 2005 [Pub ID # 536 ]
10. KRUSCHE AVBMVRVRLea. (2005) Effects of land use changes in the biogeochemistry of fluvial systems of the Ji-Paraná river basin, Rondônia. Acta Amazonica, 35, 197-205. [Pub ID # 682 ]
11. Logsdon MG, Weeks R, Smith M, Richey JE, Ballester V, Shimabukuro Y. (2005) Detection of Mesoscale Seasonal and Interannual Variation in the Vegetation of the Amazon Basin. Earth Interactions, 9. [Pub ID # 1009 ]
12. Mayorga E, Aufdenkampe AK, Masiello CA, Krusche AV, Hedges JI, Quay P, Richey JE, Brown TA. (2005) Young organic matter as a source of carbon dioxide outgassing from Amazonian rivers. Nature, 436. [Pub ID # 1005 ]
13. Mayorga E, Logsdon MG, Ballester MVR, Richey JE. (2005) Estimating cell-to-cell land surface drainage paths from digital channel networks, with an application to the Amazon basin. Journal of Hydrology, 315, 167-182. [Pub ID # 670 ]
15. Victoria DD, Santiago AV, Ballester MVR, Pereira AR, Victoria RL, Richey JE. (2007) Water balance for the Ji-Parana River Basin, Western Amazon, using a simple method through geographical information systems and remote sensing. Earth Interactions, 11. [Pub ID # 837 ]
16. Rasera MFL, Ballester MV, Krusche AV. (2008) Estimating the Surface Area of Small Rivers in the Southwestern Amazon and Their Role in CO2 Outgassing. Earth Interactions, 12. [Pub ID # 1008 ]
17. Alin SR, Rasera MFL, Salimon CI, Richey JE, Holtgrieve GW, Krusche AV, Snidvongs A. (2010) Physical controls on carbon dioxide transfer velocity and flux in low-gradient river systems and implications for regional carbon budgets. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116. [Pub ID # 1004 ]
18. Ellis EE, Richey JE, Aufdenkampe AK, Krusche AV, Quay P, Salimon C, da Cunha HB. (2012) Factors controlling water-column respiration in rivers of the central andsouthwestern Amazon Basin. Limnology and Oceanography, 57, 527-540. [Pub ID # 1006 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for CD-06


1. LBA-ECO CD-06 Amazon River Basin Land and Stream Drainage Direction Maps
2. LBA-ECO CD-06 Biogeochemistry of Ji-Parana River and Tributaries, Brazil: 1999-2001
3. LBA-ECO CD-06 Carbon Cycling in Rivers in Amazonas and Acre, Brazil: 2005-2006
4. LBA-ECO CD-06 Carbon Mobilization, Advection, and Reaction in the Amazon River and its Tributaries (Poster)
5. LBA-ECO CD-06 CO2 Exchange in River Systems Across the Amazon Basin: 2004-2007
6. LBA-ECO CD-06 Flux of CO2 from Amazon Mainstem Rivers, Tributaries, and Floodplains
7. LBA-ECO CD-06 Isotopic Composition of Carbon Fractions, Amazon Basin River Water
8. LBA-ECO CD-06 Ji-Parana River Basin Land Use and Land Cover Map, Brazil: 1999
9. LBA-ECO CD-06 Land cover on the Varzea (Amazon River Floodplain): Three images, 1980s
10. LBA-ECO CD-06 Land Use/Land Cover Time Series, Ji-Parana Basin, Brazil: 1986-2001
11. LBA-ECO CD-06 Physical, Political, and Hydrologic Maps, Ji-Parana River Basin, Brazil
12. LBA-ECO CD-06 Soil Classification Map, Ji-Parana River Basin, Rondonia, Brazil
13. LBA-ECO CD-06 Sorption of dissolved organic carbon to soils of the lowland Amazon Basin
14. LBA-ECO CD-06 Water Balance of the Ji-Parana River Basin, Brazil: 1995-1996

3. Matrix of Publications / Datasets for CD-06
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