Title: Modeling the Effects of Land Use Change and Surface Hydrology on Carbon and Trace Gas Fluxes for the Amazon Region

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Claudio Josť Reis de Carvalho (SA-PI) 
Raimundo Cosme Oliveira Jr. (SA-PI) 
Christopher S. Potter (US-PI) 
Carlos Schenato (SA-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for TG-05

1. Potter CS, Davidson EA, Klooster SA, Nepstad DC, De Negreiros GH, Brooks V. (1998) Regional application of an ecosystem production model for studies of biogeochemistry in Brazilian Amazonia. Global Change Biology, 4, 315-333. [Pub ID # 933 ]
2. Nepstad DC, Verissimo A, Alencar A, Nobre C, Lima E, Lefebvre P, Schlesinger P, Potter C, Moutinho P, Mendoza E, Cochrane M, Brooks V. (1999) Large-scale impoverishment of Amazonian forests by logging and fire. Nature, 398, 505-508. [Pub ID # 19 ]
3. Potter C, Davidson EA, Nepstad D, de Carvalho CR. (2001) Ecosystem modeling and dynamic effects of deforestation on trace gas fluxes in Amazon tropical forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 152, 97-117. [Pub ID # 107 ]
4. Potter C, Genovese VB, Klooster S, Bobo M, Torregrosa A. (2001) Biomass burning losses of carbon estimated from ecosystem modeling and satellite data analysis for the Brazilian Amazon region. Atmospheric Environment, 35, 1773-1781. [Pub ID # 89 ]
5. *Potter C, Klooster S, de Carvalho CR, Genovese VB, Torregrosa A, Dungan J, Bobo M, Coughlan J. (2001) Modeling seasonal and interannual variability in ecosystem carbon cycling for the Brazilian Amazon region. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 106, 10423-10446. [Pub ID # 92 ]
6. Potter C, Brooks-Genovese V, Klooster S, Torregrosa A. (2002) Biomass burning emissions of reactive gases estimated from satellite data analysis and ecosystem modeling for the Brazilian Amazon region. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 107. [Pub ID # 260 ]
7. Potter C, Tan PN, Steinbach M, Klooster S, Kumar V, Myneni R, Genovese V. (2003) Major disturbance events in terrestrial ecosystems detected using global satellite data sets. Global Change Biology, 9, 1005-1021. [Pub ID # 935 ]
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9. Potter C, Klooster S, Tan P, Steinbach M, Kumar V, Genovese V. (2005) Variability in terrestrial carbon sinks over two decades. Part III: South America, Africa, and Asia. Earth Interactions, 9. [Pub ID # 781 ]
10. *Potter C, Klooster S, Genovese V. (2009) Carbon emissions from deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Region. Biogeosciences, 6, 2369-2381. [Pub ID # 945 ]
11. Potter C, Klooster S, Huete A, Genovese V, Bustamante M, Ferreira LG, de Oliveira RC, Zepp R. (2009) Terrestrial carbon sinks in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado region predicted from MODIS satellite data and ecosystem modeling. Biogeosciences, 6, 937-945. [Pub ID # 950 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for TG-05


1. LBA Regional Boundary for the Legal Amazon of Brazil, 8-KM
2. LBA-ECO TG-05 NPP, Carbon Pool, Soil Characteristics, Soil Gas Flux Maps of Brazil

3. Matrix of Publications / Datasets for TG-05
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