Title: Quantifying and Scaling Land-Water Connections and River-Channel Biogeochemistry in Amazon River Networks

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Linda Ann Deegan (US-PI) 
Reynaldo Luiz Victoria (SA-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for ND-31

1. KRUSCHE AVBMVRVRLea. (2005) Effects of land use changes in the biogeochemistry of fluvial systems of the Ji-Paraná river basin, Rondônia. Acta Amazonica, 35, 197-205. [Pub ID # 682 ]
2. Neill C, Elsenbeer H, Krusche AV, Lehmann J, Markewitz D, Figueiredo RD. (2006) Hydrological and biogeochemical processes in a changing Amazon: results from small watershed studies and the large-scale biosphere-atmosphere experiment. Hydrological Processes, 20, 2467-2476. [Pub ID # 696 ]
3. Neill C, Piccolo MC, Cerri CC, Steudler PA, Melillo JM. (2006) Soil solution nitrogen losses during clearing of lowland Amazon forest for pasture. Plant and Soil, 281, 233-245. [Pub ID # 901 ]
4. Germer S, Neill C, Krusche AV, Gouveia SC, Elsenbeer H. (2007) Seasonal and within-event dynamics of rainfall and throughfall chemistry in an open tropical rainforest in Rondonia, Brazil. Biogeochemistry, 86, 155-174. [Pub ID # 898 ]
5. Chaves J, Neill C, Germer S, Neto SG, Krusche A, Elsenbeer H. (2008) Land management impacts on runoff sources in small Amazon watersheds. Hydrological Processes, 22, 1766-1775. [Pub ID # 900 ]
6. Zimmermann A, Germer S, Neill C, Krusche AV, Elsenbeer H. (2008) Spatio-temporal patterns of throughfall and solute deposition in an open tropical rain forest. Journal of Hydrology, 360, 87-102. [Pub ID # 962 ]
7. Chaves J, Neill C, Germer S, Neto SG, Krusche AV, Bonilla AC, Elsenbeer H. (2009) Nitrogen Transformations in Flowpaths Leading from Soils to Streams in Amazon Forest and Pasture. Ecosystems, 12, 961-972. [Pub ID # 938 ]
8. Germer S, Neill C, Vetter T, Chaves J, Krusche AV, Elsenbeer H. (2009) Implications of long-term land-use change for the hydrology and solute budgets of small catchments in Amazonia. Journal of Hydrology, 364, 349-363. [Pub ID # 899 ]
9. Tomasella J, Neill C, Figueiredo R, Nobre AD. Water and Chemical Budgets at the Catchment Scale Including Nutrient Exports From Intact Forests and Disturbed Landscapes, in Amazonia and Global Change, edited by Keller M, Bustamante M, Gash JHC and Silva-Dias P, 2009. [Pub ID # 939 ]
10. Germer S, Neill C, Krusche AV, Elsenbeer H. (2010) Influence of land-use change on near-surface hydrological processes: Undisturbed forest to pasture. Journal of Hydrology, 380, 473-480. [Pub ID # 937 ]

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