Title: Disturbance Effects on Carbon Dynamics in Old-Growth Amazon Forest: Model Algorithm Development and Synthesis from Individual Trees to Landscapes

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Plínio Barbosa de Camargo (SA-PI) 
Jeffrey Q. Chambers (US-PI) 
Niro Higuchi (SA-PI) 
Joaquim dos Santos (SA-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for CD-34

1. Chambers JQ, Asner GP, Morton DC, Anderson LO, Saatch SS, Espirito-Santo FDB, Palace M, Souza C. (2007) Regional ecosystem structure and function: ecological insights from remote sensing of tropical forests. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 22, 414-423. [Pub ID # 878 ]
2. Chambers JQ, Fisher JI, Zeng HC, Chapman EL, Baker DB, Hurtt GC. (2007) Hurricane Katrina\'s carbon footprint on U. S. Gulf Coast forests. Science, 318, 1107. [Pub ID # 877 ]
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4. *Fisher JI, Hurtt GC, Thomas RQ, Chambers JQ. (2008) Clustered disturbances lead to bias in large-scale estimates based on forest sample plots. Ecology Letters, 11, 554-563. [Pub ID # 903 ]
5. *Chambers JQ, Negron-Juarez RI, Hurtt GC, Marra DM, Higuchi N. (2009) Lack of intermediate-scale disturbance data prevents robust extrapolation of plot-level tree mortality rates for old-growth tropical forests. Ecology Letters, 12, 22-25. [Pub ID # 949 ]
6. Chambers JQ, Robertson AL, Carneiro VMC, Lima AJN, Smith ML, Plourde LC, Higuchi N. (2009) Hyperspectral remote detection of niche partitioning among canopy trees driven by blowdown gap disturbances in the Central Amazon. Oecologia, 160, 107-117. [Pub ID # 902 ]
7. Potter C, Klooster S, Huete A, Genovese V, Bustamante M, Ferreira LG, de Oliveira RC, Zepp R. (2009) Terrestrial carbon sinks in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado region predicted from MODIS satellite data and ecosystem modeling. Biogeosciences, 6, 937-945. [Pub ID # 950 ]
8. Negron-Juarez RI, Chambers JQ, Guimaraes G, Zeng HC, Raupp CFM, Marra DM, Ribeiro GHPM, Saatchi SS, Nelson BW, Higuchi N. (2010) Widespread Amazon forest tree mortality from a single cross-basin squall line event. Geophysical Research Letters, 37. [Pub ID # 956 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for CD-34


1. LBA-ECO CD-34 Hyperion 30-m Surface Reflectance, Amazon Basin: 2002-2005
2. LBA-ECO CD-34 Landsat Fractional Land Cover Analysis, Manaus, Brazil: 2004-2005

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