Title: An Integrated Use of Experimental Modeling and Remote Sensing Techniques to Study Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics During Tropical Land Use Change

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Gregory Paul Asner (US-PI) 
Mercedes Bustamante (SA-PI) 
Alan R. Townsend (US-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for ND-10

1. Asner GP, Townsend AR, Bustamante MMC. (1999) Spectrometry of pasture condition and biogeochemistry in the Central Amazon. Geophysical Research Letters, 26, 2769-2772. [Pub ID # 21 ]
2. Kimes DS, Nelson RF, Salas WA, Skole DL. (1999) Mapping secondary tropical forest and forest age from SPOT HRV data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 20, 3625-3640. [Pub ID # 186 ]
3. Asner GP, Townsend AR, Riley WJ, Matson PA, Neff JC, Cleveland CC. (2001) Physical and biogeochemical controls over terrestrial ecosystem responses to nitrogen deposition. Biogeochemistry, 54, 1-39. [Pub ID # 659 ]
4. Laurance WF, Cochrane MA. (2001) Synergistic effects in fragmented landscapes. Conservation Biology, 15, 1488-1489. [Pub ID # 188 ]
5. Laurance WF, Cochrane MA, Bergen S, Fearnside PM, Delamonica P, Barber C, D\'Angelo S, Fernandes T. (2001) Environment - The future of the Brazilian Amazon. Science, 291, 438-439. [Pub ID # 187 ]
6. Laurance WF, Fearnside PM, Cochrane MA, D\'Angelo S, Bergen S, Delamonica P. Development of the Brazilian Amazon - Response. Science 292(5522), 1652-1654. 2001.
[Pub ID # 147 ]
7. Townsend AR, Asner GP, Cleveland CC, Lefer ME, Bustamante MMC. (2002) Unexpected changes in soil phosphorus dynamics along pasture chronosequences in the humid tropics. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 107. [Pub ID # 432 ]
8. Townsend AR, Asner GP, White JWC, Tans PP. (2002) Land use effects on atmospheric C-13 imply a sizable terrestrial CO2 sink in tropical latitudes. Geophysical Research Letters, 29. [Pub ID # 657 ]
9. Asner GP, Townsend AR, Bustamante MMC, Nardoto GB, Olander LP. (2004) Pasture degradation in the central Amazon: linking changes in carbon and nutrient cycling with remote sensing. Global Change Biology, 10, 844-862. [Pub ID # 405 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for ND-10


1. LBA-ECO ND-10 Soil Properties of Pasture Chronosequences, Para, Brazil: 1997

3. Matrix of Publications / Datasets for ND-10
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