Title: Tropical Biomass Fires and Tropospheric Chemistry: Chemistry and Production of Smoke in Brazil (CAPOS-2004-BRASIL)

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Paulo Artaxo (SA-PI) 
Robert James Yokelson (US-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for TG-10

1. Christian TJ, Yokelson RJ, Carvalho JA, Griffith DWT, Alvarado EC, Santos JC, Neto TGS, Veras CAG, Hao WM. (2007) The tropical forest and fire emissions experiment: Trace gases emitted by smoldering logs and dung from deforestation and pasture fires in Brazil. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 112. [Pub ID # 821 ]
2. Karl T, Guenther A, Yokelson RJ, Greenberg J, Potosnak M, Blake DR, Artaxo P. (2007) The tropical forest and fire emissions experiment: Emission, chemistry, and transport of biogenic volatile organic compounds in the lower atmosphere over Amazonia. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 112. [Pub ID # 822 ]
3. Yokelson RJ, Karl T, Artaxo P, Blake DR, Christian TJ, Griffith DWT, Guenther A, Hao WM. (2007) The Tropical Forest and Fire Emissions Experiment: overview and airborne fire emission factor measurements. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7, 5175-5196. [Pub ID # 820 ]
4. Yokelson RJ, Karl T, Christian TJ, Artazo P, Carvalho JJA, Alvarado EC, Greenberg J, Blake DR, Guenther A. (2007) Airborne and ground-based measurements of fire and biogenic emissions during the 2004 Amazonian dry season. iLEAPS Newsletter, 4, 30-32. [Pub ID # 823 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for TG-10


1. LBA-ECO TG-10 Fire Emission Factors in Mato Grosso, Para, and Amazonas, Brazil: 2004

3. Matrix of Publications / Datasets for TG-10
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