Title: Land Cover Conversion in Amazonia, the Role of Environment and Substrate Composition in Modifying Soil Nutrient Cycling and Forest Regeneration

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Paulo Gonçalves Barreto (SA-PI) 
Getulio T. Batista (SA-PI) 
Oliver A. Chadwick (US-PI) 
Dar A. Roberts (US-PI) 
Joao Vianei Soares (SA-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for ND-01

1. Roberts DA, Batista G, Pereira J, Waller E, Nelson B. Change Identification using Multitemporal Spectral Mixture Analysis: Applications in Eastern Amazonia, in Remote Sensing Change Detection: Environmental Monitoring Applications and Methods, edited by Elvidge C and Lunetta R, pp. 137-161, Ann Arbor Press, Ann Arbor, MI, 1998. [Pub ID # 478 - no datasets expected (NDE)]
2. Roberts DA, Nelson BW, Adams JB, Palmer F. (1998) Spectral changes with leaf aging in Amazon caatinga. Trees-Structure and Function, 12, 315-325. [Pub ID # 255 - no datasets expected (NDE)]
3. Biggs TW, Dunne T, Domingues TF, Martinelli LA. (2002) Relative influence of natural watershed properties and human disturbance on stream solute concentrations in the southwestern Brazilian Amazon basin. Water Resources Research, 38. [Pub ID # 476 ]
4. Roberts DA, Numata I, Holmes K, Batista G, Krug T, Monteiro A, Powell B, Chadwick OA. (2002) Large area mapping of land-cover change in Rondonia using multitemporal spectral mixture analysis and decision tree classifiers. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 107. [Pub ID # 254 ]
5. Numata I, Soares JV, Roberts DA, Leonidas FC, Chadwick OA, Batista GT. (2003) Relationships among soil fertility dynamics and remotely sensed measures across pasture chronosequences in Rondonia, Brazil. Remote Sensing of Environment, 87, 446-455. [Pub ID # 284 ]
6. Roberts DA, Keller M, Soares JV. (2003) Studies of land-cover, land-use, and biophysical properties of vegetation in the Large Scale Biosphere Atmosphere experiment in Amazonia. Remote Sensing of Environment, 87, 377-388. [Pub ID # 283 ]
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9. *Souza CMJ, Roberts DA, Monteiro AL. (2005) Multitemporal Analysis of Degraded Forests in the Southern Brazilian Amazon. Earth Interactions, 9, 1-25. [Pub ID # 663 ]
10. Holmes KW, Chadwick OA, Kyriakidis PC, Silva de Filho EP, Soares JV, Roberts DA. (2006) Large-area spatially explicit estimates of tropical soil carbon stocks and response to land-cover change. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 20. [Pub ID # 997 ]
11. Numata I, Chadwick OA, Roberts D, Schimel JP, Sampaio FF, Leonidas FC, Soares JV. (2007) Temporal nutrient variation in soil and vegetation of post-forest pastures as a function of soil order, pasture age, and management, Rondonia, Brazil. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 118, 159-172. [Pub ID # 996 ]
12. Numata I, Roberts DA, Chadwick OA, Schimel JP, Sampaio F.R., Leonidas FC, Soares JV. (2007) Characterization of pasture biophysical properties and the impact of grazing intensity using remotely sensed data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 109, 314-327. [Pub ID # 998 ]
13. Powell RL, Roberts DA, Dennison P.E., Hess LL. (2007) Sub-pixel mapping of urban land cover using multiple endmember spectral mixture analysis: Manaus, Brazil. Remote Sensing of Environment, 106, 253-267. [Pub ID # 1001 ]
14. Sales M, Souza CM, Kyriakidis PC, Roberts DA, Vidal E. (2007) Improving spatial distribution estimation of forest biomass with geostatistics: A case study for Rondˆ onia, Brazil. Ecological Modelling, 205, 221-230. [Pub ID # 1003 ]
15. Biggs TW, Dunne T, Roberts DA, Matricardi E. (2008) The rate and extend of deforestation in watersheds of the Southwestern Amazon Basin. Ecological Applications, 18, 31-48. [Pub ID # 995 ]
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19. Numata I. (2010) Biomass collapse and carbon emissions from forest fragmentation in the Brazilian Amazon. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 115. [Pub ID # 976 ]
20. Numata I, Roberts DA, Chadwick OA, Schimel JP, Galvao LS, Soares JV. (2012) Evaluation of hyperspectral data for pasture estimate in the Brazilian Amazon using field and imaging spectrometers. Remote Sensing of Environment, 112, 1569-1583. [Pub ID # 999 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for ND-01


1. LBA-ECO ND-01 Forest and Pasture Soil and Grass Analyses, Rondonia, Brazil: 2003-2004
2. LBA-ECO ND-01 Fractional Land Cover Images, Rondonia, Brazil: 1984-2000
3. LBA-ECO ND-01 Georegistered Landsat Imagery for Rondonia, Brazil: 1975-2000
4. LBA-ECO ND-01 Land Cover Classification Maps, Rondonia, Brazil: 1975-1999
5. LBA-ECO ND-01 Landsat 28.5-m Land Cover Time Series, Rondonia, Brazil: 1984-2010
6. LBA-ECO ND-01 Leaf Phenology and Spectral Changes in Caatinga Leaves in the Amazon
7. LBA-ECO ND-01 Primary Forests Land Cover Transition Maps, Rondonia, Brazil: 1975-1999
8. LBA-ECO ND-01 Reflectance and Biophysical Measures, Grass Pastures: Rondonia, Brazil
9. LBA-ECO ND-01 Streamwater and Watershed Characteristics, Rondonia, Brazil: 1998-1999
10. LBA-ECO ND-01 Watershed Deforestation from Landsat TM Series, Rondonia, Brazil: 1999

3. Matrix of Publications / Datasets for ND-01
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