Title: A Basin-Scale Econometric Model for Projecting Future Amazonian Landscapes

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Eustáquio J Reis (SA-PI) 
Robert T. Walker (US-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for LC-24

1. Walker RT, Perz S, Caldas M, Texeira da Silva LG. (2002) Land Use and Land Cover Change in Forest Frontiers: The Role of Household Life Cycles. International Regional Science Review, 25, 169-199. [Pub ID # 565 ]
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2. LBA-ECO Datasets for LC-24


1. LBA-ECO LC-24 AVHRR Derived Fire Occurrence, 5-km Resolution, Amazonia: 2001
2. LBA-ECO LC-24 Cadastral Property Map of Uruara, Para, Brazil: ca.1975
3. LBA-ECO LC-24 Forest Cover Map from MODIS, 500-m, South America: 2001
4. LBA-ECO LC-24 Historical Roads of the Legal Amazon: 1968-1993
5. LBA-ECO LC-24 Land Cover Classes from Landsat TM, Uruara, Para: 1986-1991
6. LBA-ECO LC-24 Landsat ETM+ Forest Cover Classification, Uruara, Para, Brazil: 1999
7. LBA-ECO LC-24 Landsat TM and ETM+ Land Cover, Southern Para, Brazil: 1984-2003

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