Title: BigFoot II: In situ Measurements, Remote Sensing, and Models to Validate MODIS Products Related to the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Warren B. Cohen (US-PI) 
Marcos Costa (SA-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for CD-15

1. Guild LS, Kauffman JB, Cohen WB, Hlavka CA, Ward DE. (2004) Modeling biomass burning emissions for amazon forest and pastures in Rondonia, Brazil. Ecological Applications, 14, 232-246. [Pub ID # 461 ]
2. Cohen WB, Maiersperger TK, Turner DP, Ritts WD, Pflugmacher D, Kennedy RE, Kirschbaum A, Running SW, Costa M, Gower ST. (2006) MODIS land cover and LAI collection 4 product quality across nine sites in the western hemisphere. Ieee Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 44, 1843-1857. [Pub ID # 729 ]
3. Turner DP, Ritts WD, Cohen WB, Gower ST, Running SW, Zhao MS, Costa MH, Kirschbaum AA, Ham JM, Saleska SR, Ahl DE. (2006) Evaluation of MODIS NPP and GPP products across multiple biomes. Remote Sensing of Environment, 102, 282-292. [Pub ID # 730 ]
4. Ana C.M. Malhado, Marcos H. Costa, Francisca Z. de Lima, Kleber C. Portilho, Daniel N. Figueiredo (2009) Seasonal leaf dynamics in an Amazonian tropical forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 258. [Pub ID # 1016 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for CD-15


1. LBA-ECO CD-15 LAI and Productivity Data, km 67, Tapajos National Forest: 2003-2004
2. LBA-ECO CD-15 Land Cover and Leaf Area Index, Tapajos National Forest (BigFoot)

3. Matrix of Publications / Datasets for CD-15
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