Title: The Effects of Partial Throughfall Exclusion on Forest Flammability, Productivity, Metabolism and Nutrient Cycling in an Amazon Forest

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Paulo Moutinho (SA-PI) 
Daniel Nepstad (US-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for LC-14

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[Pub ID # 44 ]
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2. LBA-ECO Datasets for LC-14


1. LBA ECO LC-14 REE Leaf Phenology and Specific Leaf Area 2001-2006
2. LBA-ECO LC-14 Biophysical Measurements, Rainfall Exclusion, Tapajos National Forest
3. LBA-ECO LC-14 Modeled Deforestation Scenarios, Amazon Basin: 2002-2050
4. LBA-ECO LC-14 Modeled Soil and Plant Water Balance, Amazon Basin, 1995-2001
5. LBA-ECO LC-14 Rainfall Exclusion Experiment Leaf Water Potential, Tapajos National Forest: 2000-2001
6. LBA-ECO LC-14 Rainfall Exclusion Experiment, Root Phenology, TNF, Brazil: 2000-2004
7. LBA-ECO LC-14 Rainfall Exclusion Experiment, Surface Root Biomass, TNF, Brazil
8. LBA-ECO LC-14 Sap flow measurements from heated probes for stems in the control and treatment plots, rainfall exclusion experiment, Tapajos National Forest (LBA)

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