Title: Low-Cost Evaluation of EO-1 Hyperion and ALI for Detection and Biophysical Characterization of Forest Logging in Amazonia

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Gregory Paul Asner (US-PI) 
Rodrigo Antonio Pereira (SA-PI) 
Jose Natalino Macedo Silva (SA-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for LC-13

1. Asner GP. (2001) Cloud cover in Landsat Observations of the Brazilian Amazon. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 22, 3855-3862. [Pub ID # 105 ]
2. Asner GP, Keller M, Pereira R, Zweede JC. (2002) Remote sensing of selective logging in Amazonia - Assessing limitations based on detailed field observations, Landsat ETM+, and textural analysis. Remote Sensing of Environment, 80, 483-496. [Pub ID # 210 ]
3. Pereira R, Zweede J, Asner GP, Keller M. (2002) Forest canopy damage and recovery in reduced-impact and conventional selective logging in eastern Para, Brazil. Forest Ecology and Management, 168, 77-89. [Pub ID # 586 ]
4. Asner GP, Keller M, Pereira R, Zweede JC, Silva JNM. (2004) Canopy damage and recovery after selective logging in Amazonia: Field and satellite studies. Ecological Applications, 14, 280-298. [Pub ID # 464 ]
5. Asner GP, Keller M, Silva JNM. (2004) Spatial and temporal dynamics of forest canopy gaps following selective logging in the eastern Amazon. Global Change Biology, 10, 765-783. [Pub ID # 403 ]
6. Keller M, Alencar A, Asner GP, Braswell B, Bustamante M, Davidson E, Feldpausch T, Fernandes E, Goulden M, Kabat P, Kruijt B, Luizao F, Miller S, Markewitz D, Nobre AD, Nobre CA, Priante N, da Rocha H, Dias PS, von Randow C, Vourlitis GL. (2004) Ecological research in the large-scale biosphere-atmosphere experiment in Amazonia: Early results. Ecological Applications, 14, 3-16. [Pub ID # 444 - no datasets expected (NDE)]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for LC-13


1. LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Cauaxi, Para, Brazil: 1996, 1998
2. LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Juruena, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2002
3. LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Tapajos Forest, Para, Brazil: 1996, 1998

3. Matrix of Publications / Datasets for LC-13
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