Title: Stable isotopes of N2O emitted from tropical soils: causes of spatial variability and implications for constraining the global N2O budget

Principal Investigators: (Current and Past)
Plínio Barbosa de Camargo (SA-PI) 
Tibisay Josefina Perez Acosta (SA-PI) 
Susan E. Trumbore (US-PI)


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1. LBA-ECO Publications for TG-09

1. Perez T, Trumbore SE, Tyler SC, Davidson EA, Keller M, de Camargo PB. (2000) Isotopic variability of N2O emissions from tropical forest soils. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 14, 525-535. [Pub ID # 129 ]
2. Perez T, Trumbore SE, Tyler SC, Matson PA, Ortiz-Monasterio I, Rahn T, Griffith DWT. (2001) Identifying the agricultural imprint on the global N2O budget using stable isotopes. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 106, 9869-9878. [Pub ID # 177 ]
3. Perez T. Factors that Control the Isotopic Composition of N20 from Soil Emissions, in Stable Isotopes and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions: Processes and Biological Controls, edited by Flanagan LB, Ehleringer JR and Pataki DE, pp. 69-84, Elsevier Press, 2005. [Pub ID # 672 ]
4. Perez T, Garcia-Montiel D, Trumbore S, Tyler S, De Camargo P, Moreira M, Piccolo M, Cerri C. (2006) Nitrous oxide nitrification and denitrification N-15 enrichment factors from Amazon forest soils. Ecological Applications, 16, 2153-2167. [Pub ID # 855 ]
5. Park S, Perez T, Boering KA, Trumbore SE, Gil J, Marquina S, Tyler SC. (2011) Can N2O stable isotopes and isotopomers be useful tools to characterize sources and microbial pathways of N2O production and consumption in tropical soils? Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 25. [Pub ID # 970 ]

2. LBA-ECO Datasets for TG-09


1. LBA-ECO TG-09 Soil Isotopic C, N, H2O, and N2O Data, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil

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